Thorim, the Gauntlet-Run

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Thorim, the Gauntlet-Run

Postby Sarkan-ZdC » Tue Apr 28, 2009 1:53 am

Hey Guys,

I need some help there.

- Stun/Knockdown of the Adds. How do you handle it? I tried Free Action Potion, did not work. Do you CC the Adds? Because I had sometimes 5-8 Sec with stun/knockdown (I think it counts as knockdown). Bad for TPS, hard to survive the beating.

- Interrupt of the Healer Mobs. Beginning is no problem. After Miniboss 1 it gets hard. Do you take any melee with you? (Ours got beaten up good..) or how to you Interrupt?

- Do you CC any of the adds? Especially after Miniboss 1 (2 Healer Mob and spawning all the time).

- After Mini-Boss one, do you fight you're way up or do you MD the Boss down?

- Any general Tips how to get more speed? After like 4:30 the Raid outside keeps dying..

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Re: Thorim, the Gauntlet-Run

Postby Seloei » Tue Apr 28, 2009 2:00 am

You become immune to stuns after the 3. one, it is a pain at the start and you take quite a big spike damage at start. I drop a consecration and hammer as soon as both stunners are in range, HoJ the healer and shield slam him hoping i won't be stunned before then. ( i have improved HoJ and 2/2 SA instead of AD )

The healers should be interupted by the ranged who are with you, you have a mage or shaman there? if not, it's your duty with the hammer.

The only CC we use is Constant Concecration, because they have so low health. On 25 man, the healer sometimes gets a heal off but then he dies shortly after.

After the first miniboss, we kill off the 2 that are at the bottom of the stairs. Then i throw AS on the two on the stairs, stun the healer and run uptop to pull the boss, because adds keep on coming while you are fighting, to the point of you being overwhelmed. The healer doesn't hit that hard, and by the time his out of the stun, he will either try to cast a heal on himself, or run to a ranged and try to cast a heal then and most of the times, drops dead before reaching them. The healer(s) run up with me when i go to pull and usually i have to slam one more melee add running down to meet us.

We bring no melee there, only casters / ranged because they get wtfpwned by the first miniboss trash or the second bosses aoe.

short recap : Kill the healer first, then the melee, pull next group until you reach boss1. Kill the pack before the stairs WITHOUT going in, stun the healer and get threat on the melee, run up and pull the boss asap to stop more adds coming. Go around the edge in the next room otherwise you get paralyzed in the middle of the circle
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Re: Thorim, the Gauntlet-Run

Postby Ewige » Tue Apr 28, 2009 10:48 am

[25] We have a mostly ranged group go: mages, warlocks, priests and one ret paladin (helps a lot with CC). We pull the first set of adds into the entrance hallway so nobody gets toasted by the golem. After we clean them up we head straight for the fire golem, CCing everything in the second add pack. Once golem dies we split up, ranged finish up the second group adds while hunter eye of the beast pulls the second golem, saving us the trouble of running up the stairs, just tank him where the first golem was. The adds that come down we CC until golem is dead (lots of fears) and just kill em as we walk backwards up the stairs. It's ok if some of em are alive, they'll run back to the arena and there is a lot more deeps in there.

At least, that's what worked for us.
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Re: Thorim, the Gauntlet-Run

Postby Miroslav » Wed May 06, 2009 12:32 am

My RL likes to send bear in the gauntlet event. While bear is better at soaking dmg while being stunned, his treat output equals zero... It is very hard for him and can result in mobs going to casters. If they are close... repair bill! :) As a paladin, I went there and had zero problems with aggro. You need to be versatile and have no more than one ad on you (not counting healer). What i do Is exorcism one and stun, then go for the other one. When HoJ is finished, I daze him and try to kite him in small circles, still away from the casters, but in consecration... no aggro problems... After the first golem is down, I pop up a indestructible potion for more armor, and start to push things a bit to reach the second golem asap. Though I did it 3-4 times only, I get stuck in arena always, so boring :(

ps. I have specced reduced stun time, it helps a lot, I like it

edit: oh yeah, after the first miniboss, pull two mobs asap. What i do is exorcism the melee one or taunt him, so they reach me faster. Do not enter through the door or you will pull another pack. Once the healer is down, run inside and pull the other 2 mobs... These two packs are not linked...
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Re: Thorim, the Gauntlet-Run

Postby amh » Thu May 07, 2009 12:57 am

Have to admit I can´t remember the amount of golems you face in the gauntlet. Is it two or three? Either way, the following counts for the last two:

If you´re running short on time, you can pretty much just skip the trash after the first golem. Just hammer the first group, AS the second, then run up and tank the second golem. Fun fact: the healer-mobs don´t heal the golem.

Once it´s dead, make your way to tag the boss (freezing trap, earthbind-totem -> run) and just jump down. The trash will start running through the gauntlet (it takes ages). You get a lot more dps on the boss, and when the trash finally arrives you just aoe them down on top of him.

Your melee will love you as well, since they get to pad their dps-meters with whirlwind/divine storm / blade flurry (insert melee ability here)
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Re: Thorim, the Gauntlet-Run

Postby Belloc » Thu May 07, 2009 10:35 am


First pack: A mage initiates the pull by sheeping a guard. I pick up the other guard and the healer. Focus healer down, switch to guard. When guard is dying, break the sheep and burn it down.

Second pack: Same as the first.

Pull miniboss.

Next pack: Only two mobs, so no sheep. Focus down healer and then guard.

Stairs pack: Stun the guard and have it sheeped. Everyone runs up the stairs. Carry the healer mobs with you.

Pull miniboss #2. Kill healer, kill the guard that will have inevitably spawned up there. Kill miniboss. Kill sheep.

The key to this is to sheep one guard in each pack that contains two guards and then to engage the stairs pack and the 2nd miniboss at the same time. If you don't do that, odds are you will keep getting spawns from the miniboss and you'll lose valuable time.
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Re: Thorim, the Gauntlet-Run

Postby Splug » Thu May 07, 2009 1:22 pm

I just pitch DnD down, load diseases onto the healer and pestilence them off, and figure I'm out of the fight until everything's about dead. I'd assume the paladin equivalent would be "pitch consecration down, AS pack 1 when they get into jump range, then get knocked out until fighting is over." For the second group, run HoJ on the first target (likely the healer) instead. If I get off Icebound it's kind of a shock; I usually assume it's just not going to happen. If your damage is up to snuff, you should have the healer dead around when you hit DR on the stuns and can actually move again.

The interrupt is going to have to be the casters' problem. There's no way for the tank to do it reliably with all the stuns.

We don't bother with CC beyond the occasional stray ghoul stun, counterspell, or strangulate.

We pull all four of the dwarves in the stairwell at once. Get them into one nice pile for living bombs and felguard cleaves, and once both of the acolytes are dead it's time for the tank to leave. I have a holydin throw me freedom, and piledrive the second golem as soon as I can reach him. If we're on pace, there should be exactly one melee add who is just passing through the golem as I get it into combat. If we're a few seconds behind, the melee add will be in front of the golem almost to the top of the stairs, and you need to be ready for an acolyte to spawn about 5 seconds later. Offtank them while damage focusses on the golem.

You can afford to leave melee with the trash dwarves before they actually die, assuming you have enough threat to keep them on you. I just up and bail for the second 3-pack as soon as two of them are dead; ranged have enough ways to snare them that they won't get to me before dying off, and if they do pull hate on them at 20% they won't make it to whoever pulled. The same for the post-golem 1 adds: just charge off once the healers are dead, get the miniboss started to cut off spawns. After miniboss 2, help most of the team blow up adds until there's only one left with <70% health while a dedicated ranged damage to charge to Thorim and shoot him about 5 seconds before the hard mode timer expires. That way, if you're still helping cleaning up leftover dwarves you don't have to worry about Sif deciding she doesn't want to wait for you to run up the last hallway, but you can still try to make it there to pick him up when he lands in case the arena tank has MS or is overwhelmed.

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Re: Thorim, the Gauntlet-Run

Postby guillex » Thu May 07, 2009 1:24 pm

If the two people who posted it weren't indication enough, please place a tag denoting which raid size you're talking about in the subject line.

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