Updated Rag strat?

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Updated Rag strat?

Postby Izaac » Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:05 am

With the announcement of Rag possibly being removed from MC in 4.0, I have become slightly more frantic to get my shiny hammer. However, while I can solo the rest of MC with ease, I'm a bit nervous about trying Rag, as I usually take quite a bit of damage and have to bring a healer.

I realize that there is is a topic about soloing Rag up, but with some of the more recent changes (such as AD), I was wondering if there might be newer strats. Also, that topic speaks of using ret gear, and only have prot gear (as well as a fire res set).

So, to get to the point, is there currently a feasible strat for soloing Rag as prot?

Side note: is it worth bringing my parachute cape for when he knocks me up in the air, of is there another way to deal with that. The fall damage is lame.
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Re: Updated Rag strat?

Postby Tropicana » Sun Aug 23, 2009 9:29 am

My first rag kill was as prot. Was using 3/4 of the 70 FR badge of justice gear, and I think I might have used a spell power weapon.

As for fall damage, I've seen most people fight him standing to the north/slightly northeast so when they get knocked back they fall into the lava. I've tried that position and personally, I hate it. You have a good chance of hitting the bottom and dieing.

I always stand directly south, when I get knocked back, 90% of the time I will land on top of the rock wall that is sticking up and take much less fall damage. However, positioning is a little trickier. Not getting knocked back far enough will result in a good amount of fall damage, but not enough to kill you unless you are below 60%. Get knocked back over the wall and you have a long swim back to Rag while getting magma blasted for 1-4k every few seconds.

As for the actual fight, nothing special. Might want to bring a backup weapon. Depending on how many attempts/how long it takes you to kill him, your weapon might break from his ability. I had to take him from 15% to death with Sulfuras once.

edit: use this map for and idea of the directions: http://www.wowhead.com/?zone=2717
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Re: Updated Rag strat?

Postby sublimated » Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:34 am

I'll get you a screenshot of where I stand when I solo him, it's actually quite easy once you master the positioning.

Unfortunately the server's down atm so I can't get a screenie, once you have the position down pat it's just a matter of tanking and spanking.

Key things to remember:

Keep sacred shield up all the time, or he will cause some damage when he knocks you back and you are working your way back to him with consistent fire damage.

Keep SoV up and judge light.

Everytime he summons adds, Switch to SoL to heal up back to full and let sanc fill mana back to full also, then switch back to SoV and just nuke the adds down. Rinse and repeat.

Bring two weapons (first time I killed him, Last Laugh crapped out on me when he was still 65% and I had to fight him the rest of the way with a level 60 spellsword I had picked up while clearing the rest of MC, and it became a very long fight)
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Re: Updated Rag strat?

Postby phaqueue » Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:46 pm

if you do have a healer... take one along - it makes the fight INFINITELY easier...

I took a druid friend (needed to get my quest item for my TF) he was in feral form with resto gear on...

I stood in the lava, basically inside rag the entire time he was up... when I got punted - I always hit the lava and took no fall damage...

when we got punted - the druid feral charged back and took no damage, and was then in range in bear form, so rag didn't do his "I'm fireballing because no one is in range and I'm angry" thing...

seemed to work pretty well. I specced prot just for the ease tanking the add phases...

no FR other than aura and we dropped him like a rock :)
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Re: Updated Rag strat?

Postby Scarzi » Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:22 pm

Its all about where you stand, don't need fire resist at all. If you stand in the a spot where you fall safely in the lava with no fall damage, its just time.
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