[10] Hodir

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Re: [10] Hodir

Postby PsiVen » Thu May 14, 2009 1:42 pm

It sounds to me like your DPS don't understand the bonuses that the NPCs give, and aren't using them in addition to having poor uptime on the boss due to either being struck by snowballs too often or being too antsy about dodging them.

To clarify:

- Toasty fires buff your attacks to deal some fire damage and stack a spell damage debuff on the boss, up to 25%. They also allow you to stand still without stacking Biting Cold. These are ideal for hunters, who benefit less from the haste beam. The mage mob casts these.
- Light beams grant haste, and lots of it. These are the easiest to see and for the tank to position near so that the melee can stand in them.
- Storm Clouds grant a large critical damage bonus which spreads to nearby players. These are hard to see, but boss mods and such can make it easier. People near the one with the Cloud buff can touch them to get Storm Power, I don't remember if it moves with the player or not but I believe we have whoever gets it run around tagging people.
- Priest mobs dispel frost novas sometimes and I believe heal the other NPCs. They aren't a big deal to lose, but you should break them unless you're going for hardmode.

Done perfectly, all your casters are getting haste and beating on the boss with bonus damage and Storm Power for bonus crit. All your melee are beating on him with haste and bonus crit, etc.
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Re: [10] Hodir

Postby Lewid » Thu May 14, 2009 4:05 pm

Took a bit short bit of regemming, but I'm able to hit 20/19/21 with 541 def with 33k unbuffed hp with all three plate frost items and the ring.

115 chest
86 belt
86 boots
68 ring
130 aura

Its not quite 510, but I'm not sure that is even necessary. We had some issues with the two tank system, but as soon as we went with just myself as the one tank we've found it much easier. I think it would be worth doing with one tank even if you did fall below the 540 def crit cap.
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Re: [10] Hodir

Postby Belloc » Thu May 14, 2009 5:11 pm

510 is hardly necessary. We use chest, belt, and aura every week -- nothing more.

If it helps you get a kill, great... but two pieces is plenty.
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