[Holy-PvE] Deep Prot

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[Holy-PvE] Deep Prot

Postby SplashyTanks » Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:21 pm

Ok, So i was reading through the Offical Healing forums today and came across this post.

And the build is

It looks like an interesting build. The cookie cutter holy spec will go in to the ret tree for 8% crit but you gain 6% crit from the prot tree (Combat expertise). So we only lose 2% crit. This build's strength is big FoL crits. When you glyph for FoL you can make up the crit difference.

I understand this might not work for a 10 man and we lose beacon and HS which are pretty powerful. Probably better for a 25 man.

Just wanted some feedback from you guys.
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Re: [Holy-PvE] Deep Prot

Postby sherck » Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:07 am

Not better for....anything.

Naxx was easy and thus you could get away with casting FoL in a 25 man for almost all the trash fights and for many of the boss fights. Tanks just outgeared the content very quickly and did not take much damage.

Tier 8 is NOT that way. I have gone from casting FoL probably 75% of the time to casting it perhaps 5% of the time when I see a DPS who has sat damaged for 15 or 20 seconds so I know that he has been overlooked by every other healer in the raid.

A FoL spammer has little room in a raid at the present time. Perhaps once the raids get fully Tier 8 decked out and are facerolling Ulduar it for free Emblems will a build like this come back in, but not at this time.

Holy Light, Holy Light, Holy Light, Holy Light, [gotta move] Holy Shock, Holy Light, Holy Light, Holy Light, end of combat, FoL to get people up...

Get out of the concept that you need Prot talents as a raid healer. Even though I have 21k armor and 24k health raid buffed, I am 1 or 2 shotted with only 400 Defense Skill...just like every other healer. Protection talents WILL NOT improve your survivability while healing if you are in full Holy gear.

Get the Crit stacked on your Holy Light and you will go far as a Paladin healer.

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