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[25] Auraiya post pull

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Re: [25] Auraiya post pull

Postby Mordinm » Tue May 19, 2009 7:15 am

It really depends on why you are hitting the enrage timer. The timer on this fight always seemed fairly forgiving and if you're hitting it because you are losing people to the defender then the best thing you can do is impress on your dps the need to get on the defender quickly and get her down. After the first couple of defender kills the damage becomes much easier to heal. We get everyone to group up in front of her to insure the defender never goes very far and pile on quick.

If people aren't dying and you are still hitting the enrage timer you don't really have a lot of options, you've got to keep on the boss as much as possible. Though if casters are a significant portion of your dps the spell lockouts can really hurt your dps if you just leave the defender up.

Other things the help this fight in general are shaman who can time there totems (when the instances isn't lagged badly) and mass dispelling priests in a group with said Shaman.
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Re: [25] Auraiya post pull

Postby Belloc » Tue May 19, 2009 10:03 am

The reason for hitting the enrage timer is that DPS are slow to switch to the add. Also, the add jumps around a lot. If the group is bunched up perfectly, this shouldn't be a problem. Let's be honest, though, most of our groups aren't going to bunch up perfectly :)

DPS just needs to switch better. Alternatively, have melee stay on the boss and just range it down. The downside to doing that is that the add remains alive longer, causing healer strain and resulting in higher death chance.
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Re: [25] Auraiya post pull

Postby Neroth » Thu Jun 04, 2009 5:34 am

We've never really had much trouble with the defender. We do run shadow resistance on the fight. I am generally in charge of "OT'ing" the defender. We tank Auraiya right beside the stairs (she is facing the corner) with the entire raid in the corner to limit how far they run on the fear. When the Defender is pouncing he seems to pretty much ignore taunts or stuns, so I mainly dps on Auraiya and each time my stun is available I back out and taunt and try to stun him outside the aoe damage of the raid. When he gets to about 10 percent we try to deathgrip or stun him out of the raid and kill him... if not the raid just moves and stacks up again.

I'll see if I can go back and check our WWS reports to see what damage he is doing to us.
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