[10/25]General Verax [ Second Impressions]

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Re: [10/25]General Verax [ Second Impressions]

Postby moduspwnens » Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:08 am

Rehlachs wrote:
nutron wrote:I tanked the 10 man version too tonite with 1/2 SA, dpsers pulling 5k+ dps (was dragging to shadow crash sites so rogues could get anywhere from 6k to 9k dps) and aggro was never an issue.



Instant Poison IX
Deadly Poison IX

After quickly looking over our logs, one of our rogues had 25% of his DPS based on these abilities. I guess it should vary by rogue, but this rogue was pulling ~5700 DPS. With a Shadow Crash, that would put him somewhere between 6k and 9k DPS.
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Re: [10/25]General Verax [ Second Impressions]

Postby Rehlachs » Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:45 am

due to the melee attack speed malus on Vezax, a combat rogue's portion of spell based damage should be roughly around 20%, an assassination rogue's portion (I'll take a wild guess here) 35%. because of Shadow crash's mechanic to target players out of Vezax's melee range under normal circumstances Vezax + the rogues will move around .. a lot. so, I'll give them a ~50% uptime.

If you are a very lucky person that raids with a mutilate specced rogue, that is able to deliver sustained 5700 DPS on 10man Vezax without any fancy tricks, you could have rogue that produces 6.7k DPS - the combat rogue would be at 6.3k sustained ..

To put it in a nutshell: Given a rogue going towards 6k sustained DPS on Vezax without Shadow Crash (I haven't seen one yet, if one exists I would be happy to have link to the regarding log), that rogue could have a boost of >1k DPS. That's good, but probably weak compared to the benefits casters get (that's not the matter of discussion here).
To achieve the described 9k sustained DPS with SC a mutilate specced rogue must deliver ~7.7k DPS without and a combat rogue ~8.1k DPS on Vezax, which is a little bit exorbitant.
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Re: [10/25]General Verax [ Second Impressions]

Postby Threatco » Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:38 am

Threatco's 10 man Vezax's frustrations.

So last week we go to vezax after a long uphill battle (4-5 hours) for our first minirion kill and get vezax down in about 4 tries.

Fail 1: Didn't Interuprt.
Fail 2: Killed all the saronite right away and ran out.
Fail 3: Mark of the Faceless healed too much hit enrage.
Fourth try got it.

The DK tank had no problem using CD on darkness so no kite. On fourth try we reduced form 3 healers to 2 so one could go boomkin, fearing our dps may be an issue. Not a problem.

This week....

I just don't know how some people can take so long to learn a fight, especialy with very clear instructions.

Failed on interupting ~5 times.
Warrior tank failing to kite.
2/3 healers i would not bring again, often let the tank get ganked for no good reason.
Mage/warlock dps not using shadowcrashes.
Surprisingly they were good about not healing the boss though.

Anyways I guess just a lesson that some content may seem easy with the right players, but bring some well meaning scrubs, and it could just be impossible.
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