Experiences in Ulduar

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Experiences in Ulduar

Postby Dreamcrusher » Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:25 am

Well, we've cleared everything but ignis and Freya as the first watcher. I just wanted to open some discussion on things, see how you guys dealt with some stuff...

Flame Leviathan: We one-shot this on 1/4 hard mode with a lot of deaths; I think 3 or 4 is easily feasible with a couple attempts on it. Has anyone that's done it know roughly how often he does a "tower" ability on 4/4 hard mode? We only ever saw Thorim's Hammer once.

Ignis: We haven't tried him since they fixed his bugs, but the strat that was working the best was to have Ignis in the direct center of the room, with the ranged group SE of him. I faced Ignis so that the Scorch flames were placed to the SW, SE and NE of him. Adds were being taunted by tanks opposite the fires, then spam-rooted by a druid. When the scorch faded or the add went Molten, he DPS'd it til it broke roots, then the tank kited it into the water for and shield slammed for the shatter.

Razorscale: This took us a lot of learning attempts trying to hammer out the specific strategy. We tried grouping up, making various groups, etc. What eventually worked best was having 2 groups, one on each side of the circle. We had a 3rd tank (hunter on 10m) watch the middle for the whilrwinding Sentinels. Pop the last harpoon as soon as its available and no sentinels are up, tanks bring their shiz to the middle and sunder/help dps the boss, then aoe after deep breath and continue. Phase 2, just face the boss away and rotate taunts as debuffs call for it. Wish there was a hardmode for this one.

Deconstructor: I let my warrior tank the boss, I basically just ds/ds'd the tympanic tantrums, ot'd the pummelers and helped aoe scrapbots. Pretty simple, as long as you're dpsing the heart without killing it, you can basically skip a tantrum or two.

Council trash: The Runed sentries were pretty bad. Definitely one of my least favorite trash mobs. Reminds me of the VR trash in TK before the prot pally stam buff. The flame jets are the issue here, they do a crapton of damage and the ability isn't interruptible with HoJ. I saw one get interrupted I thought at one point, but it might have just cancelled it's cast. Anyone have any insight there? We just shield-walled and brute-forced it with a couple deaths. Also I think they might be bugged, in the sense that they can Flame Jets a random target when they target them for the eploding runes.

Iron Council: Easymode killing order is easy. The only issue I had here was with rune positioning on Steelbreaker. Were any of you able to find a reasonable way to get Steelbreaker near enough to the glyph for melee to get the buff without also getting it yourself? Also,anyone know if changing the kill order without killing Steelbreaker last will give better/different loot?

Kologarn: What a boss. Had a very memorable moment when the warrior tank was inching up on the boss and tipped over the edge into oblivion. We still almost killed him (real lucky on avoiding the smash) but we were using an ineffective strat. At first we just focused the boss, ignoring the arms and letting them kill people. We tried GSing and using cooldown on the stone grip target, but in the end, we just focused the right arm down, aoe'd the adds then burnt the boss til the arm respawned. Repeat til he's dead. There should have been a hardmode for this fight, activated if both arms are down at the same time. I know he has a weird aoe thing, but wtb more loot rewards. :)

Auriaya trash: Make sure you pull the 2 big guys apart. They spawn a large spark that flies to the other one, charging it with more dmg and a huge aoe. It must be killed en-route to the other. We had some deaths to an enrage when we killed one and then the other, but if you dps them both down equally it's a non issue.

Auriaya: Definitely a case where the pull is harder than the rest of the fight. We went through a couple of different tactics for the pull, but strangely, what worked best for us was an accidental pull where I was standing at the bottom of the short staircase and she prox agro'd from the top of them. The sentries were a bit farther back, so they didnt get their pounces off, just walked into LoS to get AvShielded and tanked til death. Feral Defender is easily stunlocked if you have enough in the raid. If not, a well timed taunt/HoJ near the end of the cat's lifebar can place the void zone in a good position. After that, just have the boss facing the raid the whole time and it's fine. One of our wipes was caused by the Sanctum Sentries respawning mid-encounter. I'm not exactly sure what caused it, but it definitely seems to be one of those random bugs. I don't remember... does this boss have a hard mode? Either way, fun-ish fight.

Freya trash: On the multi-racial pulls, we killed the Ent first as it healed. It, the satyr and the lasher were tanked by me, facing away from the raid as the satyr has a frontal cone aoe, the dragon off to the side by another tank. The Big/Little lasher packs were fun. We had a "fun" time learning it, but what we ended up doing for the subsequent pulls was MDing the big one to the other tank and having all DPS pop CDs and burn it asap. The little ones were tanked by me and the big one died before they ported to it and healed/buffed it. The satyr/ancient duo required a lot of purges on the satyr, as her buffs were pretty beneficial. Spellsteal might have been better in hindsight.

Freya: What a joke! This fight's all about add-management. The boss is basically off-tanked while the group waits for adds to spawn. Once enough adds are killed she moves to the phase where you kill her. We did this on easy mode to be safe, but I strongly urge EVERYONE to at least leave up the Elder that gives her the 50% melee buff. The other buffs the elders give seem like they would impair a raid's ability to learn the encounter, but the one that buffs her melee specifically should be easily healed through. Our healers were pretty bored on easymode. As far as the fight itself goes, our kill strategy consisted of everyone staying spread out the whole fight, just collapsing on a raid marked person when the Detonating Lashers come out. It really helped that everyone stayed grouped up to aoe them, since they're semi-untankable, then spreading out when they get low and Fire Aura to help the random explosions. Once her buff stacks are gone, just kill the trees when they spawn (you ignore them until that point) and burn her down.

Hodir trash: Ambushes were fun. Apparently Blizzard's idea of evolution in raid encounters is that just AoEing trash is ok in Naxx. In Ulduar however, you have to kill the biggest one first, THEN aoe the trash. :P

Hodir: We did a few attempts on this guy to learn the fight. It was pretty hectic, but definitely seemed like it would be ok once we got more time with the encounter. Frozen Blows are no joke, and unfortunately Hand of Freedom doesn't prevent the extra damage he deals. Healing on this fight seemed pretty intensive, but I'm sure a lot of raid damage would have been prevented with familiarity with the encounters. Have you guys been popping the adds out? We were, on the few attempts that we did, but I'm not sure how worth it is to lose dps on Hodir to keep poppin em out of Flash Freezes. Maybe only just pop a couple?

Loot: I didn't really pay too much attention to it, besides tanking gear. I did notice a really cool wand my wife got (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=45713 - special note of interest: it still looks cool in shadow-form, not non-descript like every other cool weapon in the game) As far as the tanking gear, I'm really hoping there's a Repelling Charge upgrade yet to be undiscovered or something similar, as the amount of tanking gear without defense on it is odd. Especially when it has parry, preventing it from being amazing druid loot. It's even on the plate though, so what can you do. :p

All in all, we've been having an extremely fun time in here. We've been trying to keep a minimum of reading strats and such, so I'm sure a lot of what we've been doing could be optimized. How 'bout you guys? :P
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Re: Experiences in Ulduar

Postby Maat » Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:04 am

We spent about half our first attempt on XT (getting him down to 10% I guess) going "WTFLOLHAHA" at its voice. Pretty funny fight :P

Learned that Razorscale's breath is really weak and does not hurt iron dwarves at all.

Hodir's Frozen Blows is extremely asshole with a 2-healer/1-tank comp. He may melee for 1.5-2k, but 20k additional frost hits plus insane raid damage for 20 seconds is... well, treat your healers well. Got me a new skirt, but that was a really painful fight.

Overall 10-man Ulduar is a huge step down from 25-man difficulty (in terms of sheer tank damage vs. healer throughput), but I've only attempted Ignis and Razorscale on heroic. Not very fond of the whole Titan lore, but this difficulty level (for 10-man at least) feels a lot more appropriate for raiding.
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Re: Experiences in Ulduar

Postby remm » Sun Apr 19, 2009 8:28 am

Maat wrote:Overall 10-man Ulduar is a huge step down from 25-man difficulty (in terms of sheer tank damage vs. healer throughput), ...

I'll second this for *most* of fights. Bugged ignis on 10 man was pretty horrible, but now it's way easier to deal with. The only fight that's been giving us trouble so far was Mimiron and now General V. We can't help but think these fights are still over-tuned, but it could be the lack of a holy pally holding us back.

We've been running with two pally tanks (one on mimiron), one resto shammy, and two priests, one holy and one disc.
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Re: Experiences in Ulduar

Postby Ahms » Sun Apr 19, 2009 8:54 am

i am so in love with this place. love the music, fights, everything. and the challenge of it is really good

for deconstructor i just tanked it and got the pummelers on me. we ignored killing them and i just held them for the whole fight pretty much. they hit for nothing if you've got good block value. we didn't know you were supposed to damage the heart until a few tries in- someone said 'dont touch the heart it will set us into hard mode' so we were scared of it until then :lol:

kologarn our problem was melee was getting beams somehow and taking too much damage. eventually all melee stacked on me in front of boss where they could still hit right arm, and the amount of damage to raid went down immensely. the OT just brought the adds to us then

i said this in another thread but an easy way for the auriaya pull, if you have an engy about, is to drop a flame turret in her path and just hide behind the corner. she'll kill turret then they just walk towards you behind corner
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