[25] Iron Council Strat (Easy mode Big->Med->Small)

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[25] Iron Council Strat (Easy mode Big->Med->Small)

Postby Chunes » Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:37 am

-25man Council Strat for Easiest Kill-

Kill order: Steelbreaker -> Runemaster -> Stormcaller

-Composition (may vary greatly)-

2 required
3 for ease


Healthy balance of melee/ranged

-Roles by Target-

Steelbreaker (Big mob)
1 Tank
All dps but 1 (if you are assigning 1dps as interrupts on stormcaller)
Majority of your healers on Steelbreaker’s tank

Runemaster (Medium Mob)
1 Tank
1 Healer

Stormcaller (Small Mob)
1 Tank
1 DPS (interrupts)
1 Healer

Alternatively, if your tank setup is War/War/Pala, War/War/DK, War/War/Druid, any combo of tanks who have multiple stuns/interrupts (wars/dks especially) can tank medium and small close to one another and assist one another with interrupts, thus sparing a DPS to focus on Steelbreaker. Our group just had a rogue sitting on Stormcaller for the duration of the fight since our tank corps is War/Pala/Druid.

-The Fight-

3 Mobs alive


Have your tanks run in, MT pulls Steelbreaker to the right of the room, Stormcaller and Runemaster are pulled to the left side of the room. Depending on the composition and the decided strategy for controlling Stormcaller, Runemaster will be in varying positions. If Runemaster’s tank is assisting w/ interrupts/stuns, Runemaster and Stormcaller will be tanked side by side, otherwise, Runemaster can be tanked a safe distance away from Stormcaller.

Importan Mob abilities:

First and foremost, Runemaster will cast runes of power underneath his fellow iron council members. They buff damage output and the recipient of the rune needs to be repositioned. Runemaster will also cast a runeshield on himself from time to time which can be stolen by a mage for a nice 45 second damage reduction buff.

An important note: the enrage timer on this fight is tightly tuned. Any and all ranged dps (or if positioning provides, melee dps) must make use of the runes of power to help burn the bosses faster. DPS need only stand in a rune of power to gain a significant boost to their DPS.

Stormcaller’s only two abilities while all three mobs are up are chain lightning and overload. The tank and interrupt (or tank and 2nd tank) need to interrupt as many of the CL’s as possible to minimize raid damage. When Stormcaller begins channeling his overload ability, the tanks/interrupts need to run at least 35 yards away from the mob. Failure to do so will knock the tank down and do a siginificant amount of damage (25k+ iirc).

Because the mobs heal to full each time a member of the council is killed, it is not necessary to dps any of the mobs besides the one targeted for death. The secondary and tertiary targets only need to be controlled or interrupted.

The tank handling Steelbreaker has a simple task when 3 mobs are up. Keep him out of the runes of power and other than that, stay alive. SB has one key ability at the start of the fight: Fusion Punch. It deals a healthy amount of damage, but more importantly, applies a nasty DoT on the tank which MUST be dispelled. Paladin tanks are well suited for this since their excessive threat-gen allows for them to use GCD’s to cleanse the debuff themselves, rather than making a healer waste a GCD on the task. Healing is semi-intensive on Steelbreaker’s tank, but nothing impossible to heal.

Once SB dies, Runemaster and Stormcaller gain 1 ability each and the DPS must now switch to Runemaster.

2 Mobs alive (Steelbreaker Dead)

Runemaster gains an ability called Rune of death once SB dies. It is characterized by a very large green rune appearing on the floor which deals significant damage to anyone standing in it. Simply stay out of the green rune and the effect is avoided.

Stormcaller gains a whirlwind ability which spams lightning orbs on the raid which do considerable damage. This ability can be and must be disrupted with the use of stuns. Other than that the fight is more or less the same.

Once Steelbreaker dies, SB’s tank can either taunt Runemaster off the tank handling runemaster at the time, or Runemaster’s tank can simply continue tanking the mob. Regardless, it is ideal to drag Runemaster over to where Steelbreaker was being tanked (right side of the room) to allow some breathing room between the raid and Stormcaller’s Overload ability.

DPS should continue to utilize the runes of power provided they are not overlapping with any runes of death cast on the floor.

Mages must continue to spellsteal the runeshield that Runemaster will cast on himself. Other than that, just burn him to the ground.

1 Mob Alive (Steelbreaker and Runemaster Dead)

When Runemaster dies, Stormcaller will gain his final ability, lightning tendrils. Periodically SC will rise into the air and start raining electricity down in the vicinity directly below himself. The damage will tick for several thousand hp every second and thus needs to be avoided by the raid. This process is eased if the raid spreads out during his tendrils ability. While casting Tendrils, SC is immune to taunt and will chase randomly selected raid members around the room. Evade the tendrils until he returns to the ground. Melee dps must not immediately rush in once he starts to descend as his tendrils are active for several seconds after he becomes stationery. After completing his tendril attack, Stormcaller's threat table will be reset, however this is not too important since his primary attack is chain lightning on random raid targets and since he is tauntable.

Stormcaller will continue to cast overload periodically, so it still needs to be avoided by running more than 35 yards away and he will also continue to cast chain lightning and the whirlwind ability which should be interrupted and stunned respectively.

Protip: when Runecaller dies, be sure to have your DPS pay attention to Stormcaller’s cast bar. If he is casting or begins to cast overload when Runecaller dies, the melee will need to stay at max range until the cast completes.

If your raid has sufficient DPS and the raid damage is sufficiently mitigated/healed, you will have downed the iron council.

All in all, it is a very fun fight.

Hope the strat helps, please post any suggestions or tips you all may have.

~ Chunes
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Re: [25] Iron Council Strat (Easy mode Big->Med->Small)

Postby Aldonza » Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:23 am

We managed to down this in three attempts last night. One bad pull, one good attempt with Steelbreaker down but the Runemaster tank getting gibbed, and then the kill.

A very convenient tip we found for Runemaster occurred thanks to our Feral tank d/c'ing right before we killed the first mob. I was on Steelbreaker for the burst threat and self-cleansing (if necessary). As soon as we downed the big guy, I had to race over to Runemaster and taunt off the feral tank (whom the healers kept alive during his entire d/c). The other tank came online right before the next Rune of Power casting. As I was moving him out of the power, the feral tank taunted - moving the Runemaster quickly out of the rune.

We found ping-ponging him between the two tanks made the runes easier to deal with. We would stand just far enough so that when the rune popped, he would move out of the rune and the melee would still be able to stand in it.
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Re: [25] Iron Council Strat (Easy mode Big->Med->Small)

Postby Dracora » Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:07 am

I think the ping ponging for me is just a little bit too risky for me. I'd prefer to just move backwards a little bit myself. Not to mention if one of your taunts happens to miss (I know it's rare but when it happens it sucks) it could mean bad voodoo for the raid.
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Re: [25] Iron Council Strat (Easy mode Big->Med->Small)

Postby Dianora » Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:35 pm

I sat out our 25 man raid this week (too many tanks), but it would appear that Paladin are uniquely suited to tank Steelbreaker. Over vent, i keep on hearing my GM/MT yelling at priest/holy paladin to cleans off Fusion Punch dot. We're the only tanking class that can self cleanse the magical dot off.
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Re: [25] Iron Council Strat (Easy mode Big->Med->Small)

Postby Fridmarr » Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:39 pm

It's an advantage, it has a cast time long enough that you will never be GCD locked when it lands (unless you choose to be), and it does enough damage to warrant being removed instantly. I just spam cleanse on myself as it is about to land.
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Re: [25] Iron Council Strat (Easy mode Big->Med->Small)

Postby PsiVen » Sat Apr 25, 2009 12:47 pm

Not much of one... Your healers shouldn't have to waste time trying to cleanse it if you have a ret paladin, for example, or even a prot paladin tanking Runemaster Molgeim.

We don't tank Stormcaller in p1 by the way, just send a dps DK over to interrupt him. He very rarely melees until another add is dead.
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Re: [25] Iron Council Strat (Easy mode Big->Med->Small)

Postby Torquemada » Mon May 04, 2009 8:03 am

The hardest part of this fight, once again, is teaching people not to stand in things. At least this time it's large, green, and doesn't look warm and inviting like fire or a void zone.
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Re: [25] Iron Council Strat (Easy mode Big->Med->Small)

Postby Strom » Mon May 04, 2009 10:00 am

We kill Runemaster first, then Steelbreaker. Our guild found it easier to survive SBs harder hits as teh second to die rather than dealing with the death runes....
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Re: [25] Iron Council Strat (Easy mode Big->Med->Small)

Postby Juugimus » Mon May 04, 2009 7:08 pm

One thing we noticed is that is you tank Runemaster where the other two bosses are in different directions - i.e. one to the left and one to the right - you can tell which boss he is putting the rune under as he will point to them while casting. If you call it out, it can give the Steelbreaker tank a couple seconds to start moving out early and pretty much avoid him getting any runed hits in.

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