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Postby Riposte » Fri May 15, 2009 1:32 am

Levantine wrote:
Wolvar wrote:
I was kinda wondering this myself...
Whenever I do runs, even on the off times I breakout my heal set and let someone else tank, the TANK gets 1st pick on the TANK items; same with healer/dps and gear drops. Offset always takes a back seat. Even if thats not your normal spec, if its what you are spec'ed now, its the gear you get.

I completely disagree. If I respec holy because you need a healer, I'm rolling on tank drops. Offset always takes a back seat in my book, but normal spec is what you regularly spec, not what you are currently specced.

In a PuG situation, I don't give a flying fuck what you're normally specced though. You roll on tank gear if you're healing and you get blacklisted by my guild.

Thus you will ensure that you only run with undergeared hybrids for your pugs. I've started running heroics and Naxx10 again with the sole purpose of gathering a heal set. I let the group know up front that even though I'm tanking I'm only interested in heal drops. IMO, pick a single spec at the start of a run and roll for that spec. Perhaps if you surprise your group when it comes time to roll you might piss people off. Not being allowed to roll at all is just asinine and being a loot whore.

When I first started doing this I would tell the group leader before I joined and then go on the assumption that he told the group. This got me burned, so now I make it very clear to the group my intention to roll on healing gear as the tank, and if they have issues with it I leave.
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Re: Re:

Postby amh » Sat May 16, 2009 4:55 pm

Riposte wrote: I let the group know up front that even though I'm tanking I'm only interested in heal drops.

Important part emphasized, mon.
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Postby Pizbit » Mon Jul 27, 2009 1:28 am

Worldie wrote:I seemb to always win annoying bosses. Water, Voidwalker and Ethereum are pretty standard for me.

Water -> Use defenses on adds -> lawl.
Seriously you doubtlessly have the Defenseless achievement already so do eitt! Just remember the one by the door you came in doesn't work :D
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