Holy Murlocs Batman!

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Holy Murlocs Batman!

Postby Claydon » Wed Oct 31, 2007 1:44 am

Hi all,

My guild are getting very frustrated by Morogrim. We have had several attempts using different strategies but we seem to be stumbling on the murlocs.

Our best attempt has come from getting two holy paladins (in kara prot gear) to pull the two groups and then get the Mages to AoE them down.

Our problems come from threat and damage, as holy we don't seem to be able to gain enough threat for the AoE to take place. Also we seem to take quite a bit of damage.

At the moment the guild is kind of torn to wether we should get two paladins to respecc just for that fight.

My questions are should we be able to do this as holy pala's or is a respec necessary.

If i do respec, i have the T4 gloves and legs, should i use these over the maiden gauntlets and the wyrmm leggings.

When i tried this as holy i managed to survive 2 sets of murlocs, recount showed me taking 13k worth of damage. Is this acceptable or would this be putting too much strain on the healers.

thanks in advance
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Postby Joacimcans » Wed Oct 31, 2007 2:31 am

well i dont know your raid set up but my guild uses a very affective strategy and it only requires one protection paladin.

What we do is we put a protection paladin two mages and a warlock in a seperate group along with either one healer or two depending on thier gear and the tankadins gear.

Basically we call this TEAM AOE. Ill assume your tanking morgrimm at the top of the ramp thing so we have TEAM AOE go off by them selves into the little cove looking thing to the left of the door way when you come in. The fight is so much easier this way because what happens is your have your MT tanking morogrim then for Team AoE you have the one warlock life tap down to very low hp then you have your prot pally put on a healing mace/shield and as soon as the raid warning shows up that he has done a violent earth quake you have your prot pally heal the life tapped warlock if you time it up right you can get off three max rank holy lights before the murlocs from the right get to you. just make sure the lock has felarmor and BoL and the paladin has a healing mace/shield on. then just have the prot pally switch back to his tanking mace/shield and concecrate while the other group from the left side comes over to the tankadin. once the second group gets there have the paladin back up a step or two to get the murlocs packed in better and let the AoE kill all the adds at once. then just rinse and repeat. I usually use JoW/SoW to keep my mana up since i am AoE tanking with holyshield and consecrate.

This start works so well for us because of the postioning no one in TEAM AOE will ever get watery graved. and while you are taking 3 dps and a healer or two off the main target it allows for much more effecient handling of the murloc adds.

A few tips i can give is have your prot pally get item rack and hot key thier tanking weapon/shield/libram to one button and thier healing weapon/shield/libram to another. Also DO NOT let the warlock die as he is the most important part of the operation we had it happen once due to the warlock getting too close to the murlocks since they add a stacking dot debuff and the warlock life tapped one to many times and died from it. Also with my healing itemrack hotkey set i healing for around 4k so if your warlock doesnt have alot of hp he might have to life tap once while you are healing him.

ps a thing i found out about item rack is if you switch before your casting it causes a global cool down but if you switch mid heal it will still equip your item and not give you the global cool down which is a pretty big deal since you need to be healing as soon as you can once you see the raid warning about him alerting the murlocs.

also to answer your question about gear i wouldnt use your T4 since your not really going to be attacking with SoR/JoR.
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Postby Claydon » Wed Oct 31, 2007 3:04 am

Thanks for the very detailed reply.

I do have a few questions.

You say that you go into the cove on the left as you get into the room. is this the southern corner or half way up on the left ?

Do the other healers have to stop healing or with the HL + RF be enough to get the murlocs to come to you.

Any preference for the healer, does one class heal that kind of combat better than another.

The reason i was asking about the armour is because i get more HP and avoidance from the non t4 stuff due to gemming.

Also if you are in the south left corner of the room will the murlocs that come from the north corridor be agro'd?

If you are in the cove do you get affected by the earthquake ? or is that in a 30y radius of him or something.

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Postby Aineias » Wed Oct 31, 2007 3:52 am

We've only downed him once, but the way we ended up doing it is this..

We had 1 Prot pally (me), and 3 Holy Pally's for this...

Our MT tanked him near the entrance to the hallway, with us behind the boss, our banks towards the ramp and graves. I judged Wisdom on the boss for myself and all of the casters... and had myself marked with a raid icon. Everyone but the MT and the tree druid who was healing people coming back from graves stayed on top of me.

When TW did his earthquake thing, all of the healers stopped healing to avoid heal aggro, except for the holy paladins and myself. I started spamming heals (with Righteous Fury up) on anyone that needed healing, usually the MT. This allowed the murlocs to aggo on the paladins. Once I had both groups of murlocs within my consecration, I called on vent for healers to begin healing again, and I waited until I cast consectration a second time before I called for AOE. At that time everyone stopped DPSing the boss and did what ever aoe they had on top of me and the murlocs, then went back to DPSing the boss.

In phase 2, we switched positions with the MT, and we were in the hallway, facing the ramp and graves, but we kept up the same strategy.

A couple of times I got graved, but I bubbled out of the first one, and had some of the tasty treats to get me back into position each time for the murlocs. If you don't have any of them, I recommend a couple speed pots, just in case.
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Postby YoYoMa » Wed Oct 31, 2007 8:20 am

Check out http://www.failsafedesign.com/maintanka ... highlight=

A lot of what works well and what doesn't work so well has been hashed out in that thread. I recommend reading the whole thing :)
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Postby Dorvan » Wed Oct 31, 2007 8:28 am

locked to consolidate discussion in only a couple of threads
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