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Losing AoE Threat

Warning: Theorycraft inside.

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Re: Losing AoE Threat

Postby Jasari » Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:59 pm

Fafa wrote:Pallies are not the best aoe threat anymore. Neither initial burst aoe threat, nor aoe threat over time. We sit pretty much in the middle of both worlds.

Oh, I want to play too

Pallies are the best AOE threat now. Both in initial burst AOE threat, AND AOE threat over time
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Re: Losing AoE Threat

Postby blkthunder » Mon Aug 10, 2009 6:01 pm

I now open with exo followed with a shield then the normal tab hammer. It seems to work out okay, but I have to agree that something may be screwy with RF now. I've always been a threat tank and recently running heroics my normal threat just cant keep up with the dps im running with. Even on TOC with the undead mobs even with Holy Wrath the dps is peeling the adds off of me. Kinda depressing.
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Re: Losing AoE Threat

Postby Jedah » Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:36 am

I have also noticed since the patch that my AoE threat has been significantly lower - I run the daily heroic with the same people almost every day and before 3.2 I never had them pull off me on off-target trash. Since 3.2, however, I feel like I'm struggling to keep threat on everything except my main target. Their average DPS hasn't gone up, and my DPS doesn't seem to have gone down, so what's the deal? stealth nerf to RF?

Any mathy people want to take a look at this phenomenon I and several others seem to be experiencing?
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Re: Losing AoE Threat

Postby sublimated » Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:09 pm

Fafa wrote:Pallies are not the best aoe threat anymore. Neither initial burst aoe threat, nor aoe threat over time. We sit pretty much in the middle of both worlds.

I also heard Onyxia deep breaths more now, and tenfold in upcoming 3.2.2
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Re: Losing AoE Threat

Postby Bobness » Thu Aug 13, 2009 12:13 am

I have also noticed more issues with threat when running heroics..but I've narrowed it down to two things.

1) Well geared players dipping back into Heroics, who don't care about threat.
2) Well geared noobs who don't care about threat.

I don't feel my threat has gone down, it's just that people are pushing me harder with less regard to the outcome, It's pretty refreshing TBH, consecration doesn't really cut the mustard for threat I use it now to solidify existing aggro.

I'm almost Hit/Expertise capped so I don't have much wiggle room anymore.

On a side note i've had to completely remove exorcism from my bars, the pavlov instinct is still too strong.
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Re: Losing AoE Threat

Postby Candiru » Thu Aug 13, 2009 3:20 am

Druids do insane threat over time for AoE, spamming swipe every GCD. Seems to do much more threat than I can do. On ulduar freya trash flower packs, the druid takes the big flower and I round up all the little ones in my consecration and start to tab-hammer etc. When the druid comes over and spams swipe once his mob is dead he starts pulling agro off the ones I haven't landed a shield slam on.

Of course, I take much less damage than them AoE tanking, and I do more threat on up to 3 targets.
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Re: Losing AoE Threat

Postby Cheroz » Thu Aug 13, 2009 11:30 am

I am going to agree with Bob with this one. IMO, we are starting to get back to BC type tanking/dps/threat races with the increase in gear and tweaks being made with class mechanics.

People have become so accustomed to not watching threat or to not care which target the tank is on or building threat on and just melting face. My tanking style has me throw my shield, conc then go into my 969 rotation on group pulls. I am always a little nervous abut someone pulling threat until I get a second con down. After 3.2, I am finding toons pulling threat well into a fight, on a target I only got a hit or two on. After they die or I taunt, I get the blame. So, I ask them....was my threat really building on the mob? Was I targeting him? What was my threat? Were you watching your threat? The answer to any of that has been no, or I don't know. Before WOTLK, DPS KNEW TO ALWAYS watch threat, in 5, 10 and 25 mans. I was a rogue for four years, so am very used to watching threat, but in wotlk that hasn't been the case due to tanking mechanics. I am chalking this up to DPS losing a skill that was once mandatory in BC/old school running and people (with new, much improved gear) getting lazy in heroics.
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Re: Losing AoE Threat

Postby Veilan » Thu Aug 13, 2009 12:38 pm

Well, I don't think we're saying it's unworkable now. However, it is severely irritating and frustrating, that with no obvious reason, indication or explanation one day pre patch - you run an instance perfectly fine, and then - boom - the next day you have to paddle like a madman so the same DDs in the same gear don't pull threat off you. Don't even get me started on my off-tank warrior now suddenly picking up my mobs mid fight when we AoE tank...

I'd at least like an explanation where the changes come from, as there's no indication in the patch notes to the reason. No, again, it's not unmanagable, but I'm a bit at a loss why I suddenly have to work harder when everything in the patch tells me I should be a happy bunny.
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