Talent Selection While LVL'ing???

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Talent Selection While LVL'ing???

Postby Vhing » Thu Apr 16, 2009 2:25 pm

I am leveling a brand new pally on a new server. It's been a long time since I leveled my main-maintankadin, AND things have changed drastically since then, anyway.

I want to MT when I get leveled, but from everything I'm seeing (on this site and others) that the best way to lvl a pally is Ret, and then switch to Prot (after 60 or 70 or whatever personal choice is.)

What I have been searching for is a guide, or at least a good suggestion, on how to spend talent points ALONG THE WAY.

If someone knows where I can find this type of advice, I would appreciate being pointed toward it.


If this is the wrong forum for this post, feel free to move it.
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Re: Talent Selection While LVL'ing???

Postby Panzerdin » Thu Apr 16, 2009 2:44 pm

5/5 Benediction
2/2 Imp BoM
2/2 Imp Judgement
1/3 HotC
1/1 Soc
2/2 PoJ
3/3 HotC
3/3 Crusade
2/5 Conviction
1/1 Sanctified Retribution
5/5 Conviction
3/3 Sanctity of Battle
3/3 2hWS
3/3 JotW
1/1 Repentance
2/2 Art of War
3/3 Fanaticism
1/3 Vengeance
1/1 Crusader Strike
3/3 Swift Retribution
3/3 Sheath of Light
3/3 Vengeance
1/3 Righteous Vengeance
1/1 DS
3/3 Righteous Vengeance

This build may contain errors, as I'm no expert and fucked up by missing out Sanctity of Battle. I've subbed it back in, but I may have made an error somewhere. It's therefore subject to correction by a real expert.
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Re: Talent Selection While LVL'ing???

Postby Folstar » Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:11 pm

Panzerdin's plan looks good, though I'd make one tiny change-

2/2 Imp Judgement - get this asap (before 2/2 BoM) as judgement is about all you have going for you at low levels
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Re: Talent Selection While LVL'ing???

Postby Vhing » Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:50 pm

Thanks for the help guys...my new pally is lvl 20 so in regard to getting 2/2 Imp Judge first...I already have them both, but thanks anyway.

I got mobbed last night and switched to my Prot gear real quick (I have Outfitter) and took down 2X21's 2X20's and 1X19 all at the same time...and lived. I was kind of surprised (NO pots...a couple quick heals though).

How sad is it when you brag about your lvl 20 toon.

This is my first Horde Pally. I will now be looking for an AA meeting to attend (Alliance Anonymous)
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Re: Talent Selection While LVL'ing???

Postby Wolvar » Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:20 am

Skip benediction and take deflection for levelling. You can spec out of it later on when benediction will actually have some use. Here's my list. Also I wouldn't bother with imp might until way later in the game. Seal of Command is your best seal early on so get it. Here's my order:

Deflection 5/5
Imp Judgement 2/2
HotC 3/3
POJ 2/2
SoC 1/1
Conviction 5/5
Sanctity of battle 3/3
Sanctified Ret 1/1
Vengeance 3/3
Crusade 2/3
Repentance 1/1
Judgements of the wise 3/3
Go back and fill with 3rd point in Crusade
Fanatacism 3/3
Sanct. Wrath 2/2
Crusader Strike 1/1

...I'm sure you can figure the rest out by the time you get that high.
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