[Prot/Holy PVP build] - What am I doing wrong!?

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[Prot/Holy PVP build] - What am I doing wrong!?

Postby thlight » Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:02 am

Hey guys,

I don't have my exact build with me but I'm on armory in my current build. Character name is Thlight on Stonemaul. I'm not sure if some of you have toyed with the build but it provides (with my current gear) 7-9K crit flash of lights with sustained 4-5K flash of lights. I also get a ton of mitigation and blessing of sanctuary while guys are beating on me keeps my mana good to go.

My main problem is warlocks.... OMFG I want to choke every lock I see. my 2's partner is an unholy DK (Darthniblets, same server). We're not uber to say the least but we're around 1400 rating. We pretty much pwn most group make ups we face, but last night all we got was warlock / insert team member here groups. We've tried burning the pets down quick, I've tried to chain fear the pets but between that, healing him and cleansing the both of us as much as possible while LoS'ing the lock, mage nuker, staying away from the mortal strike warrior, mana burning priest, O.P. shaman or rogue with whoooopazz gear we're getting stomped. I know Locks are getting the nerf bat here in the next patch but there HAS to be a way to beat them.

any tactic suggestions would help greatly! Like I said we're around 1400 (prolly 1350 after last night) and trying to gear up. we do alright againts most make ups but it's too the point that if I see a warlock I just feel like hitting exit arena.
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Re: [Prot/Holy PVP build] - What am I doing wrong!?

Postby phaqueue » Sun Nov 08, 2009 5:04 am

It's really going to depends on what spec the lock is... affliction is a little rough - but definitely beatable - just watch for UA when cleansing... if they're destro - especially destro lock/DPS - you're going to have a very tough fight...

They are going to focus you down then wind up the chaos bolt to finish - basically keep yourself alive as long as possible, and your DK needs to go all out and take out the lock asap - while you stay away -if they focus your DPS - get heals on him - if they focus you - pray, try to get bubble to go off and net you a heal...

if you're facing destro/healer - just have your DK get on the healer and you stay away from the lock - fearing the pet is good (focus macro is you can spare it is nice)

make sure your DK is keeping diseases on both at once vs lock/healer - this will give the other healer a little more to deal with - and functions like the lock dotting you both...

also - I found that this combo is a bit easier to beat as full holy - as beacon seems to help a TON in these situations - if it's a huge problem maybe respec full holy if your gear supports it?

I'm by no means an authority - just some suggestions that might help a bit
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