[10] Malygos help

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Re: Threat Issues

Postby Jasari » Tue Mar 03, 2009 7:36 am

Nightshade wrote:Everytime im tanking Maly 10,i seem to be having trouble maintaining threat once the DPS starts to double-stack the sparks. I pop Avenging Wrath on the pull at the beginning,as well as make sure that I have SOC up, then settle into my 9-6-9 (making sure that I have nothing oncooldown)yet,once my raid double-stack enough sparks a while into the fight, the DPS has to tone things down a bit and we always end up hitting the enrage timer in Phase 3. The only things i can think of are; maybe I need to get to the middle quicker to get a few free whacks with the double spark buff,or i need to get a bit closer before the vortex phase to continue DPS'ing while it's going on. Does anyone else find those two things to be key for threat generation,or have any other suggestions on what i can do?

Upload your combat log to WWS and it'll be a lot easier to find where the problem is. The fact that you're having trouble with the enrage timer leads me to believe that the problem is your threat and not the DPS being ridiculously high.
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Re: [10] Malygos help

Postby Nightshade » Tue Mar 24, 2009 7:43 am

As an edit to my post ages ago, I have found out I didn't need Wow Web Stats after all. What proved to be important to me,was staying within range of Maly for the Vortex to keep contributing to the DPS during that part,as well as getting a few extra shots in the double-stacked sparks right before the air phase as well. Long as I ritually did those few little things,I had no trouble with my threat at all! :D
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Re: [10] Malygos help

Postby Spamdrew » Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:45 pm

Just remember that if you move to the 25 man version you have to be a lot more careful about this. My first attempt to main tank him on 25 man involved me blowing up the raid by rushing in after he take flight due to the debuff his breath gives you in 25 man.
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Re: [10] Malygos help

Postby xstrykr » Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:54 pm

@nightshade: I've found that it's easier to pop wings after the raid has double-stacked the spark buff. Keeps you just ever-so-slightly ahead.
As far as getting your combat log info for WWS to upload, you need to /combatlog to actually start writing to the text file, and then /combatlog again to stop. Easiest thing to do is download Loggerhead - it allows you to automatically start/stop combat logging when you zone into and out of an instance. Logs are found in the LOGS folder in your WoW directory.
A bit of helpful advice (that I had to find out the hard way): if you don't have WWS automatically archive your combat logs, you'll probably end up with a huge ass text file over 500mb that notepad will take FOREVER to open. Use any other text editor OTHER than Notepad to open it - TextPad is awesome for this - to make your life easier and trim your combat logs. If you're merging other guild members' logs as well, have them do the same, and because the files are so huge, have them remember to zip it up, preferably something with more compression like a RAR. Turns a 180mb file down into ~4-5mb, easy to email over.
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Re: [10] Malygos help

Postby Neara » Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:07 pm

For threat: Pop wings right after you pull him and until the first vortex only build threat threat and more threat .. the first spark hits AFTER the first vortex, before the first vortex you don't need to move Maly at all, so there's the time to get some room between you and the DPS.

Popping Wings later isn't good for some reasons:
While moving you can't fully utilize the wings -> loss in TPS. As far as i know, threat doesn't diminish over time, so it doesn't give you any benefit to wait with going all out until your DPS does so. A threat-lead is a threat-lead no matter when it was built up so you should use wings when you get the most out of it, which is right after the pull

30 seconds after popping wings you can't bubble wall, after first vortex there is the possibility that maly will eat a spark (it shouldn't happen, but it can happen and it doesn't have to mean a wipe) if he eats a spark you should hit bubble wall right away, if you wait to see if your healers might be able to keep you up without it, it could be already too late. Because i am always ready to hit bubble wall if i see the buff at malygos i never died due to a spark being eaten, but i saw a lot of other tanks getting spiked away from a buffed breath :roll:
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