Advice for leveling/playing a Tankadin

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Advice for leveling/playing a Tankadin

Postby LonelyGrave » Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:24 am

Hi everyone! First off I want to say how awesome and helpful these forums are! I've learned so much just from reading a few posts and it's helped me a ton!

Im new to being a tankadin, having leveled a Death Knight to 80 in WotLK then taking a break (cuz I really love this Paladin). My Paladin is currently only level 28 and I have tanked the instances I've been able to do pretty regularly and have done pretty well I think.

Now for my questions: is there a specific order how I should put the points into the prot tree? I've tried to find those pages that show "Level 10-14: Divine Strength" but they all seem to start around 30 or 40 when the AoE leveling starts to take effect. Also, for leveling purposes I should take reckoning correct? The reason I'm asking all this is because on the talent calculator while filling in the lower talents higher ones open up. So if any one could give a breakdown of what talents to get at what level (if it even matters) that'd be great. I just know I'm gonna get BoSanc when it opens and same with Holy Shield.

Once again this website has been incredibly helpful for understanding AND implementing playing a Tankadin. Also, any general advice for playing a tankadin would be welcome and appreciated! I'll link the Armory page when I get back to the house, currently on my phone haha. Thanks again!
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Re: Advice for leveling/playing a Tankadin

Postby LonelyGrave » Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:26 am

Also, sorry if this has already been posted, tried searching for it but failed miserably on this phone...
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Re: Advice for leveling/playing a Tankadin

Postby ulushnar » Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:29 am

Go for damage talents, then survivability talents. As you level, you won't find many mobs that are challenging.
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Re: Advice for leveling/playing a Tankadin

Postby Panzerdin » Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:49 am

I'd advise you to spec ret for levelling, because it's considerably quicker.
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Re: Advice for leveling/playing a Tankadin

Postby LonelyGrave » Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:50 am

I would spec ret but there's a few reasons why I'm not this time around. I'm leveling with a group of friends I've gotten to join the game so were doing a lot of instances while were leveling. Also I use my 80 to fund my paladin so I pretty much kill enemies around my level Like: HoReck -> Judge -> a few melée hits -> loot. I also just enjoy the look of carrying around a sword n board but I will try to get the dual spec at 40 and put in Ret for leveling/questing purposes at that point. I also level faster than my friends so anything that will slow me down would actually help them haha. But if we end up stopping doing instances for a bit, I'll probably switch to ret then, thanks!
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Re: Advice for leveling/playing a Tankadin

Postby Solare » Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:33 pm

While I won't disagree that leveling ret is much faster, easier, and you can readily tank in a ret spec all the way to the beginning of Northrend; if you're anything like me, you just wanna level as you play. I, too, leveled as prot. Yeah, it slowed me down. Yes, it wasn't the most 'efficient' way for me to do things, as I often spent considerable downtime because I'd be OOM after a few fights if I went all out. I could even argue that now it makes even less sense to level as prot, but for me, it was more about the identity. I learned a lot leveling as a tank build, especially if you're leveling with other people and are actually tanking for them. I rarely went without a leveling partner. It was good training. Scarce on resources (since I was very often OOM or close to it), and finding myself constantly taunting and doing my best to keep the aggro.

It emerges to you as a progression of how many people you can protect. First, you start off with just one. Then, every step up is typically overwhelming at first until you master it. I found it great fun, and why I'm still a tank today.

Anyway: Advice

Your first major glyph should be Judgement, without a doubt. While leveling, your personal dps is very important, both from a tanking perspective, and the fact that every ounce of dps helps. At level 30, consider getting the Seal of Righteousness glyph for the same reason. Righteousness will be your seal of choice until Vengeance becomes available at 64. At which point, you should dump the Righteousness glyph for the Vengeance glyph. Your third major glyph is mostly immaterial until you hit endgame. And, of course, our minor glyphs suck. ;_; Get Lay on Hands and Sense Undead.

Stick to Prot until at least 51 points, if not a bit more. And your leveling spec will differ from the standard endgame tank spec considerably, since you're more worried about dps than personal survival. Here's how I would do it today:
10-14 Divine Strength
15-19 Divinity
20-24 Anticipation
25-26 Improved Hammer of Justice (shorter cd on stuns is a godsend for leveling)
27-29 Toughness
30-30 Blessing of Sanctuary (The only blessing you really wanna use. Mana is going to be your biggest issue leveling, this will help ALOT)
31-33 Reckoning (While leveling, your auto attacks are gonna mean alot. And 3 points is fine in this)
34-34 Toughness (Put another point in there to open up...)
35-37 One-Handed Weapon Spec (No brainer)
38-39 Sacred Duty (Yummy stamina)
40-40 Holy Shield (Now you're a tankadin!)
41-42 Spiritual Attunement (If anyone is healing you at all)
43-45 Argent Defender (Now you're indestructible)
46-48 Combat Expertise
49-49 Redoubt (Just 1 for now. Yummy stuff just opened up)
50-50 Avenger's Shield (Captain America, go!)
51-53 Touched by the Light
54-54 Redoubt (another point)
55-57 Shield of the Templar (Take that, casting mob! xD)
58-59 Judgements of the Just (20 second CD HoJ? Yes, plz)
60-60 Hammer of the Righteous (Cleave, anyone?)

After you get all your important tanking moves, you can go back and fill out the rest of the tank tree with what you will (finish Redoubt and Toughness and pick up Improved Devotion Aura and Improved Righteous Fury if you will. The damage you'll be taking in Outland dungeons will increase and you'll have to start worrying about your intake. But whatever you do, don't spend forever in the prot tree. Because there are good things in Retribution and Holy for you, too. But, at that point, I leave it to your own judgement because by this time, you should have a good feel for what you need. =)

Good luck.
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Re: Advice for leveling/playing a Tankadin

Postby LonelyGrave » Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:23 pm

Thanks for the info Solare! That helps out a ton and makes a lot more sense then my current build haha. I guess I just thought that I'd have to get some talents and never really told myself "Dude, you're level 28, take this one and use this one at endgame." So I'll be following the ideas you put up so thanks again!

I totally agree that it's really this identity that goes with being a Tankadin and I really enjoy that and that's mostly why I'll be leveling prot. When I'm in a group I feel even more awesome, even with overzealous hunters pulling massive group after group in SFK when I'm low on mana.
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Re: Advice for leveling/playing a Tankadin

Postby Kelaan » Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:58 am

Until you can get holy shield, and blessing of sanctuary, there's not a lot of difference between you and ret. Ret will do more damage, you will take less hits. Ret has Vindication, which makes things hit for less, and has PoJ for faster movement, etc. Below 30, ret really is hotsauce. It isn't until you get Holy Shield that the difference really becomes noticeable.

If you tank as prot (in 40+ range), your aoe threat is better, and you take less damage.
If you tank as ret (near 40+), you have different tools that could very well make things easier for your group.
This illustrates the basic trades you're making: Holy Shield, Sanctuary, Ardent defender, and Reckoning (prot) versus Vindication, Repentance, Replenishment (great for your healer) and improved ret aura (since we often tank in ret aura for threat) and instant flashes of light on yourself. I won't touch on thenmagnitude of your threat, since I don't know how imp ret aura compares to sanctuary+holy shield. (I expect it's not as good as they are.)

By the time you can get Replenishment, it's probably better to be prot, though: you're only a few levels from having redoubt (hax!) and Avenger's Shield.
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Re: Advice for leveling/playing a Tankadin

Postby Justanothertank » Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:03 am

I leveled as prot. It was very slow, it's what I enjoyed though. You won't die. In fact, you can solo the majority of group quests in the game as you level. I've never gone ret and never will, although I will admit it would be slightly faster for you. Easy way to pick up the pace as prot, pull more. Round up about 10 mobs, ret aura, spam spells, go afk for a few minutes. Come back, they're dead, you're not.
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Re: Advice for leveling/playing a Tankadin

Postby honorshammer » Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:15 am

If only someone had written a guide to leveling a Paladin in World of Warcraft... ... craft.html
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