Just Dinged 80

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Just Dinged 80

Postby Briggie » Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:05 pm

I just dinged 80 yesterday as a matter of fact, I went to the AH and Trainer and bought duel Spec (looking back on it I should have waited until I got prot all the way geared out) I bought what I could off the AH gear wise according to the sticky threads. I then went and quested out some more cash and bought a titan steel wall so Im Sitting at 540 defense and self buffed 19.7k hps.

How many hps do I need for heriocs ? and what should my dodge,parry and block be at for them ?

Should I worry about getting that last 5 points in def as I'm just working on 5 mans as I know it will come adventully and start worying more about stam,dodge,parry and block ? (I know I can get that last couple points with enchants)

Is my spec okay ? (link at bottom to my armory)

On proffesions, I was thinking about Mining/Jewelcrafting or Enchanting/Jewelcrafting. Which would you choose and why ?

I notice that acouple times some of my spells missed should I concentrate on get +hit right away also or does hit go after the rest of the stats ?

For block,parry and dodge is there certain numbers I want to hit then move on to the next stat and try to maint it there?

How many hps do I need to tank reg ToC?

And it seams like I have been running into alot of people that think I need 30k hps and 545 def to tank anything is it just conditioned into people head because tanks have that kind stats now that they don't want anything less.

I know there more reading to do and the above is probaly there somewhere but I just wanted to know asap on the above as im looking towards my plans on gear.
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Re: Just Dinged 80

Postby Vigdis » Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:32 pm

I'd say youre good enough for much of the heroics with maybe some STA enchants and stuff like that. Youre at 540 def, that is good enough for Naxx.

You might even drop down to 535 def in favor for some HP if youre only tanking regular heroics. Your DEF is actually really good for heroics. Get some +STA enchants and youre ready to head into the easier heroics with a light hearted group! While youre lacking some HP now, you should be able to find a group for some serious ToC normal farming in a little while, that will give you gear and trinkets until you cant carry anymore. ToC heroic might be really hard on you, I think its doable, but not practical. Specificly ToC heroic can be really hard even on better geared people. Tank needs a little more hp, healer needs to have a pulse and breathe, and DPS to have atleast equal DPS to the tank ( not always the case :( in pugs). I have no doubt in my mind however that you will be fully ready for ToC hero with just two weeks or so of doing the normal Heroics and ToC normal.

As for dodge, block, parry etc. you should strive for 102,5% unhittable (future goal), if this number doesnt make sense to you, read the FAQ's and other threads here. I tanked ToC heroic fine with only 90% unhittable, just as you watch the 535/540 def line.

What you REALLY need to do is get enchants and professions (for example mining gives cash and +50sta at 450) . You also really need to get head enchant from Argent Crusade and Shoulder enchant from Sons of Hodir. With this, you can drop some Def+ gear for STA gear. You might even go for a little hit rating if you find aggro to be a problem, but focus on the HP and defensive stats.

You need a better Libram, get the super easy ones from Venture Bay pvp quests, takes like 30 mins of work under two days, at most, really easy unless you run into my friends the Horde ;) (ok actually they stink, but its really easy and will last you until you can badge a nice libram).

Also there are some really good tanking trinkets out there in different Heroics like the one from 2nd boss in Ajzol Nerub, or even the one from HoL normal.

This is based on my views as a new tank doing Heroics for the last month or so.

Also quoting: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17534

Panzerdin wrote:In order to (hopefully) cut down on the number of threads asking whether people are ready for heroics/Naxx, I'm going to put a short note here:

What you need for heroics is 535 defence, 20k HP and 20k armor Unbuffed. Yes, there is a little leeway in this. No, you can't go in with 16k hp, 17k armor and 500 defense. For Naxx, you need 540 defence. The EH value this setup will give you will do nicely for heroics, while Raid Buffs will pad out your HP enough to let you function well in a 25-man (since they'll take you up to about 27k+).

If you don't reach this, it's fairly simple to do. Get a couple of gems and enchants for defence (with regard to the guides on the other forum), and, if all else fails, get on some Tempered Saronite and The Daunting Legs and Gloves, which are itemised for almost nothing else and will do you nicely.

If you're a little short, one final option is the Lesser Flask of Toughness, which offers 0.62% crit reduction. Another possibility is the Elixir of Mighty Defense (sic), which is worth 9.15 Defence skill.

If you want more specific advice, you'll still need to post Outside this post.

Let me know how it works out for ya!

(edited it a bit after having morning coffe)
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