how few people can clear Naxx

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Postby PsiVen » Fri Feb 06, 2009 4:09 pm

Don't underman Naxx unless you know the place well. Get pickups, just make sure they're not idiots or intend to ninjalog halfway through.

That said, we 7-manned Gothik and it could probably be done with 6, but definitely no lower. 4H you could theoretically do with 5 people, but it would take forever. Loatheb you could probably 6-man with a good priest and amazing DPS. Sapphiron and Noth require at least a decurser who isn't a healer. You won't make it anywhere solo healing the place without 25-man gear.
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Postby errdo » Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:36 pm

My guild is relatively small as well, but on Feathermoon it's not uncommon for multi guild raids to exist, in fact my 25man is made up of about 10 or more separate guilds represented. my small guild has about 5 active members and we team up with another small guild to tackle 10 man content, check you friends and their guilds, you might find a few good people that way.
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Postby skolor » Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:44 pm

Heigann is definitely do able. I'm not sure about Noth, and very doubtful of the gargoyles. I run with a rather "meh" group. Our first night in Naxx, we decided to take a swing at the Plague Wing, and decided against it when the first Gargoyle required a Heroism to down. 2 (maybe 3) weeks later, we tried it again, and stomped Noth (Downed him just before the third teleport).

Heigann was terrible though, and is definitely be done 5-manned. Our first kill took 23 minutes, at 1.6 million health the only people left standing was myself, the warrior (doing dps this fight) and our shaman healer. About 20 minutes later (Everyone dropped on the first dance phase) we finally killed him, although it got rather hairy when I realized the reason the healer was complaining about running out of mana was because buffs had worn off.
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Re: how few people can clear Naxx

Postby Corman » Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:11 pm

Nasty Gargoyles
Noth: With a pally tank and if you all stack up and have someone other than the healer being the only decurser, might be possible.
Heigan: Self + Lock from over 40 percent. Plausible.
Loatheb: Plausible as its been 2manned.

Spider wing?
Anub: Tank in 5 man gear + 1 Healer in 5 man gear? Not happening easily imo.
Faerlina with 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 dps? As you can't take her enrage, the tank would have to tank all the adds and the occassional enrage hit.... dont think its likely.
Maexxna: Not possible. Can't remember her webwrap in 10 man but the tank will bite it i'm sure.

Abom wing?
Patchwerk - Not happening. 1 healer couldn't do it plus lack of dps means enrage lasts longer.

Military wing?
Raz might be doable but very hard. No replacement students to my knowledge and with so little dps and one healer, not sure they will last long enough, even if youre 95 percent on the ball.
Gothik would be completely undoable.

Sapph/Kel: No.
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Re: how few people can clear Naxx

Postby Wolvar » Tue Mar 24, 2009 8:10 pm

Loatheb can only be 2 manned with a pally healer. Without a pally healer, Heigan is probably the only boss you could drop with 5 undergeared people. (If you can even get to him which I doubt)
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Re: how few people can clear Naxx

Postby Panzerdin » Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:14 pm

Any healer could 2-man Loatheb easily enough.
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Re: how few people can clear Naxx

Postby knaughty » Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:24 pm

Concur with the general consensus.

You can't do progression clears of Naxxramas-10 undermanned with zero experience.

• Plague wing you get stuck at first trash pack.
• Spider Wing requires two tanks and two healers for first boss (remember: heroic gear, no experience)
• Military wing you probably can't clear the trash, and you certainly can't do Raz. (first boss).
• Patchwerk also impossible. (first boss).

Since you can't kill the first boss of each wing, you can't get to any of the easier ones, so analysis can cease. It doesn't matter if Hiegan or Loatheb are doable - they can't get to them. Be practical...

For progression clears in bad gear & no experience, you want 10 people.
• 2 tanks, or 1 tank plus a "real" OT (bear or DK in tanking gear).
• 3 healers (could drop to 2 healers if both tanks & healers have full heroic heroic gear)
• 5 DPS (6 if you had great gear on MT + 2 healers)

Yes, it's easy... but it isn't that easy. Think about it - by definition we're talking about a group of very casual players if they're just starting Naxx-10 now.
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Re: how few people can clear Naxx

Postby Panzerdin » Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:42 pm

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Re: how few people can clear Naxx

Postby Neara » Wed Mar 25, 2009 7:07 pm

Last weekend we were doing the last hero-achievement 2 of our group needed (less-rabi) and after that we wondered what we should do with the night and remembered that we had an open naxx-id (did Patch 3 minutes and they would all go down together, but the only achievement left for our 10-man group to do would have been undying and we had people dying at the 4H achievement so we just let the rest stay as we are all 25-equipped)
So we wanted to try how far we can get. Plague quarter, the hardest part were the gargoyles, but we had just 2 that finished stoneskin once each. Noth was a pushover, we had 3 ports if i remember correctly. Heigan is no problem, but we ran into a problem when our healer had a DC and died, but killed him nevertheless (Ele-shaman took over some healing, but with Disease-cleansing totem, there isn't much dmg in that fight anyway). Loatheb just took some time, but not more than the first time we ran Naxx10 with a normal setup in blue gears "back in the days" :D

Arachnid Quarter - Anub and Faerlina were quite easy, the only difference was, that we dispelled the frenzy on faerlina. At Maexxna we wiped and as it was something around 4am at that moment we called it a day. I just ran out of Cooldowns at the last 30% for the Web Wrap, but i am sure we could have pulled it off if we tried again.

Group comp was:
Pally tank (me)
Pally healer
Fury Warri

But it has to be said that we did it for the thrill and that we are 90% ilevel-213 equipped, you won't get far if you try it for progression just because you can't get enough people together.

My thoughts on other wings:

Trash shouldn't be a problem.
Instructor should be doable, just takes some time
Gothik - might be hard, but it should be doable if your group just does living side and than let the whole undead side come, but you need some insane DPS from the 3 damagedealers and godly healing.
4H - i'd declare impossible with a normal 3 DPS 1 Tank 1 Healer setup. maybe with a 2 Healer - 2 Tank 1 DPS setup - tanking all 4 at the back, but it would take forever. (but i'd be crazy enough to try it :D )

Here lies the real problem, because every Boss in this wing has an enrage-timer

Patchwerk would be a really big maybe. with 3 ranged DPS that can't be hit by the hateful, the dmg on the Tank would be really high as he gets the normal hits and the hatefuls, so a godly healer is required here as well. With that you might be able to down him in 5 minutes 59 seconds :D
Grobbulus - 12 minutes enrage-timer, might be doable. The healing will be really hard.
Gluth - should be impossible. you need someone to kite the adds you nead healing for the kiter and you need healing for the tank. i don't see that be done and not hitting the enrage timer at 8 minutes
Thaddius - i'd say possible if you have an OT that can tank Feugen/Stalagg in his DPS gear (switching weapons) and an offhealer (ele-shaman, Shadow-priest) that is able to keep said OT alive. For thaddius himself i would spread everyone up so that no one has to move because of polarity (with just 5 people the increase of DPS through same charge isn't worth the loss of DPS due to movement) If you downed Patch with this setup you can kill thaddius like this, because he has less HP but the same enrage-timer of 6 minutes. (charge-stacking in 10 man is just needed to compensate for the movement)

Sapphiron - will be hard on your healer, but should be doable

Kel - the chances that your only healer gets iceblocked are way too high, you have to be really lucky to kill him with just 1 Healer. But still the chances are there to pull it off.
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Re: how few people can clear Naxx

Postby Origon » Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:11 am

Panzerdin wrote:Any healer could 2-man Loatheb easily enough.

I was under the impression that he now has a 12min enrage timer, as someone on these forums (quite recently, read it yesterday) was happy about killing him at 12:01 with just him and a healer up and that he enraged at 12:00
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Re: how few people can clear Naxx

Postby Panzerdin » Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:55 am

Ah well. I was just making the point that other healers are on parity with Paladins for this. And still are ;p
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Re: how few people can clear Naxx

Postby samoa » Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:04 pm

We usually go in with 2 healers, I say DPS needs to be atleast 1900 min, to clear all the WINGS. Some fights might take a little longer but can be done. Best combo healer for me is Shammy/Druid, Tanks - Pally/DK. I say Heroics/Badge/Crafted Gear will work and also gem your sh!t right.

Now the most tricky fight with 2 healers is 4 horse men, This is more intense on healers. I usually run back and forth from the platform where the 4H are @ only getting 1 buff mark. Throwing hots on whoever is tanking the back and wild growth the grp in the front, I say it's all position.You want to pop everything at the beginning to take the first Horsemen down. Then rotate around like normal.

Well all i can say it's all strat on all fights, You just got to make shit up while in there. Wish You Luck
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Re: how few people can clear Naxx

Postby warden » Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:37 pm

A complete side note, but with a (very) experienced kiter and a bit of luck, gluth could be done in theory with one healer. I've seen a ret pally kite an entire (gluth) kill of zombies and come out at the end with only 8 stacks of the zombie debuff. I think the boss died right before the 2nd decimate that kill. Kiter had 1 earthbind totem and 1 frost trap to kite on. Also, I discovered the hard way on a different kill that while you can't bubble off Gluth's debuffs, I think they go away if you are "killed" with guardian spirit up (would need to test it again before definitively claming this though)... In theory, although I can't remember what the CD is on GS, it might be possible to solo-tank him with a good holy priest.

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