[10] Yogg-Saron Phase II

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Re: [10] Yogg-Saron Phase II

Postby Belloc » Sat Aug 01, 2009 7:07 pm

Treck wrote:The faster the portalgroup is, the easier the tentacle group will have it.
Sending down 3 and keeping 7ppl up is just useless. Eather send down 4 and reach the brain faster, or send down 3 and a healer if they are having problems staying alive, i ofthen go down as prot if someone is dead or wont make the portal, Protpallys are awesome down there actually, not like FoK rogues or WW warriors but still you do help out.
I dont know of this issue with ppl clicking portals at the same time, its an issue when going down since portals disapear when used, but when going up from the braindroom they dont despawn, and in 25man we have 10ppl going for the same portal starting to click it with 5sec left, and ppl make it out in time. Is there even a behind of the boss? aka no dodges or so or backstabb or whatever ferals have that is the same? Yogg has a front and behind, not sure if he can dodge or parry tho. ive only assumed it cant dodge or parry at all.

Yogg can dodge and parry if attacking from the front. This is why I assign my ranged to DPS Yogg instead of my melee (I don't want to risk moving the entire raid behind Yogg when it's simple and easy to get everyone in front of him).

The brain has a front and back, as well, but I do not know if it dodges/parries.
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Re: [10] Yogg-Saron Phase II

Postby Smite-Turalyon » Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:31 am

Belloc wrote:
Smite-Turalyon wrote:
JRichland wrote:Thanks again for the help guys, this really is the best class site on the interwebz.

I'll update you all when we clear it. I hope this is a help to others as well.

Dont know if it helps you but we only send 3 into the portal room. When we've cleared the tentacles and move into the brain room, we have each person stand next/near to the portal they are going to take out kind of in a triangle around Yogg's brain. Our first attempt or two with a couple people trying to take the same portal led to issues.

They also need to make sure they head out with enough time (generally am clicking with 2-3seconds left).

Expect a bit of a learning curve as the dps'ers learn each room and where the spawns are. The skulls are different each time IIRC but the spawn locations of the tentacles are always the same.

I don't really think that's much of a help. The only reason you would ever need to send 3 in is if you need the extra DPS outside. If that's the case, your outside DPS are not fit for this fight. Sending 3 in means that those 3 players are going to take the extra damage that a 4th player would soak, greatly increasing the chances of a self-kill. It also extends the duration of phase 2, which is the phase you want to be the shortest.

There are 4 portals for a reason -- use them.

Kind of funny then, I dont think we've ever noticed the 4th portal. We send 3 in (generally all our melee) and don't ever lose anyone to the reflected dmg. May explain why our dps outside generally are sitting around waiting ;)
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Re: [10] Yogg-Saron Phase II

Postby JRichland » Mon Aug 03, 2009 6:58 am

Follow up guys:

After MANY tries, we went through and made it to p3 on Saturday before my girlfriend decided to show up and end the fun.

We will down him tonight.

A few things: We sent in four, but since my melee dps is so dumb we'd often only have three in there. After a while, I broke down and had my hunter come in as well instead of a disappointing melee.

With him, we showed significant progress. I'd often have to kill three or more tentacles myself before we'd break through to the brain room, but I could top them off and cleanse down there in addition to killing tentacles which was a great help.

As soon as we exit the brain room, the down team goes straight for the sanity beams and tops off before the portals open again.

Also, we assigned portals based on keepers. I was assigned to the Hodir portal so I'd always take the one directly in front of him, this is the easiest way to assign portals imo.

All in all, once you get the gist of it, it's not an impossible fight by any stretch. I'm greatly looking forward to clearing it tonight.

Once again, thanks for all the help. I hope to report back tomorrow on the successful clear.
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Re: [10] Yogg-Saron Phase II

Postby JRichland » Thu Aug 13, 2009 6:08 am

I forgot to respond back that we did down him successfully that night, and I'm proud to say, before the patch.

Thanks Maintankadins! :mrgreen:
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