[25] Hard mode faction champion

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Re: [25] Hard mode faction champion

Postby Dalithe » Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:46 am

Got this tonight. It was a wonderfully clean kill. Funny that we usually get completely roflstomped on it when trying to zerg down the first healer. When we slowed the fight down...almost forgot about Bloodlust even we had our cleanest easiest kill ever.

To bad I had to switch onto my DK to control the warrior due to dps DK being MIA :(

As always, thanks for posting all your successes.
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Re: [25] Hard mode faction champion

Postby kanst » Fri Nov 06, 2009 10:26 am

guillex wrote:
kanst wrote:We just hand out lots of CC targets. We ALWAYS kill a healer first, normally a shaman or a priest. If there is a druid, thats good your warlock controls him, if there is a pally put a rogue on him to interrupt. After first healer dies we switch to something that hurts, like a ret pally or a hunter. We have a rogue controlling their warrior, a DK controlling there DK, and we set up a few pairs of people to cyclone and sheep alternating. If you take the time to set up jobs for people the fight becomes easy. Its one of the easiest fights in there for us.

I'm pretty sure that we have a DK on the warrior, so that he can Grip if the warrior's getting too close to the raid.

Flavour and personal preference, I suppose!

We only have 1 raiding DK in guild.
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