[25man] Server First achieve

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Re: [25man] Server First achieve

Postby PsiVen » Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:18 pm

Seloei wrote:Tehres quite a few achievements for ulduar that seem almost impossible for now. Say... 7 minutes yoggie bear kill. It takes more than double to kill him now usually.
however, i can't see anyone getting close to finishing off this achievement anytime soon. It just requires almost total perfection and insane dps/healers just to get past p2.

Yoggie bear will probably get nerfed, just like the rest of the instance, im guessing the casuals are still having fun on mimiron and haven't gotten past that, or on thorim... I'd say 2-3 weeks to a few months, before "casuals" reach him.

7min Yogg is quite doable in the 10-man I think. It's hilariously easier than Yogg25 really, gear makes all the difference in the world on that fight. Which, of course, is further evidence that taking away keepers will make it exponentially harder.

In 25-man, Thorim Mimiron and Yogg are the big normal-mode challenges that a lot of guilds will struggle with for a while. The hard modes so far are all pretty crazy... We tried 2-Elder Freya and she positively raped us, even on 10-man it was really rough and we decided not to wipe on it any longer.
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Re: [25man] Server First achieve

Postby Treck » Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:25 am

While corpse running back to yoggy after a wipe, suddenly a raidmember gets "Realm First! Death's Demise" right out of the blue xD
Only one person got it, no title tho, only the achievement :P

We only managed 2 tries on yoggy last night after getting general down in 25man, but in 10man, the fight was pretty cake after actually getting to know the mechanics of the boss, (had ppl going insane in his brain cuz we only took down one healer and one dps) once we figured that out, the next try he died (updated bossmods with the 1min cast time).
Altho with the buffs from the keepers ofc.
I cant imagine the difficulty of the fight without them :S
Hardest part in 25man will prolly be to get ppl to understand that the clouds bad, you would think the green cinda radiated cloudy would get ppl to get the hell away but noooo....

The hardmodes are designed to do with best in slot ulduar 25man gear, so with a only a few parts, and mostly naxx25 geared still ofc its a bit overtuned, however some guilds manage allrdy, they also put an incredible amount of time on it.
Gear is ofc a big matter here, however actually knowing the fight to 100% is the key imo. Id say a lot of the fights in ulduar will be cut in half when everyone is geared, and have done it 15+ times, and Ulduar gear doesnt give you a 100% dps increase (for our guild atleast, othe guilds might be smashing the bosses faster)
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Re: [25man] Server First achieve

Postby knaughty » Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:36 am

We were pretty kitted out in 25-man gear, and moderately well prepared for Ulduar. Zero PTR time - bosses not available during Oceanic raid times. We're pretty hard-core, give a 16 hours a week raiding schedule: To put things in perspective: We got a "top 50 US" Sarth+3[10] kill.

We're top Horde guild on the server by a million miles, there are a couple of Alliance guilds close.

No one has General Lobster down yet - we're trying him tonight, as are the most advanced Alliance guild. No other guild is past Mimiron. It seems unlikely that either guild will get through both General and YS in a single raid night, given that Mimiron was pretty much an entire night for both guilds.

Yes, Ulduar is still a little easy (Tier-5 was harder, IMO) - two weeks in, and we almost have a full normal mode clear done. First week we got about 12 hours of raiding, this week we've had almost 16 hours and will end up with nearly 20 hours (we did one extra raid night).
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Re: [25man] Server First achieve

Postby Splug » Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:13 am

By some quick seat-of-the-pants math, killing Steelbreaker-25 from 100->0 using three tanks requires 18 dps to sustain 9.6k dps each for 75 seconds. At 5-6k dps from 18 damage classes, the raid will require six tanks (or three tanks with soulstones), but the final tank will be autoattacked for roughly 65k damage per swing, fusion punched for 120k damage initial, and the raid will suffer 9k-10k damage per two seconds from high voltage. We pronounced it unachievable until further knowledge becomes available, regardless of equipment and raid stacking, and gave up for now.

I'd see phase II as nigh impossible in the Yogg-saron encounter as well without that 46% damage boost from the keepers. Dealing 2/3 damage would make killing just crusher tentacles difficult, let alone everything else. And with the brain damage also being reduced, you'd have to handle slowly falling behind for longer - most likely, it would come down to running phase III with a room full of corruptor tentacles, offtanks bouncing between crushers to temporarily suppress the debuff, and the raid attempting to just faceroll yogg-saron down before it all falls apart. I'm not sure how the empowering shadows effect works to heal yogg; that may make it outright impossible as well.

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Re: [25man] Server First achieve

Postby Aubade » Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:55 pm

Wulfhere wrote:
Seloei wrote:...

Supreme Voodoo is not a "hardcore" raiding guild and we've had mediocre progress in tbc (been around since vanilla) but even guilds who were having trouble with clearing naxx on our server are now on mimiron/thorim. If that isn't a sign then i don't know what is.


This is not the case on my server at all. Guilds that had trouble clearing Naxx-25 have now killed.... Flame Leviathan-25. Only guilds that managed to clear Sarth+3D-25 farily early have made it up to Keepers, with the top guild working on Yogg. Other guilds that killed Sarth+3D late or only Sarth+2D are still stuck in the Siege area. Obviously, my server is bottom half for progression but I can't see how you go from barely clearing Naxx to 8/14 Ulduar in 2 weeks, barring guild mergers or highly successful off-server recruiting.

I have to disagree with wulfhere on this one. My guild was sarth 3D downed, plagued proto's, only immortal away from black proto's and we're currently on mimiron 25M, all but algalon down in 10M.

One guild on my server got Sarth 3D extremely late on 25M and never at all on 10M and are currently butting heads with General Vezax on 25M and working on yogg-saron 10M.

In retrospect though, they've raided 7 days a week 6-7 hours a day, pretty pathetic when you think about it.

The other guilds on my server who didn't do anything but farm naxx/OS/Maly without hard-modes are still stuck on XT/Auriya
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