[25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

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[25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby Albani » Wed Apr 15, 2009 4:50 pm

I and the other other OT am having big trouble controlling the Iron constructs; how to keep them in the slag withouth being in it my self.

On one of my many attempts, I figured I might as well pay special attention to watch happening:

I pick up the second spawned IC, pull him through a slag, and stuns him there.
Then I backed up until not taking scorch damage(atleast what it says in combatlog), and w8 for the golem to come to me.

At the time the stun wears of, it has like 12-13 stacks, when it gets to me, they immediatly begin to wear off...

So, is it even remotely possible to "solo" tank the IC, ie making them overheat, before pulling them into the water, or is droods, and so on needed to keep them in place?

Somewhere, in a 10M post they're talking about collecting 5-6, but that means 90% increased damage from Ignis, so not rly an option for 25M it seems...
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Re: [25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby Legionp » Wed Apr 15, 2009 6:05 pm

we are trying attempts now, but seem to have the adds tanking down pretty good (our druid MT keep dieing though). We use two OT's, each grabbing one add, getting it molten, then having it break right b4 a third pops up.

I slow it with avengers, run around to the far side of a fire, right at the edge of no longer getting hit. Tank it, stun it as it gets to 20, and run to the water.

Or ask a boomkin too root in the fire for you, full duration is enough to get it up to 20 i think.

Im open to discussion for strategy though.


edit @ 9:22 pm: oh, I just tried to Mt. 41k HP. With one add up I got smacked for 37k HP. I have pretty much Full BiS gear, was using avoidance gear kinda, no HP trinkets.

Are druids and blood DK's the only ones who can tank this shit?

edit 2 @ 9:56 pm: Instances Full. Now crashed. Maybe I can get another 2 attempts in tomorrow over the course of three hours.
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Re: [25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby guillex » Wed Apr 15, 2009 7:02 pm

Legion ... Kindly edit a post the next time you're updating.

I'm fixing your posts now... It's just courteous.

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Re: [25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby PsiVen » Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:52 am

oh, I just tried to Mt. 41k HP. With one add up I got smacked for 37k HP. I have pretty much Full BiS gear, was using avoidance gear kinda, no HP trinkets.

Are druids and blood DK's the only ones who can tank this shit?

No. If your healers are on the ball, you can take 40k hits with 41k health and survive every time. I don't think they should be getting any higher than 40k.

That's not to say the healers' jobs are easy though. Ignis was the second boss we looked at, and from other guilds' progression I can tell that we were right to skip him after a few attempts. He is evidently harder than anything else up to Vezax, and it's pretty much all on the healers once the tanks figure out a strategy. I think we were clearly doing something wrong on the strategic front, because we never saw a molten construct and consistently wiped due to too many adds up.
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Re: [25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby Diocaska » Thu Apr 16, 2009 2:21 am

Our best attempt on him was some 70% attempt. With two debuffs, he was just hitting like a runaway train. Going to switch our into more stamina and effective health next time we take him.

We managed to get a molten construct, but we didn't consistantly get it right. We allocated a Druid to each of the two add tanks, and they would call for their add to be rooted once it was in the scorch. Seemed to work well on the times we got it rooted in the right place. We just seemed to take too long to get the adds rooted, be it communication, slow rooting, or just wrong positioning.

Tanking Ignis seems to be the easier job if I'm honest, once you've got the path sorted, its just about staying alive.

With two adds, we were taking upto 41k hits in the gear I'm currently wearing.
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Re: [25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby Merodyn » Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:06 am

Using cds in the beginning of ignis, while tanking, is the way to go, or?

actually even thinking about using defenders code for this, that use should be decent enough in the beginning to avoid at least some hits, and the armor for tankadin, should had abit more reduction. What trinkets would u guys use for ignis?
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Re: [25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby kram » Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:57 am

Merodyn wrote:Using cds in the beginning of ignis, while tanking, is the way to go, or?

Make sure your offtanks or people dealing with the adds are just vocal on when you might have to deal with a extra stack for a few seconds more. If something goes wrong you can easily end up with 2-3+ stacks on the boss and have to play catchup.

Also if you happen to try and root the adds in the fire make sure you tell your mages not to use mirror images they like to break the root.
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Re: [25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby Glorr » Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:02 pm

Hard boss. So far, we're getting him to around 60%, consistently. We also use the 2 add tanks method. Druid MT, pally OTs. 1 pally pulls adds 1 at a time, druid roots in fire, and you know the rest. 2nd pally tanks adds in group, waiting for 1st to pull 1 at a time.

2 really challenging parts to this fight. The first is the MT. You should set up a c/d rotation for use on him, and he should call out when next c/d needs to be used. We used a 4-man c/d rotation, and our two prot pallies were in the rotation, both with DS.

The second and most difficult part of the fight is the slag bug. Or what appears to be a bug. Currently, it is possible for Ignis to randomly 1-shot DPS. If he turns to slag pot a DPS at the beginning of his melee swing, he will smack and slag the DPS target, essentially 1-shotting them. I hope this is a bug, because we currently cannot find a way to avoid this.
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Re: [25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby Wibu » Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:40 pm

Killed him on the 15th 25 man. Killed him again today in 10 man. I think I've got the construct tanking pretty tight but not perfect (I lost time on our 10 man kill and would have been screwed but he died nicely in time).

Basically you want to have absolutely minimal time having 2 constructs, when 2 constructs are up Ignis hits for about 40k. Ideally as another one spawns one is brittle and being killed. You need to keep timing absolutely perfect otherwise you will be slowly overrun (you can't make the stacks build up on them any faster, that's your limit).

So... you've got to optimise travel time both to the scorch and from the scorch to the water. We tanked Ignis close to the water so it only took a few seconds to get a molten one to the water. Use Exorcism to aggro the construct, not AS as you don't want to slow them.
Start moving towards the water on 19 stacks, and when it goes molten keep moving towards the water, throw a taunt or something on it to keep it on you.

I just stand in the Scorch zone with the construct. The damage is pretty heavy when the stacks build up but 1 druid healer healed without any major issues.
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Re: [25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby Mouse » Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:10 pm

Can the Colem adds be Dgripped?
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Re: [25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby Winchester » Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:32 am

Me and my guild downed it on patch day so it we had the bugs to deal with aswell.
But this is the way we did him.

The boss was pulled to the north eastern red block, and he's moved like the arrows suggest each time he puts down scorch.
Me and another tank were in charge of adds. When Ignis cast's Activate Construct you can see a firework like effect shoot from him to the add, it'll be very high in the air so it's kind of hard to spot at first. If i missed it i'd just look around franticly til i found him :P.

We had a healer assigned to us each of the add tanks and on top of that resto druids were assigned to keep hots on them aswell. We assigned a mage to take out the brittle ones so we could get ready for our next construct as soon as we had turned them brittle. We yelled on vent when they turned molten so he could get ready to take him out.

Right off the bat i'll say there is no point trying to kite the constructs around the scorch to avoid the fire dmg, you'll loose way too much time, and if you can avoid using Avenger's shield if the add spawns really far away from the scorch as it will slow you down.

Okey, so.. when the first construct spawned, i'd pick him up quickly with an exorsism, and then run him into the latest scorch.
If Ignis was about to cast Flame Jets i'd stun the mob in the fire and run out if possible, ready with pots or cd's incase they got interrupted. Since the scorch was so close to the water i run to it right away when he hits 20 stacks and call out for the mage to be ready. When the mob turns molten he seems to reset aggro so i exorsism and taunt just to be safe, and when the mob sets foot in the water i get ready to for the next molten to spawn.

With this method we managed to turn the constructs brittle around the time when the next construct was about to be activated, give or take a few sec depending on the distance from where the construct spawned and the latest scorch. The 2nd add tank died around at around 20-30% and i managed to keep it going solo until Ignis died, though it was getting chaotic in the end.
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Re: [25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby Dem » Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:45 am

I'd also like to know if the adds can be death gripped. A DK pulling the adds straight to the fire/water should save time which should reduce the number of adds up and increase MT survivability. I presume that since our standard pull works, theirs will too but it would be nice to have it confirmed.
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Re: [25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby Trevize » Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:14 am

Yeah confirmed DKs can deathgrip the adds. I was duel add tanking with our DK and basically we switched it to him tanking them all (hopefully maximum of 2) and me grabbing the 2nd spawn and dragging them to him. He takes so much less dmg while in the fire. We haven't hammered out our strat yet though. First non lag/crashing night and killed razor/deconstructor first.

Now here is the question...do you think some FR gear might help for the adds? As I recall they really don't hit hard at all and it would help mitigate the fire dmg. Just an idea tossing it out there.

edit - Let me double check to see if he actually pulled them. He said he used it on them but it might have just been the threat component and not the actually pulling. Pretty sure he did...but it was pretty hectic so could have easily been mistaken.

edit 2 - Confirmed they are deathgrip-able. He deathgripped them right into the pool when they got 20 stacks.
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Re: [25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby Legatø » Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:24 pm

One thing that really seems to speed up the processes (in my guild's attempts tonight) was heavy use of snares. Myself and a DK were off tanking the fight. We had 2 teams of 3 players each for the adds. As he has no known (or noticeable) enrage, the loss in dps isn't that great. Each team was comprised of a tank (at the time a DK and a Paladin, 1 for each), a rooter (one was an ele shaman, earthbind root. The other a boomkin), and a healer for the other 2. We alternated on each construct, and use a similar positioning to the diagram posted. Ignis never got more then one stack of the buff and adds were a breeze with a bit of practice.

Hope that helps someone.
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Re: [25M] Ignis: Controlling the Iron Constructs

Postby Suplicium » Tue Apr 21, 2009 6:45 pm

We did this boss tonight using 3 tanks, a warrior on the boss and myself and another paladin on the adds. One issue was being able to spot the new adds while dealing with the old ones, so we had me bringing the adds into the scorch and consequently in the water, while the other paladin had to essentially check out for new adds and keep them on him till I could go and taunt off, bring into fire then to water, etc etc. Our positioning was very similar to the one displayed in the diagram a few posts above. One thing I noticed is that the constructs actually reset aggro when they turn into molten (they turn all red and lava-like), so maybe having a holy paladin with RF up might help predicting their behavior, and actually might help the "non scorched" tank tag them on activation.
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