[10] Maly Where to tank p1

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Postby Rhiannon » Mon Apr 06, 2009 4:33 am

Belloc wrote:I imagine you'd run into major issues with spark uptime and DPS if you moved him that wildly or often.

6 minute Malygos involves dealing with a total of two sparks (hitting phase 2 before the second vortex, or very shortly afterwards). Too much movement, and you've missed that mark easily.

And other players are going to have to move anyway, unless they want to get breathed on while you're repositioning.

Not at all. After the first vortex the entire raid stacks right in the middle of the circle, and I move Malygos about 5-6 yards directly away from the first spark. Even if the second spark is coming from the direct opposite side, it's possible to move in an arc pivoted about the middle fast enough that melee maintain 100% contact time while getting the first spark's buff and still have the second spark stack with the first. The 6 minute kills on 10 man I've done have been without a DK to grip - while 180 degree sparks are a bit trickier and less forgiving if you move too slow, 90 degree sparks are very easy to stack.
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