Heroic bosskilling guide

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Heroic bosskilling guide

Postby Tchernobog » Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:47 am

Easy rundown of what/when/how/why for heroic bosses -> For new tanks, those hitting heroics that you don't want to do because of the new random LFG function, or maybe some tricks that make emblem farming easier.

First boss tell healer to stack on you. Pally holy wrath the adds when they show up, keep consecrate down 100% of the time. If your health is lowmode like 20-25k, shadow aura will mitigate more damage than devotion.
Second boss tell EVERYBODY to stack to avoid getting charged, burn caster then melee, save wrath for the instant the skeletons spawn and they'll be glued to you.
Third boss make sure your casting bars are on for target, tell healer to set boss to focus so he can see the roar. Before the first (boss) death, you can eat smash if you like, but its easy to just step to the side. After he dies, when he starts casting dark smash strafe about 1 jump's distance to the right.. Right before smash goes off, jump back in front of him. You wont get hit and the boss won't move.

First boss get plea up and make sure to melee the adds to keep it up, cycle taunt and exorcism on the boss in the air but when sword is halfway down stop using taunt so it is up when the boss comes down. Taunt immediately in case some ranged has outhreated you
Second boss deserves no special mention, to be honest, they are all tank and spanks
Third boss, the adds in the hallway are wrathable-> Pull a bunch, maybe 6-7 to start, wrath, consecrate, kill. By this time wrath is up again. Move to the end, near the door, wrath again. Use hand of reckoning/RD to pick up stragglers, reckoning is better because it leaves threat. If the breath is on the left side (toward the door) everybody in the room. If it's on the right side everybody outside the door. Assign one person to harpoons and tell them to let you know before the fifth. When the fifth is SHOT, BoP your healer and pick the boss up. Leave everybody at the harpoon gun end and kite him down the hallway a bit, when he whirlwinds taunt kite, target, F to assist, RD to taunt kite again.
Last boss is a bit of RNG luck, if you have a threat lead cleanse debuffs off yourself. When he does the canoe on the far left (as you come in,) run away from him right about when he's about to switch canoes and/or ninja bubble if the orbs spawn on top of you. All the other canoes are ignoreable.

First boss gets tanked just inside the doorway where the first snake pull is when you came in the instance. When he casts poison nova, you stand there and eat it. Melee jumps in the water, and ranged stand up on the first ramp corner. No-one should ever get nova. If they do it is their fault, and explain it to them. if snakes get by you, bubble the damn healer and develop some threat. and have a serious talk with your consecrate button.. you know, for luck.
Second boss facepull, then judge the colossus immediately to get some snap threat. Tank and spank. When elemental STARTS spawning spam reckoning taunt on it for snap threat. Tank in one place, count to four, back up a jump, count to four, back up. When he casts surge, taunt at 1/2 of the cast and he will surge you instead. When he casts merge get on top of the colossus and spam taunt. most wipes come from the colossus oneshotting the healer when he reactivates.
Third boss pull down most of the stairs, then back up to the wall to avoid pushback after transform, tank and spank.
Eck is easy mode, after he casts Eck spring count to about one and a half to two (start when he jumps) then hand of reckoning.
Rhinos leading to last boss, use hammer of justice to stun them on the pull, you will still get knocked back but you can run back in before it wears off, this will make range for your healer to avoid silence.
Last boss is tank and spank, if at any point in the fight your healer is below half health use lay on hands on him he will be gibbed by the charge. also you can throw a bubble on the impale target. For whirlwind step out and taunt. No challenge here

Drak Keep
First boss tank halfway up the stairs. when the adds come in and die, move him down to the bottom to avoid corpse explosion. If the fight lasts a long time, keep moving him away from the corpses.
Second boss best melee (about 2500 melee dps) at the top of the stairs and/or 2 casters in the middle. If you have no pets/plate, you need to tank near the bottom of the stairs and be ready to turn and pick up the elite mobs from the top. if you have plate/pet, they can handle the elites on their own. When he calls for help, casters will come in (as you face the boss) from right, then left, then right, then left. kill them. after four, the boss will be attackable. use frost aura. when he spawns adds use wrath. keep consecrate down.
Third boss if you have a shaman, use tremor totem. If you don't have a shaman, pull him out of the fence and into the straight area paralel to the fence as you walked in. this will allow the healer to be in LOS right after fear ends. keep aoe threat up at all times, and dont be afraid to bubble your healer if you are behind on adds, because if you dont get threat on an add right before a fear, they'll be dead before the fear is done
Fourth boss when you go skeleton, push three then spam 2. When people turn green, back the boss up about 2 jumps. If anybody dies here tell them to /wrist

First boss clear a nice open space to kite whirlwind, kill his adds fast and use taunt to kite whirlwind away from your group
Slag hallway run straight through it en masse, no DPS threat or heals until you egt to the end if possible, drop a consecrate every opportunity, when you get to the end bubble your healer to get all his mobs, drop a consecrate at the bottom of the stairs and your raid goes 1/2 of the way up the stairs and AOE's the slags. when they get near to dying, shieldwall it
Second boss clear the two mob packs closest to him if there is a pet in the group, because the pet will follow him when he runs around and pull mobs and wipe you. Ignore adds (heal through it) and this fight is terribly easy
Third boss make a /rw RUN AWAY macro and spam it on disperse. run all the way down the stairs into the open area. When the boss respawns run him ALL the way back up to the very top flight of stairs, rinse, repeat.
Runeshapers are to die first. Trust me
Fourth boss the dreaded loken is stupidly easy and people make it too hard. tank tanks in the middle of the circle and ranged stands at 20 yards, heal through the ticking AOE (it's trivial) When he casts nova the tank doesn't move, melee runs to the ranged group and then runs back in after nova. Don't make loken harder than he has to be or be scared of him, he's just a gimmick fight that people fail at because they use a messed up strategy. if your entire group has >16k health with kings and you have an AOE healer, make the healer stand 20 yards from loken and everybody else just eat the nova. you can shield wall the nova to make it easy. he should die before the third nova or it will take a heavy toll on your healer

Hall of stone
First boss when you get kicked back, stay back until shatter, then run back in. all dps should do the same. if they die on shatter, they didn't follow the rule and you should kick them before you get saved. if you get kicked near the healer RUN THE HELL AWAY
Second boss pay attention to her casting. If she is casting shock of sorrow, wait until its 1/2-1/3 done and go stand in the black circle, you won't get stunned. it trivializes the boss.
Third boss the dreaded event
1) tank stuff from the left and golems from the right. dps instructed to kill casters (nonelite) on the right without tanking ASAP priority, your job is to pick up the 3 elite spawns to the left, the elite golems from the right and hold them in the middle for dps/aoe. use seal of wisdom if you have mana trouble so you can keep consecrate up on the left at *all* times
2) if there are more than 4 mobs on the tank all dps are to AOE immediately without fail
3) stay out of the laser, i can't help you there.
Fourth boss get threat and immediately switch to the single elite dwarf that runs in, *burn him first.* instruct dps to kill the nonelite mobs as they come in, if the mobs get focus-fired they will never ever build up because even for low dps group they die in 1-2 seconds. if there are 4 or more nonelite adds, bubble the healer and round them up. when brann announces success (or the little blue guys start attacking the boss) shieldwall it because he hits like a truck from then to death.

Violet hold
of note only are the
voidwalker boss tank and spank, instruct dps to pop the spawned AOE adds when they get the debuff if dps isn't a bit over 2k each. If it is 2k or greater each, burn the boss. bloodlust this one if you have it
ethereal boss. taunt him up the stairs (on the left) and wait for him to summon spheres, then kite him along the top to avoid the spheres. when/if the spheres summon, shieldwall it and movehim away from them until they despawn, then move him to one or other set of stairs.. when he summons new spheres repeat
bird boss kill the boss first then the adds. you should do amazing dps on this fight by the way, so stand back and enjoy
water boss tank him normal, when he blows up hit one of the activation crystals along the wall (better to assign a dps to do it.) after three explosions he must be tanked and dies quickly

Regular heroic run
First boss hits fairly solidly, also will silence the healer for a bit of time. Watch debuffs on your healer, if he gets the chain AND you are low on health, LoH it.
Second boss is completely trivial - save wrath for the add spawns and lock them down. Shadow aura here is win.
The 4-pull surrounded, everybody has a billion and one strategies for this, but it is quite simple. everybody stack on arthas, drop a consecrate, throw a shield at one group and turn for the other group. Instruct DPS to wait for the *second* consecrate, which you will drop once you have all four mobs roughly together.
tanking timed is a bit outside of the scope of this, but once you are geared enough for it you should be able to pump a threat lead on most dps, and the ones that you can't will more than likely be able to fend for themselves (or just need a quick RD.) For the hallway, however, basically ignore the little trash (acolytes and skeletons) and go from elite to elite. I wouldn't stop until you have no less than four elites. A great method to start with is to simply back up through the entire hallway without stopping. The extra damage as mobs approach you from behind will keep you full of mana, and they will shortly all be collected in front of you as you back up. Once you get 7-8 mobs you should stop for AOE bursting at least the casters down, then continue on. If you have great dps you can basically run through this part. Holy wrath here is MORE effective than shield wall as it will stop all incoming damage for several seconds and generate good threat. Be ready to BoP your healer if things go wrong.
Extra boss: Get to him in time and you don't need my help anyway. He's nothing more than a Bronze Drake Pinata
Last boss face him away from the raid and be prepared to heal yourself should the healer be slept. Alternatively, bubble it off him. This is not a hard heroic

first event Skirmisher is ALWAYS kill target with all stuns from all dps, shadowcaster is ALWAYS second, watcher third, warrior fourth. you can usually lock the skirmisher down once it gets loose with hammer, if a whole pull gets out of control throw holy wrath. get shield thrown at the caster right off to get it closer, but the damage is healable, unlike the casters in OK. Shadow aura may help the healer. for boss, tank and spank, when he quakes and spawns little guys drop a consecrate right on top of the healer's face and you look profeshnal.
second event switch whatever buff you have on your healer to wisdom unless he has mana totem. pull the big groups one at a time, any order until the crusher enrages then he is kill target, but always pull back up the slope so you can see the incoming nonelites to the healer and you don't accidentally pull extra. once the spider comes up the top of the stairs, watch for poison on the ground. tank and spank/healer fight, if the poison ends up under the boss (watch melee debuffs) then move the boss around
third boss dps is instructed that venomancers are the highest priority target no matter what is up. get threat on them and stunlock them as fast as possible. for the boss, face him AWAY from the group. when he casts pound, count to 1 and then run straight through him about 25 yards. turn around, taunt, and then turn him around from the group again. add control is much harder than the boss is

everybody's favorite
Spellflinger -> Interuptus or die-us. Hits of 20k for the 4 second shadowblast cast are common. Pay the hell attention. If you break right at the first pool of water (just inside the door) then jump down to the right of the stairs (theres a little add pack there) and LOS pull the patrolling group FIRST with shield, use the stairs to do it. get the whole party out of los behind the stairs incase you get both groups. if you don't, lock down the spell flinger
first boss EVERYBODY STACKS IN THE MIDDLE OF AN OPEN SPACE(pull the boss to the middle, this helps me target the guardians)so you have threat on all the little guys from consecrate going into the add/shield phase. taunt guardian as soon as you can. sometimes it is hard to find them on the screen, you might want to make a targetting macro to trivilize this.
the pulls at the top of the ramps to deactivate the crystals are harder than the bosses IMO. watch the healer debuff for the spooky eyes and CLEANSE THAT BASTARD IMMEDIATELY. use holy wrath to lockdown the mobs. the caster skeleton guys first, then the shades. make sure people are topped off before the shades die and try to get them away from the healer anyway. freedom the iceglue off your shoes.
second boss fire aura for this, dps the boss, you can bubble the person being bloodsucked, but this fight is not challenging
map out your pulls here carefully. i do the pat at the bottom of the stairs when they get to the open area on the left. then the mobs under the tent at the bottom right of the stairs. then i go up the stairs, taunt the stationary mobs to the right of the stairs after the two elemental pats have walked away, then the elemental pats, then the last group under the tent on the right.
mushroom boss tank him where he stands hit a healthy mushroom if you get tiny'd
jedoga do not use wings for sacrifice in case you have crap dps and need a bubble. if she gets the sacrifice buff instruct all dps to get 20yard range until she isn't red anymore, and don't stand in teh lightning storm when tanking her during enrage. tell melee to stand in teh middle during sacrifice so they can run quickly to it wherever it spawns
last boss the copies spawn where people are standing, so have everybody stand ... together at the boss! shadow aura this boss. if everybody is good at standing together your melee dps should be able to squash their copies in amatter of seconds, this is a big help. target your healer first, avengershield him, hammer, sotr, stun, judge, hammer. if he isn't dead at this point, you are probably in trouble overall, as that means he will more than likely be able to heal through your damage overall. once the copies are dead be FAST at taunting the boss, if he gets a mind flay off on a dps/healer the healer is usually slow to react to it and somebody gets squished

first boss when she goes to split back away so your avengershield will hit all three copies, then run in and hammer the one that is on the side, this will give you solid threat on all three. interupt the blizzard or that copy won't die. easy fight is easy
second boss pick up threat, switch to rifts with your guys, not because your dps makes a difference, but it puts you in location to aoepickup the wraiths that spawn and inconviences your healers
third boss tank him in the middle and watch your healer's raid frame. when it goes red, he's got one of the dumbass adds on him. instruct dps to kill adds on healer, or, alternatively, bubble him/righteous defense/freedom so he can get away, when icicles pop up get the hell off them
fourth boss stand in front of the face of this boss, have somebody else start it. you dont have to jump constantly, but jump regularly. you can cleanse the freezing-down, which i suggest you do on the healer (not yourself, he's healing you) to make his life easier. when the dragon emotes and gets big and red, shieldwall it for trivialization purposes

oculus is trivial except for where it is ridiculous. I suggest you review one of the full instance guides on this excellent website for perusal

Heroic Trial Of The Champion
The first step to succesfully completing this heroic is inspecting your group. You really should have >2k dps each, as this IS 219 content and not 200, it is tuned a bit higher.
First boss you made it through the jousting, hurray!
I can't speak for Alliance side, I don't know if they have a similar makeup or not. This may be pertinent for HORDE ONLY. Your mileage may vary.
Combination 1) The worst. It's healer-warrior-rogue. This one sucks even for a WELL geared group. Two suggestions are to put a good interupter on the shaman and to kill the warrior (less whirlwinds equals less dead melee!,) then the rogue, then the shaman. Alternatively, you can bloodlust and blow the shaman up, but your healer or dps will have to be pro to avoid whirlwind deaths. Your healer is going to have their hands full with this fight's burst damage at the start, so I suggest throwing shield wall early so they can concentrate on keeping the far squishier members of the group alive. If you can't one member of this group down in less than fifteen seconds you're probably in a spot of trouble.
Eadric for this boss I swap my taunt and cleanse buttons and watch for the debuff in an attempt to get the achieve. Alternatively, I pop wings and get a huge threat lead, turn my face away from eadric and go make a sandwich.
Paletress the exact opposite of eadric, the combination of holy-fire dot and fear makes this difficult. Easiest is to bring only 4 shamans and have them all drop tremors, but if you can't do that, be ready with the following (risky) pro techniques
Taunt is a fixate, therefore you can divineshield out of fear and taunt the add, which will get it on you even with bubble, and give you time to cancelaura or click off bubble, lay on hands and apply a threatastic move.
Alternatively, you can shield wall preceeding a fear and typically survive with no heals for the duration of your wall. Suggest that your healer break out his PVP trinket for this fight, a freebie really helps
Put an interupter on paletress to stomp on the renew cast, or dispel the dot from the holy fire WILL help, but it will also prolong the fight. Brute force is often the best, and with sufficient DPS you can drop the add within two fears (about 2000 to 2500 per dps) at which point you are golden
Last boss
My personal technique is to
phase 1) instruct the dps to kill the add first. That makes me free to get some threat on the boss, taunt the add and race ahead on threat. This opens you up to being able to cleanse yourself. That is a good thing
phase 2) approach number one if you have sick AOE dps is to burn ALL of the adds right off. drop consecrate, holy wrath and pick off stragglers. PS, develop threat on the BK while he's summoning army and put a skull on him so you can find him in the mess. approach number two is to burn the boss down without messing with the adds, which depending on DPS can be easier. If this is what you are going to do, pick up adds as above, be ready to bubble your healer and kite around a little bit to avoid the stationary exploding mob
during phase 1 and phase 2, move and cause dps to move out of the desecrated ground effect. the incoming damage is startling for the inattentive
phase 3) divine guardian and shieldwall makes this trivial. I'm pretty sure it is shadow damage, so shadow aura may help. insufficient DPS or healer mana will manifest here. Don't be afraid to seal/judge light for this part to help with the healing. Also, you can bubble off both your and the healers' stacks of the debuff, to my experience. This may be considered a pro move for especially low dps groups.
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Re: Heroic bosskilling guide

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