Heroic ramparts bugged + runthrough

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Heroic ramparts bugged + runthrough

Postby thangos » Mon Nov 19, 2007 8:55 am

Ok, i have been getting more and more experience in heroics, and after yesterday's BF run for the Daily heroic Quest i figured i would post how we did it with me tanking......

First off party make up: Tankadin (me) healer (pally) Dps/CC Rogue, Mage, Shadowpriest.

extra info... was healer's first time to heal heroics, did rather well actually, but noticed some difference between him and the normal guys i run with. I guess just make sure you bring some heal pots and mana pots. One other thing When running with a pally healer be sure you iron out who is doing what buffs so you dont miss anythin.

My gear is not the greatest but i do have 3 epics from other heroics. click on my sig for armory.

Well the pulls were mostly me marking everything up and pulling with the mana tap racial ability unless dogs were involved. The dogs see through stealth so you can't sap. I dont know about ya'll but it seems i got hit the hardest in the dungeon by the dog handler mobs. my health generally got the lowest during those fights. If no dogs then just mark the mob farthest down the line and use avengers shield to pull. Mark up a caster for sheep since they are mainly a nusciance (spelling?) . Most pulls you can handle 2 if you just stun one off the bat and go all out on it. and you should be fine if your healer is worth a dang.

Now to the 5-6 pull casters plus the mob that gets bigger as you kill the casters. I just Avengers shield ran around the corner ( so they would not have LOS and run into consecration) and just aoe them after you pop your silence racial. Next tricky part is the dog + 4 pulls right at the end of that hallway before you go back outside. What we decided to do was me avengers shield pull the mage sheep a caster and then me aoe consecrate + the shadow priest aoe fear < IN THE HALLWAY > make sure you pull them back pretty far so they dont fear outside and pull more stuff on you. Also you need to pull the 3 pull to the right before you do the left pull.

Second boss super easy, then third boss we wiped 3 times before figuring out that the Pally just could not heal through the Dragon + rider... get your shadow priest or any dps that has heals to go all out dps till dragon comes down then he/she needs to off heal till the fight stabilizes and you get solid agro controll. Our wipes consisted of dragon coming down and me grabbing agro and dying with both him and rider on me, or me being low mana due to the healer healing someone else because of the dragon fireballs. Be sure to tank the dragon facing AWAY from the rest of the party so you keep getting the heals and mana from spiritual attunement.

wash. rinse. repeat.

PS... the bugged part is that the sentrys that start the final boss encounter will keep spawning sometimes. For some reason, we had to kill 6 sentrys on 2 different attempts which is not conducive to our mana or the healers / dps. it was like kill one ok. kill second one and the first one repops. oh well let me know if yall have had this issue.
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Postby Quean » Mon Nov 19, 2007 9:29 am

This happened to me a few weeks back pretty consistently, both on regular ramps with my paladin and in heroic with my mage. I was just there a few days ago though and it seemed to be working fine for us. Still not sure what causes it, although it seems like it may be related to group positioning.
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Postby Bige » Mon Nov 19, 2007 11:11 am

Someone (preferably you) needs to enter the circular platform past those sentries for them to stop spawning and the boss to land. If you stay on the bridge, they'll just keep coming.
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Postby Wulfhere » Mon Nov 19, 2007 11:31 am

The bugged sentries before the mounted boss happened to us in heroic after we wiped on him. If that happens, you have to kill them both at approx. the same time to get the boss event to start. The positioning didn't seem to matter for us. When we got the bug, we tried killing them in the circle and they still kept re-spawning.

The key to the dog pulls is nuking the dogs down first and fast. In heroic, the bleed debuff is pretty hefty if you get more than 2 plus other mobs hitting you.
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Postby Bige » Tue Nov 20, 2007 11:20 am

I tested this out on heroic Ramps last night a few different ways (luckily I found some guildies that needed HH rep :)).

Tried the timing first by killing one fast and the second incredibly slowly with group on ramp. Respawns happened.

Tried with killing both at about the same time (within a few seconds of each other) with group on ramp. Respawns happened.

Tried killing the way I normally would, sheeping one and killing but at a normal rate with me moving into the circle. Respawns happened.

Tried killing my normal way with having the entire group getting off the ramp. Respawns did not happen.

Did that method 2 more times after and respawns didn't pop any of those times.

Obviously this is entirely empirical data, but I'm quite certain that to avoid the respawns, your entire group must be off the ramp and timing on the kills has no bearing.
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Postby Caliban » Tue Nov 20, 2007 12:31 pm

Ive heard you have to pull them when he is right over their head and kill them before he makes a full circle. Dont know if this is true or not.
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