[H10 Anub] strategy help

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[H10 Anub] strategy help

Postby Vlad » Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:04 am

So today My guild tried heroic 10 Anub and Heroic 25 Northrend beasts for the first time, After full clearing both 10 and 25 effortlessly the last few weeks we thought we were ready.

Northrend beasts seems to just be a coordination and dps problem atm but Anub we wern't quite sure on how to do so I'm coming here for help

The strat we were attempting to use Was get only one burrow phase, have warrior tank tank adds for interrupts and me (pally tank), take anub'arak.It Went smoothly (Could use some advice on kiting spikes and when to use Hand of protection though etc)

I tank Anub on ice and War takes adds to ice so when dps kill adds they also hit anub (as well as me hitting the adds with aoe), as soon as the first lot of adds die I kite the boss away so he is well away from ice during burrow phase and the war tank takes adds to the same ice, dps burns down anub from there and leaves adds to p2. (Usually got him to 50-55% during first p1)

Burrow phase is the basic kite spikes as best you can until he comes back up.

When he comes back up repeat the above until 30% This is where I began to feel uneasy about the strat we were using. My GM (Holy pally) Said that he thought dps should be able to just burn Anub'arak down from 30% to 0% without dpsing adds, and war tank should purposely take adds away from ice to make them burrow and get them out of the way. His reasoning was that he didn't think that him and our other healer (Holy priest) Could handle how long the fight would be if we still killed adds.
One thing I noticed though was that once, when we screwed up and got 3 adds at beginning of p3 and GM called to kill one Anub was up to 36% before the add died.

Any advice on how to handle p3
Group make up
DK, Feral druid, Mage, Hunter, Rogue, Holy pally, Holy priest, Prot pally (Me) Prot warrior, Ele shaman. May differ next week though.

On another note the feral druid was quite annoying on threat, there wasn't once I didn't have to Hand of salvation him within the first 30-40 seconds of the fight, though his dps more than made up for it :D
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Re: [H10 Anub] strategy help

Postby fuzzygeek » Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:05 am

I'd recommend swapping roles with the warrior. A paladin in some BV gear can take 0 damage from adds in P3. Strategy- and execution-wise I have an annotated youtube video here


I'm on my warrior in this clip, but the idea's the same. In P3 we kill one add at 30% when I'm on my warrior, but on my paladin we can just ignore them because, as I mentioned, I take 0 damage from them, wearing 3.5k-ish BV.

The anub tank doesn't have to go for a walk until the 15 second mark; this'll make it easier to do incidental aoe damage to adds before phase 2. Leaving them up for too long into P2 is not recommended.
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Re: [H10 Anub] strategy help

Postby guillex » Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:27 am

Póg mo thóin
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