[25] Kologar

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[25] Kologar

Postby Valynus » Tue Jun 16, 2009 1:42 am

Hi there,

My guild seems to be having some hard time with this big guy, specially avoiding the eyebeam.

Can I ask you how do you place your raid to kite the ray? We've tried some strar regarding placing the raid in rows so the target of the beam should flee backwards (near the stairs) but people mess up making the beam to burn a lot of people.

Maybe a designated kiting area could work?

I'd like to know if you either follow the "ever kill the right hand" method or just DPS the hand when it grabs the people.

Thank you!
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Re: [25] Kologar

Postby Arcia » Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:55 am

We just have the ranged guys spread out as much as possible, kiting the beam isnt much of an issue.

As for killing the arms this is what we do.

We start with kill his right arm (the one that grabs people) and everyone uses their 2 min cooldowns, go for kologarn and then back to the right arm when it respawns.
Kill the right arm again and go for kologarn.
When the arm spawns for the third time we pop bloodlust and kill the right arm again and right after (ignoring the adds) we kill the left arm.
By this time the left arm is at like 30% due to aoe damage and dies very fast and because kologarn looses 15% health for each arm he dies when we kill this arm.

Also, make sure your melee stand infront of kologarn, they can still hit the arm but they will do also damage his body with cleaves and so on.
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Re: [25] Kologar

Postby Belloc » Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:23 am

If you have players that fail at kiting, stick them in melee range (as in, fully inside melee range). They'll get silenced and take extra damage on occasion, but they won't screw kiting up.

Note that you still need to keep some players at range and that if you stick all of your healers in melee, you will quickly wipe from the silences.

As far as the arms go, we burn the right arm (grip) whenever it's up. Trinkets and short cooldowns in the beginning, heroism after it repops, trinkets and short cooldowns on the third, there should never be a fourth.
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Re: [25] Kologar

Postby Huon » Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:01 pm

Line up all your ranged on a line, and have them turn slightly on the side. This way you can clearly see who is being targeted and you run strait out of the room. When you come back, you take back your position.

Being on a line makes is impossible for the beam to hit anyone but the target unless they run sideways. It also makes your raid in a close enough range for any chainheal, and other group heals.

works for us :) Good luck
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Re: [25] Kologar

Postby Arees » Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:53 pm

When you are looking in Kologarn's room, notice the big gray tiles. Now look and you'll see that where the borders intersect are small red diamonds. We have all our casters pick a diamond and stand on it. We wiped a few times at first because people were running around trying to find an unoccupied diamond, but after a couple attempts everyone could just run straight to their diamond. This worked very well and we actually had 0 deaths.

I also recommend picking up the addon called Ensidiafails. Make so you go into the interface options and configure it. I have it show fails during the raid (in guild chat =D) and it prints out a summary at the end of the fight of how many fails each person had. The original add was called FailBot but the author stopped played and so development on it stopped. Ensidiafails is updated nearly every day. I make sure to update it before our raids start.

An example of what EnsidiaFails can do. We never got Sarth 3D down, but we were able to get 2D several times. During the fight I was picking up the fire adds. People kept claiming to die from the adds (that I knew I had under control). So I installed FailBot and lo and behold... nearly everyone that died got a "X fails at Void Zone (1)" message from FailBot. Really handy for seeing if people are dieing from things they should be avoiding.
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Re: [25] Kologar

Postby Mysticknight » Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:42 pm

Easiest way to do this fight is to have all your range line up on the back wall. have aoe type classes on the left side of the room. have all your melee stack up in one spot on the right side of the tank. you are able to reach the "Right arm" or on your screen left side of the room from where they are standing. eye beam picks one person from the back wall that person steps forward and just run right and by the time they get to the other side of the room beam is off and they line up again. once arm is down have your tank pick and hold the adds and have it aoe down, MT and OT can stack and just call out the taunts.

(right arm)***K***(left arm)


If you are a range that get pick in the mid turn and run out the door. if you are a range from left or right side walk foward and run to the other side of the room, if melee stand right in the arm pit next to the MT and you're still able to dps the right arm. OT pick up the adds from the right arm and hold it for aoe if right arm is down then melee and dps is burning (K) / body once right arm respwan dps it down again and repeat. very easy encounter using this strat. u have the full mid of the room for the range to kite left or right and or run out of the door if you're in the midle of the line up
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Re: [25] Kologar

Postby Seloei » Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:13 pm

Arcia wrote:Also, make sure your melee stand infront of kologarn, they can still hit the arm but they will do also damage his body with cleaves and so on.

But rogues do it from the behind ;(

The beam kiting is just "don't be stupid and run around the room without getting more people hit with it. If you have a bossmod it will say if you or X is being pursued by the beam.
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