[H] Old Kingdom - last boss timed achievement

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Re: [H] Old Kingdom - last boss timed achievement

Postby Neara » Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:14 pm

sfrog wrote:While we haven't had the time to group back up and go finish this guy off, is it clear if those 2 strats aren't exploits? The group that's doing this is pretty set in that we don't want to use an exploit in order to get our drakes. Personal Pride, fear of GMs, ect.

i myself am a player that hates exploits (once left a Kara PUG because they were dead set on doing aran in front of the door) but i don't see that as an exploit, i use the given spells that i have at hand, nothing more
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Re: [H] Old Kingdom - last boss timed achievement

Postby Panzerdin » Sun Mar 29, 2009 2:23 pm

Exploits do not exist. Blizzard are omnipotent within WoW, so if Blizzard did not want you to do it, it wouldn't be possible. Therefore, anything which is possible is permissible.
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Re: [H] Old Kingdom - last boss timed achievement

Postby majiben » Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:13 pm

That's not true. Blizzard is bound by rules and restrictions that govern the game that can not be changed on a whim. Additionally, Blizzard is not omnipresent. Simply because they are the creator does not mean they know the entirety of their creations.

By your reasoning blizzard sanctions griefing, gold selling, scam artists, server crashing by players, and much more. The fact of the matter is they can not easily solve many problems and many can not be solved quickly. The summoning in and out method of preventing the insanity is very close to an exploit. I would call it clever use of game mechanics but they've never defined the distinction well.
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Re: [H] Old Kingdom - last boss timed achievement

Postby sfrog » Mon Mar 30, 2009 1:22 am

While I wasn't the one who talked to a GM, the warlock did as summoning or rather summoning as little as possible, is near and dear to his heart. What the GM said was basically the hearthing out and then taking a summon back in was bad - as in IE if we were caught doing so, he'd be happy to ban us for it.

The lock promptly did a dance of glee at the news that in this case summoning would result in a ban and is trying to convince everyone that he cannot summon anyone anymore for fear of being banned.
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Re: [H] Old Kingdom - last boss timed achievement

Postby Passionario » Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:10 am

If all else fails, just bring multiple DKs and have them all unleash AotD when the first Insanity cast begins.
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Re: [H] Old Kingdom - last boss timed achievement

Postby Sanctify » Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:18 am

Did this last night with the following setup

Ret Paladin
Enh. Shaman (healed the trash)

Popped BL immediately and burned him down to ~35% before insanity started. A few seconds after going into the insanity phase a second set of adds spawned so I assume our DoTs got him down below 33%. 2 of our group died during the double insanity, and a 3rd died soon after however we still burned him down with ~20 seconds spare ie. this achievement can easily be brute forced.

We then proceeded to AN and did Watch Him Die on the 2nd attempt with the Shaman pinch healing, looked like we were going to wipe at 1% but the Shaman anked and earth shocked him for the killing blow, again another easy achievement to brute force assuming decent gear, although the hunter and Ret paladin were alts so it doesnt exactly require best in slot gear.

If anyone is interested I "tanked" it as follows:

1. ran up to the pack on the left & HotR'd them
2. moved towards the middle pack and AS'd them
3. positioned myself at the boss with him facing me and hit holy wrath to stun everything
4. Shaman hit BL, dps pew pewed
5. Ret Pala hit holy wrath
6. I popped shield wall and JC trinket once BL was down, chugged a pot (would have also used LoH at this point but it was still on cooldown after first attempt).
7. I died
8. Hunter nuked down boss to ~1%
9. Shaman anked and finished him off

Cue "lulz was that supposed to be that easy?" comments on Vent.
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