[Holy PvE] Keeping the haste up

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[Holy PvE] Keeping the haste up

Postby rodos » Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:52 pm

I've come to the conclusion that I can't really heal effectively without something close to 500 haste rating. Most of the raiding I do is pugs, with no proper healing assignments or strategies laid out, so everything is reactive healing and firing off quick heals into the raid wherever possible. With 350+ ms ping, and poor natural reflexes, those HL really can't cast fast enough.

The problem I'm having is a real lack of hast rating on the easily-accessible (i.e. emblem) gear. Here's my current Holy set: http://www.wowhead.com/?profile=11139405

The only T9 pieces with haste are the gloves, shoulders and hat, but I already have decent Ulduar-level pieces with haste in those slots so the upgrade is pretty small (maybe 20-25 haste rating). Everything else seems like a really hard choice. For instance, dropping 82 haste by upgrading Chestplate of the Great Aspects just seems too like much to bear.

I've even been taking several long looks at Band of the Invoker lately. Would it really be a good move to buy this ring despite wasting 50 ipoints on spirit? Is there an alternative playstyle I should be looking at to be effective without this much haste (e.g. a SP and crit stacking FoL build)?
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Re: [Holy PvE] Keeping the haste up

Postby sherck » Tue Nov 03, 2009 5:39 am

I PuG raided as well on my Holy Pally and my only 2 cents is if your only method of healing is to Beacon your healing assignment and then to raid heal with Holy Light, then you need to be a bit more assertive to the raid leader on healing assignments.

Or better yet, if you ask for healing assignments and he says something like "we don't need them" or "whatever" then make it your responsibility to make healing assingments behind his back in whispers. I did that all the time on my Pally and by-and-large, most healers were like "okay" "cool" "will do" and the like.

As a Holy Pally, on 2 tank fights, you should be healing one tank with your Beacon on the other tank. Period. That is by far the most efficient use of your talents. Ideally if you have another Holy Pally in raid, you just cross-Beacon the tanks and you should be good to go and let everyone else raid heal (except for heavy tank damage events like Patch).

But, if you are "competing" with Holy Priests, Resto Shamans, Trees for raid healing time, you are doing it wrong, quite honestly. Ask the raid leader for healing assignments and if they don't want to do it, do it yourself.

That is my 2 cents. I routinely carried 500 Haste rating but that was back in the days before the MP5 buff when ALL my gear had only Crit/Haste on it (and was all I-Level 200/213 gear).

Now I am rolling a Disc/Holy Priest and, well, I make the healing assignments if the raid leader will not.

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Re: [Holy PvE] Keeping the haste up

Postby Shathus » Tue Nov 03, 2009 1:23 pm

I think my current haste is around 650-ish (i think... logged in my tank gear so not sure) which is nice for quick HLs. As well as basically 1 sec FoLs once JoTP kicks in (as well as Light's Grace). I had a random mix of Naxx/Uld/Toc(5) gear when I first started healing on my paladin. I noticed once I started grabbing some upgrades from ToC10/25, I was gaining a lot of stats except haste. If you just want a haste boost, couple easy things to do...

1. Swap out the SP cloak enchant for +23 haste.
2. Start fishing up Imperial Manta Ray's for +40 haste food
3. Elixir of Lightning Speed (couple this with Elixir of Might Thoughts for the Int increase)

That's basically 100 haste rating right there without changing your gear at all.

Another thing you could do is run HoS Heroic for the Spark of Life. Gives +73 haste on equip and a chance to gain 220 mp5 on cast.

Jaraxxus drops a nice haste ring on 25 as well I also ended up with a nice ring off Freya 10 HM http://www.wowhead.com/?item=45946 if you have access to that.
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Re: [Holy PvE] Keeping the haste up

Postby Spectrum » Tue Nov 03, 2009 3:38 pm

It used to be that the only heal you cast was HL, but I find myself increasingly using FoL, particularly in 5s and 10s. I'm finding quite a few holy pallies who have been ignoring FoL and HS when they are quite solid heals these days.

If you're in a big raid, just heal the tanks and let non-pally healers get the raid. They're much better at it and you will be far more efficient on the tanks. Just announce it ahead of time. If you're doing a good job there shouldn't be much else for anyone to do on the tanks anyway, and if they're opportunistic healers just looking to steal a lot of HPS, then if they try to steal tank healing from you the raid will just start dropping until that becomes a better target for them.

If your group has too much healing you're going to have issues, because so many other classes can heal faster and more efficiently on groups than you. At that point there won't be enough incoming damage to justify HL anyway, so you can just HS and FoL to get your heals off, or just go AFK and let the other healers deal with it.
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Re: [Holy PvE] Keeping the haste up

Postby rodos » Tue Nov 03, 2009 7:18 pm

Thanks for the advice. I didn't really think about haste enchant/food/elixir. I might have to give that a try.

Also taking charge of the healing on pugs is something I've thought about. I don't raid enough to feel confident with that, but given the wtf that goes on sometimes I think just telling people what to do is a good idea. Case in point, recent ToC10 pug:

[to OtherPaladin] Who are you beaconing?
[from OtherPaladin] Myself unless told otherwise
[to InnerMonologue] o_O

I've also discovered that big part of my problem has been using Healbot and clicking for all my heals while using the software cursor (because that's all that's available for OpenGL mode in the Windows client). Serious mouse lag in busy 25-man fights (Ony whelps, Jaraxxus) was hurting. I've just done some experimenting and it looks like I might be able to switch to Direct3D and hardware cursor! I've only tested with my bank alt sitting in the Ironforge AH, where I'm getting 60+ fps and instant mouse movement at 800x600 -- but I'm viewing WoW via VNC :twisted: and there's plenty of mouse lag if I use software cursor in that scenario.
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