[25] Razorscale bezerk

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Re: [25] Razorscale bezerk

Postby trellian » Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:28 am

How we did it:

* 2 tanks on adds, and have one tank standby to take the guardian apart (the whirlwinder). We mark the guardian with skull and have ranged dps it down asap, then return to their targets.
* As soon as the first 4 turrets are repaired, pull him down and Bloodlust to get him down in health asap. Everybody ignores adds since they don't hit hard at all (except for the wirhlwind).
* Repeat as long as needed till you get him to 50%
* When getting close to 50% 2 tanks are cleared from adds, the 3rd tanks the remaining ones. Have 2 melee dps finish of his adds. Everyone else goes for razor. the 2 cleared tanks can start their taunt rotation and the 3rd will jump in when his adds are down.

Note: make sure that during his air fase people dont stand in the center to avoid getting flames there during ground phase.

We killed him about 15 seconds after he enraged at around 6 or 7 minutes (cant remember). He doesn't hit that hard during his enrage and takes a while to run around the raid to kill people. We got the last 500k HP down during his enrage and got the kill with about 40% of the raid surviving. So if he enrages, keep on nuking.
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Re: [25] Razorscale bezerk

Postby culhag » Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:36 am

We do tell our dps to nuke the boss as soon as it lands, but I'm not sure they all understand such a complex order.
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Re: [25] Razorscale bezerk

Postby Soliro » Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:40 am

Culhag wrote:We do tell our dps to nuke the boss as soon as it lands, but I'm not sure they all understand such a complex order.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt :) - even harder is they have to do the opposite at 50 and kill remaining adds while tank(s) picks him up
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Re: [25] Razorscale bezerk

Postby Othersider » Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:28 am

I've read that Razorscale takes extra damage while stunned. Can someone confirm?
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Re: [25] Razorscale bezerk

Postby Tinae » Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:51 am

We barely made it (boss was enraged when he died). Setup was 4 tanks (1 MT, 1 OT) on each side, 7 Healers (3 each side and 1 floating), and DPS split between sides. We had him to 56% after the second time on the ground and dropped him below 50% on the third. On each time the boss came down we had all dps standing waiting for him as soon as that 4'th harpoon hit. When he came down the last time i just held all remaining adds and let the other tanks swap him at 2 debuffs. Even with not getting him till the third set of harpoons he didn't enrage till around 4%.
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Re: [25] Razorscale bezerk

Postby Belloc » Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:12 am

Culhag wrote:I think our DPS need to wake up. They only take 10 to 15% off the boss each groud phase.

That doesn't sound like nearly enough. We took him down to 77% on our first ground phase (heroism), about 58% on the second one, and brought him into phase 2 on the third one. The boss berserked just as we killed him. This is with the current 10-minute berserk.

There was no way we could've beaten the XT-002 berserk with that kind of dps :(

And another post mentioned that Guardians whirlwind... it's actually the Sentinels.

edit: I figured I'd share the strategy that we used.
We divided melee into two groups and put them on the left and right of the circle. Left group had two healers, right had 3 (because they seemed to die more). Both groups had a single tank.

Ranged were assigned to the middle group, but they weren't allowed to enter the circle (they positioned near the turrets). Middle group had a tank that moved around the middle of the circle constantly (during the first air phase, every single devouring flame will target this player, as long as no one else is closer to the middle). Middle also had two healers, likely with the ranged.

For the first two add spots, whoever was closest would pick them up. I instructed my group to not assist with the middle, due to it messing with flame spawns. We would frequently get a sentinel spawn near the end of the first air phase. Middle tank would grab him and hold him in the middle. Ranged would burn him down asap and we would fire the fourth harpoon when he was dead.

When the ground phase starts, everyone switches DPS to the boss while watching out for the flame patches that are underneath him. Yes, it's annoying, but it is also easy to keep DPSing the boss while avoiding them. Me and the middle tank would bring our remaining adds in front of Razorscale. The reason we did this was simple: Razorscale's flame breath hits the adds as well as us. We have more than enough health to survive it, and the extra 15k or so damage on the adds doesn't hurt.

Once Razorscale goes up, every group has to watch out for devouring flames. During the first air phase, he won't target anyone but the person closest to the middle of the circle. During the second/third air phase, he tended to target the left side of the room (my group), but he did target the right side once. If he targets a side, he will stick with that side for most of that air phase.

Once the boss is brought down to 50%, he'll do some shenanigans (knockback?) and will need to be taunted. We had predefined tank positions: Tank 1 is at the leftmost turret, tank 2 is in between the middle two turrets, and tank 3 is at the rightmost turret. Of course, we completely threw these positions out the window on our kill. Tanks switched after two stacks of the movement speed debuff (not the flame buffets). 5 stacks of the movement speed debuff = 30 second stun, so that can't be allowed.

Biggest problems with the fight are fireball/chain lightning gibs. Players need to be geared up so that they can survive that stuff.
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Re: [25] Razorscale bezerk

Postby Sober » Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:04 pm

Last night we tried just simply pulling the guardian/watcher packs together in the middle and dropping AoE on top, but at times later in the fight it was slow.

I was wondering if we split the raid into 3 groups and handling their sides, then converging on the 4th harpoon being launched is a better idea. Also, use of CC/interrupts on the watchers so they don't cast chain lightning (people in the raid didn't spread out, I saw as many as 5-6 people getting chained).
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