[10/25] Gaianknight's Flame Levithan Guide

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[10/25] Gaianknight's Flame Levithan Guide

Postby Ascendant » Fri May 01, 2009 10:46 pm

Since knowing what your vehicle's abilities do isn't the same as knowing what to do with them, here is a guide on what to do with your vehicle during the Flame Leviathan encounter.

During active phase: you should be driving in front of the boss dropping tar to the best of your ability. Try and put it somewhere in line of sight of the siege tanks.

During Overload: You will first go drop your tar on the boss (not completely inside though, because we won't be able to light it), then you will go find your assigned person to pick up and take to their demolisher. It is important that everyone is back in their demolisher before overload is over so that they don't die.

Demolisher (driver)
During active phase: You should be alternating between normal boulders and pyrite barrels. Use only enough pyrite to keep your debuff on the boss while stacking the dot (one pyrite barrel of every 3 boulders is a safe ratio). If you are targeted, do not launch your passenger until the boss changes targets. try and get as close as you can to fallen pyrite barrels during this phase.

During Overload: During overload, you only need to save enough pyrite to keep the dot up, if you have more than that you can just use it right away. Move towards one of the shot down pyrite barrels so that your passenger can instantly refuel you once they get in. Maintaining a stacked dot for as long as possible will yield the best damage against the boss.

Demolisher (gunner)
During active phase: Wait until your demolisher is not kiting before loading yourself to be launched. If your demolisher is kiting, you should be shooting down pyrite barrels and using the speed boost to keep your vehicle out of harm's way. You will need to hook one pyrite barrel to cover the boost. It is best that you do not load until you have refueled your driver.

During Overload: Start running towards your demolisher. Jump on to the chopper for heals and a faster ride. Once you are back in your demolisher, immediately begin shooting down pyrite barrels and hooking any that are nearby. Do not load until you are sure that your demolisher isn't kiting at the beginning of the next phase and do not load until you have hooked at least 2 pyrite barrels. For added consideration, try and wait until right after your driver fires a pyrite barrel before loading. Loading causes your driver to be unable to fire and can result in his dot falling off.

Siege Tank (driver)
During active phase: You should be driving beside the boss in such a way that you can turn and shock the flame vents and also light the tar being dropped in front of the boss. This isn't a very easy task, so mind how much of a turn you need to face the boss and try and stay on the inside of flame leviathan's arc. It is okay to use your boost right after the boss changes targets.

During Overload: There isn't much you can do here to help. Ram is next to useless, so you are best off finding a good position to start the next phase in; one where you can quickly shock or turn and boost if you are targeted.

Siege Tank (gunner)
During active phase: Your priority is to light the tar dropped by the choppers. Even if the chopper misses with the drop, it can still help to light it anyway. When not lighting tar, you should be using Fire Cannon on the boss. Also, try and shoot down a few pyrite barrels as the overload phase approaches to make the demolisher resupply faster. Use the shield ability at your discretion, it will more likely be used for beams than the boss.

During Overload: Light any tar that is touching the boss, then do as much damage as you can with your Fire Cannon ability.

This guide was written to help coordinate my guild for FLame Levithan (hard mode). We were having trouble with what should have been an easy 2 tower kill, mostly due to a lack of pyrite supplied to the demolishers. I gave this strategy some testing in our 10 man raid and it resulted in a surprisingly fast kill.
Right now I am not including any information on tower compositions and counters to the various effects of each tower, however as my guild works toward the complete 4 tower hard mode kill, I may update this guide with some vital information.
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Re: [10/25] Gaianknight's Flame Levithan Guide

Postby guillex » Sat May 02, 2009 10:22 am

There's a sticky at the top of this forum that outlines a How To for Ulduar. You might want to get in touch with Panzerdin to see if you can incorporate your guide with his.
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Re: [10/25] Gaianknight's Flame Levithan Guide

Postby Panzerdin » Sat May 02, 2009 10:34 am

Yes. I can has ninja?
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Re: [10/25] Gaianknight's Flame Levithan Guide

Postby Ascendant » Sat May 02, 2009 10:48 am

Panzerdin wrote:Yes. I can has ninja?

feel free. :D
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