Too much +def and 969 Qs

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Too much +def and 969 Qs

Postby alsache » Mon Jul 27, 2009 10:48 am

I'm still trying to digest the information on this site as I only just changed to Prot. After respec'ing and getting my def up to 540 (Saturday) I went into a Naxx10 PuG as OT. With craftables and a few drops I'm now at 545.

Armory: ... &n=Alsache
Stats from Armory:
26,594 HP
545 Def
19.98% Dodge
17.04% Parry
10.8% Block

So, is it ok to keep this level of defense or should I try to shed the extra 25 or so def rating extra I have in favor of avoidance? I could either switch my meta (+21 def, 5% SBV), or replace my +def gem in belt. Note: Several items are still ungemmed and unenchanted, some I just picked up late last night, but other than the gemming/enchanting guide posted on these forums I'm not entirely sure which ones to pick.


969 - I've got a couple lazy macros I found on-line but really on a multi-pull I should be doing something like Holy Shield -> Avenger's -> Consecrate, HotR, right? On a boss start with SotR over HotR

Thanks all.
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Re: Too much +def and 969 Qs

Postby PsiVen » Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:14 am

There's no such thing as too much defense.

You might like stamina more than avoidance (most people tend to) in which case you should regem wherever you can keep your socket bonuses. If you really don't care about avoidance at all you can regem regardless of bonuses. I wouldn't recommend swapping your meta out though, with few exceptions as you get better gear your defense will just keep going down.
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Re: Too much +def and 969 Qs

Postby Isetnefret » Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:34 am

My defense is usually between 555 and 575.

You'll see a lot of different philosophies about how you should gear after hitting 540 defense.

I can't make up my mind, so I've resigned myself to carrying 3-4 sets of gear, and gearing for the encounter.

My armory SHOULD show my block set, even though I logged out in a different set. My block set focuses on getting as much BV as I can, while sacrificing better tanking stats. Obviously, you don't want to wear something like that all the time.

My EH set stacks bonus armor items and stamina. In that set, my dodge + parry is 36% combined with 34k unbuffed health.

My avoidance set is lower on stamina, similar to my block set, except that my combined dodge+parry is 51%.

I typically tank Steelbreaker in my avoidance set, while I use the BV set for Thorim's arena, and the EH set is used on Sartharion and Malygos.

The very first set I built up was the BV set, because Nax is very forgiving, and my guild really appreciated the extra threat + aoe tank survivability.
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