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Postby Tekkel » Mon Nov 12, 2007 9:41 am

Well the mobs after the gauntlet area are indeed a bit buggy with pulling gladiator packs. Best to pull when the legionaires are furthest to the center of the room. And don't cc the mobs where the pack is. When the cc breaks u have like a 50% chance he pulls a gladiator pack with him.

I managed to survive 1 double pack there once but that was due to having a frost mage and 2 hunters with frost traps slowing down the mobs so they couldn't hit me.

Generally wear some decent amount of block value. 350+ is a good start. Swap to full mitigation gear on the mobs in the corner before the ogre boss. U really want to dodge/parry their concussion blows. Stunning your current mob between 65-50% hp usually helps and popping something like moroes trinket.

Last boss is basicly easy when your clothies have enough hp to survive 3 hits from him. Bandage/pot once after and they should be fine. Healer should focus on clothies when he goes wwing. U can survive it easy. I only dropped 9k with 4-5 hits from the ww once.

Also for the bigger mob packs with a legionaire. Kill the casters first and pick up the incoming adds. Shadowbolt for 3k is worse then 2-3 extra mobs hitting u for 500.
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