Ignus the Furnace Master[25], off tanking strats?

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Ignus the Furnace Master[25], off tanking strats?

Postby mew » Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:00 am

So I'm not a paladin tank, but a bear. My guild tried Ignus last night and we failed horribly on the adds tanking.

I watched a couple videos between wipes.
Main tank perspective video with commentary about OTing - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp50gUCAqwc
I lucked out and found a video of a bear offtank - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3L4hzjGGYA

So as a bear I think I know how to do it (it's just an issue of carrying it out). I think you basically taunt the guy, get a little aggro, run it in to the fire hole, nature's grasp, run out, chain root it until 20 stacks, go cat form, faerie fire it in to the water (they reset aggro when they hit 20 stacks), build up your combo points, and ferocious bite. But this means only being able to handle one add at a time.

From what I read, rooting is the best way to keep them still. I was trying to watch the videos and see what other combos of tank-CC they used, but it's hard to see. I keep seeing things that look like paladins just tanking the guys in the fire holes? The first video said prot warrior-mage combination in addition to a feral druid and they just switch off every other add. But I'm also not 100% sure hot the warrior and mage work it out.

From reading these forums, I have found more evidence to say that the tank just tanks them in the fire, but that seems like way too much damage?
I've also read that you don't have to kill all the adds- I could imagine a good plan for this would be marking one add to kill at a time, having someone CC it in the fire, and having the OT tank the rest of them out of the fire in the mean time. How fast should you be killing the adds? The first video sounds like they were able to keep up with the adds using their 2 OT teams (tank+CC).
Should we use 3 OT teams until we can get it down?

What are some strategies and OT+CC combinations that you guys use? Also if anyone has OT'd this fight before, what tips do you have?
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Re: Ignus the Furnace Master[25], off tanking strats?

Postby Splug » Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:00 pm

Our guild uses death knights to melt the adds. The opening is fairly simple: pick them up anywhere, build some minor threat, then AMS and dive into the fire, grip them to the center, chains of ice, and run in circles while chaining them down. When they're molten, fire death coils and run into the water. Our paladin was basically tanking them in the center of the fire, or hammering and running out. Ultimately, we found it best to just put him on the boss. Our druid basically did what you described: build threat, root it in the middle until it melts, then drag it into the water. We do not have a protection warrior, but our fury warrior flipped specs to work as a backup tank whenever one of the other kiters was thrown in the slag pot.

In all cases, the tank's job was over as soon as the golem was in the water. We had a dedicated mage for shattering the golems once the tank was clear of the blast radius. We used vent to coordinate that. On the kill run, we had our paladin tank the boss, two deathknights taking turns kiting adds (no more than two should be up at any time), and the warrior as a backup tank. The druid had actually disconnected and was stuck with his character in game while he couldn't log in.

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Re: Ignus the Furnace Master[25], off tanking strats?

Postby fuzzygeek » Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:26 pm

They've toned down scorch damage so just "tanking in the fire" is less problematic than it's been in the past ... er ... week.

In 25 I and a boomkin handled the adds, with a feral druid dpsing the boss but ready to pick up adds in case I got stuck in the codpiece (which happened once). We very rarely had more than one add up at a time. The only time we had 2 was when I rooted the mob just as a scorch patch expired, otherwise it usually went like clockwork.

On 10 I just handled the adds and we had a mage shatter.

The positioning of the boss and scorches is kind of key to this fight; we tried moving him like Grobbulus a few times and failed. We rotated him and killed him without any problems. I got stuck in the codpiece at the very end and even got an achievement out of it.
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Re: Ignus the Furnace Master[25], off tanking strats?

Postby Aldonza » Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:39 pm

If you have a good healer or two dedicated to add tank healing, there should be little issue with tanking in the fire. We had myself and the feral druid altenating add pickups and we'd just run into the water. We used a DK for a few adds to DG the add to the water, but we had sufficient aggro, and really we could just walk it into the water and then run off.

Our MT just tanked Ignis in a square pattern in the middle with the raid standing in the center. I think on our kill we had maybe three dead at the end (if that). He was actually one of our cleaner kills on 25.
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