[Ret-PVE] SoR > SoC? without talents + glyph?

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Re: [Ret-PVE] SoR > SoC? without talents + glyph?

Postby uke » Wed Apr 22, 2009 9:12 am

Vengence wrote:I am actually leveling ret right now, and using command, as i am not able to pick up blood till 60 something. I would not mind putting the point somewhere else, but i have not seen anything the debate anything other than SoB and SoC. So at 51, which i am now, should i be using something other than SoC? I have glyphed SoC, but i can change that to something more usefull too, and i dont mind paying to respec.

Please let me know, i could not find any answers one way or another.

Continuing using SoC until Blood/Martyr is available, I say. Or even until 80. SoC is more than good enough for leveling.
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Re: [Ret-PVE] SoR > SoC? without talents + glyph?

Postby Vengence » Thu Apr 23, 2009 1:58 am

nice, thanks
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Re: [Ret-PVE] SoR > SoC? without talents + glyph?

Postby Elsie » Thu Apr 23, 2009 4:34 am

1) If you're PvPing with SoB, I'm sorry, I will kill you. You're doing 1k damage to yourself every time you judge. If you want to use Sheath of Light you just reset your swing timer. In PvE, if the raid damage is too much (which it seemed to be on Hodir in 10 man), I simply just cannot use SoB or I will die (I understand this is a healing problem, but I should be working to be a solution, not make the healers day more nightmarish.).

In 3.0, Blood judgments hits vastly harder than anything else. With a betrayer, you could get 9k crits. That was the only way to kill a healer.

In 3.1, judgment is stronger with SoC, but Judgment is no longer our strongest attack. Crusader Strike is. When you Crusader strike, you get a Seal of Blood proc and, usually, this includes a white swing with another SoB proc. This is impossible to get with SoC due to the internal cool down which no longer serves a purpose but exists none the less. Divine Storm is arguably better than judgment for damage, too, consider it has splash damage and applies the seal damage to everything. So, in a typical scenario, you would want to do consecration -> stun -> Crusader strike -> divine storm, and you get 2 melee swings in there. SoB assures you 4 seal hits, where as SoC would get 0-3.

The only advantage to SoC is the stronger judgment is a bit more likely to punch through damage shields like Mage/priest/paladin absorption effects. These effects are very dangerous to retribution's mana since an absorbed judgment returns no mana, but is entirely mitigated by preceding the judgment with crusader strike which will almost always strip an absorption shield. As far as paladins go, you shouldn't be dpsing the guy with Sacred Shield on in the first place.
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