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Sartharion 25+3

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Sartharion 25+3

Postby 2ndNin » Fri Apr 03, 2009 4:39 am

Ok, slightly different take on this fight. (WWS from 2 attempts ago iirc)

Basically our DPS is ok (Tenebron dies with Heroism up at around the Shadron landing time), shadron has hit 20-30% when Vesperon lands. Adds etc are no problem to handle. However seeing 2 major issues:

1) DPS and twilight torment - at various times 14 of them pop to torment, and its not getting better

2) No CDs getting blown on Sarth Tank to survive (the "I can't see Sarth, am doing other stuff kk" response)

Any thoughts on how to make this easier, to let the CD users do it right, or the dps to stop popping themselves (its getting annoying not killing him). Also notice generally that the DPS is quite low for the gear level of many of the people, seeing very low time on targets (66% ish), and generally a lot lower DPS than I would expect from spread sheets etc. Any hints I can try and apply to this fight (we aren't losing more than 4 people to waves / voids normally :P, which is a massive improvement to wiping the melee or ranged if it dropped there).
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Re: Sartharion 25+3

Postby hoho » Fri Apr 03, 2009 5:04 am

We handled it so that when third drake lands and opens a portal all but tanks and their respective healers go in to kill the diciplines. Yes, that makes killing drakes take longer time but it will be much easier to keep the DPS alive.
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Re: Sartharion 25+3

Postby culhag » Fri Apr 03, 2009 5:39 am

What we do :
1) We told all our dps to be extra careful with their life when Twilight Torment comes. Usually the melee have to stop dpsing almost completely because they're hitting too fast. We heal through TT until Shadron dies.
Then all the dps and one healer take the portal and kill the disciples.
Vesperon's disciple will respawn very quickly so we have to kill it twice before we can dps Vesperon.

2) Our Sarth tank counts every breath from when Shadron's disciple arrives. Every breath there is a CD being blown on him, all set up before the pull. Like "breath 1 and 2 are for <sarth tank>, breath 3 is for <priest 1>, breath 4 is for <priest 2>, breath 5 for <pally 1>, breath 6 <sarth tank> should have his CD..."
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Re: Sartharion 25+3

Postby Serelynn » Fri Apr 03, 2009 7:40 am

Quick couple notes:

You need a set rotation of cooldowns, let everyone know what to use and what position they are. Our Sarth tank uses his survival abilities first and just before it expires, he calls for the next ability. We generally only need Guardian Spirit and then a Pain Suppression/PW:S - I don't recall us going beyond that.

Twilight Torment sucks, but it needs to be survivable. You either need more raid healing, or you need to take in a raid composition that supports the fight better (less melee/hunters). We typically have two shadow priests and place one in each melee/hunter group since they will take the most damage. Our elemental shamans switches to chain healing melee at that point to help our raid healing. The entire guild cooperates and looks out for each other using healthstones and such to stay alive.

Now, as for fire walls/void zones, when you are first learning the fight it demands perfection. Our first two kills were done without a single person getting hit by the fire walls or void zones and without any enraged fire elementals. People who fail repeatedly need to be yelled at and sat from the raid if they don't improve, it sucks, but competition for raid spots will encourage people to try harder in my experience. Once you learn the fight and can execute it perfectly, it's easier to allow for some failure, these days we take new recruits to Sarth25+3 to test their ability to stay alive and be competitive DPS/healing - we might lose a few people, but we can afford losing a couple now that the core of the guild has done the fight so many times.
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