2 stupid questions about VH

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Re: 2 stupid questions about VH

Postby amh » Tue May 05, 2009 12:15 am

Pursuit of Justice, if you still have issues getting there in time, just be lazy. Head to the steps by the entrance and wait for the mobs to reach you.
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Re: 2 stupid questions about VH

Postby Inukshuk » Thu May 28, 2009 2:08 pm

Pettu wrote:I usually have my guildie-rogue run up and aggro the left side, bringing them down the right ramp. Then i taunt them off him, or they run through my consec. Never had a problem this way and DPS can start booming from the point i grab aggro on the mobs that go right.

When I play my rogue, I'll just pop tricks of the trade, then head in the opposite direction of my tank. A couple of fans of knives later, that pack is stuck to my tank like glue. Rogues are fun now.

On my paladin, I just try to throw consecrate down in front of the portal before they emerge. Otherwise you could probably just cast a couple of heals to pull aggro, so long as someone engaged them...
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Re: 2 stupid questions about VH

Postby Pizbit » Mon Jul 27, 2009 1:16 am

Impervium wrote:It should be noted that the instance becomes significantly harder if it bugs and spawns one of the portal guardians beneath the ground...

That's right, beneath the ground.

We couldn't do anything but pick up the adds that came out while other portals continued on normally. Fortunately, it happened after the second boss so we didn't have to deal with it for long. Also portals that are up don't spawn adds once Cyanigosa spawns.

Just back up(IE 40 yards or more) and wait, it'll pop up above ground.
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Re: 2 stupid questions about VH

Postby bldavis » Sat Sep 12, 2009 7:24 pm

Riposte wrote:
Baelik wrote:If you reach there early or even as they spawn, simply aggroing one will link the others. Its only if they are apart by some distance that you will need to do extra work.

If I am late then what I usually do is consecrate at the floor near the collapsed wall and AS the group coming down the stairs. HotR when the consecrated group gets to me. Almost always the Sorceror (caster) comes down the stairs.

Its key to mark a skull on the group coming down from the stairs because if DPS aggro tips over your little consecrate then things can get messy. I don't use HotR on the first group early on coz that requires you to be in melee range and I'd rather catch up to the group coming down the stairs before they widen the gap.

I do this as well, but I run with a hunter that always goes all out on the adds that took one tick of the consecrate. She does it because she knows it pisses me off. If she didn't always come with tons of fish feasts I'd stop running with her, I swear!

as a hunter and a tankadin, i shudder in horror at the actions of that huntard! Fish Feast or not, there is no excuse for that ...... oh she MDed to you before? NEVER MIND!

LOL actually, tanking has shown me MANY of my faults as a dpser and tanks like me alot more now! I used to do the same thing. as a tank, i would simply ask her to MD to me, pref with a multishot in that case (insta aggro!)

if she continues to do that, no amount of feasting will repair your gear if you wipe (and plate costs ALOT more then mail!)

basicaly, if she insists on tagging them, have her just MD to you and alls good! you get aggro from cons AND her tagging them! ITS A WIN-WIN!

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Re: 2 stupid questions about VH

Postby bub64882 » Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:38 am

draknar wrote:I consecrate at the bottom of the rubble stairs to the right of the portal, then run to the stairs on the left and AS. If dps can stand to hold off, I tank them at the bottom of the stairs on the left, cause the sorceror tends to go left.
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