Any decent UI Packs?

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Any decent UI Packs?

Postby Faylinn » Fri Oct 26, 2007 6:19 am

Right now I play with basicaly the base UI + the standard addons PallyPower, KTM, BossMods, etc... And after looking at the "post your UI" threads, I am getting courious about what I am missing.

The problem is that I don't want to mess myself up come raid time. Are there any good/recomended UI mods I could use to start messing around with (and just swap out the addons dir come raid time) and get a feel for things?
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Postby Frickit » Fri Nov 02, 2007 6:40 am

I havent began to raid yet but I went ahead and got x-perls and some other things pretty customizable in game. They dont get in the way.
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Postby Levantine » Fri Nov 02, 2007 7:21 am

I would DIE without Pitbull and Bartender3+OmniCC. Most of the other things I use are pure conveniences for me.
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Postby Oranniv » Sat Nov 03, 2007 2:13 am

I first got introduced by using the photek ui package found on I have since just taken which addons I liked and removed the rest to minimize pc load.
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Postby Girard » Sat Nov 03, 2007 3:11 am

<-- makes his own UIs.
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Postby Dorvan » Sat Nov 03, 2007 11:16 am

I'm a relatively slow adopter when it comes to add-ons, but I've been quite happy with x-perl.
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