[10] Sarth +2/+3 DPS problems

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Postby amh » Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:03 pm

Talaran wrote:Be honest, most of the times we do 3 drakes we don't get tenebron down before the second set of adds :-/

Sounds like your add-tank has got a hell of a job :/ With my luck we never get those nice clean runs with next to none elementals. Getting two sets of whelps on top of that would probably drive me mad.
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Postby Belloc » Tue Mar 10, 2009 2:37 pm

Rolfson wrote:well as far as threat the dps never pulls off of me. I use hand of salvation (along with the holy pally) every time it is up to assure this. I always had the misinterpretation that tenebron was supposed to go down before the 2nd portal of whelps went up, meaning 13-15 seconds before the 2nd drake even spawned. So that makes the fight seem a good bit easier, i'll have to see how it goes tonight. Thanks for all the help, i'll get back later on how the run went.

I'm thinking you might have something wrong here. Tenebron is supposed to die before opening his second whelp portal (meaning you should only get one set of whelps). I was under the impression that this portal appeared right around the time that Shadron lands (if not after).
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Postby Kishandra » Tue Mar 10, 2009 3:36 pm

Events generally happen in this order:

0 sec - Tenebron lands
20 sec - Tenebron opens portal (creates eggs)
30 sec - Tenebron casts hatch egg
40 sec - Eggs actually hatch into whelps
45 sec - Shadron lands
50 sec - Tenebron opens portal (creates eggs)
60 sec - Tenebron casts hatch egg
70 sec - Eggs actually hatch into whelps

~95 sec - Vesperon lands

The goal is to kill Tenebron before that 60 sec tick (or however long it is, the time is actually randomized a bit just like flame waves.)

It's fine not having Tenebron down before Shadron lands - in fact, very VERY few 10-man 3d10 groups are capable of doing so. It's also fine having Tenebron hatching the second wave - it's not a total wipe, but it does put more pressure on healers, and force a longer period of time where you have twilight torment and big breaths on your tank.

We do 3 healers/3 tanks for 3d10 and can consistently manage to get Tenebron down with one wave of adds. This is mostly possible because we have one healer do pure dps until whelps hatch - there just isn't enough damage thrown around to justify three before that happens.

You may kill Tenebron after he creates the portal, but before he casts hatch egg and not get another wave of whelps. The actual hatch egg cast is what makes the whelps spawn (15 or so seconds after it happens.)
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