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Postby Velgarn » Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:50 am

Zx wrote:
Yadard wrote:Prot & Ret for me. I'd rather slide naked down a banister coated in rusty barbed wire than heal as a Pally ever again.

So much this. I have passed on every extra set of holy stuff that drops because if you dont have the gear its harder to be asked to spec that way. Never Again will there be a holy version of my character.

Every time I get asked my holy gear just so happens to be in the bank. >_> (Which it is actually, so that I have more bag space for other crap - like flask, repair bots, my collection of shields, bv items vs. avoidance items...)

I really am torn myself though. I went ret from 70-80, so I feel comfortable switching from tank to DPS role. The last time I healed was a normal instance, in full ret DPS spec... before that, vanilla wow. :lol: So I haven't muddled with the new holy tree.

However, DPS is usually easier to find than healers or tanks. I guess it depends on if there is any new 5 mans coming with loot that I would want. If so, I might go Prot/Holy so finding groups is fast and easy - very rarely is nobody on my server looking for a tank OR a healer. However, for raiding I would think that most of the time we have enough healing, and that DPS is more effective - so I might go prot/ret.

Pretty much whatever my guild needs to succeed I suppose, I am not very picky what I do so long as the boss go Arrrggghgghghgh.
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Postby Vrimmel » Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:18 am

Prot and holy pvp. Not sure why. just want to try playing holy as I've completely ignored that tree.
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Postby Gallahead » Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:51 am

prot (boss) and prot (trash) for me
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Postby DanimalEQ » Tue Mar 10, 2009 12:34 pm

Been giving this a fair bit of thought. Went over to the PTR to try out both holy and ret pvp.

Turns out i'm terrible at both.

Fast forward a couple days, and I have no desire to really tank anything, and just want to have a nice lazy night, so I go LFG as ret. Since I wasn't sure if I'd get a group, I decide to pvp for a bit as prot. Figure WSG or AV are where I'll be able to do at least some good, so I hit up WSG (it popped first).

Run straight for the flag, a druid comes with me, heals me the whole way back with 6 horde wondering wth that pally wouldn't die.

Go for another flag, and there's a DK and hunter on their ramp. They decide to gang up on me. I start hitting the DK (didn't feel like getting kited, so just LoSed the hunter best I could). They get about 25% of my health gone, the DK is 1 ShoR away from a quick trip to the GY, and a rogue shows up.

Finish off the DK, then go for the hunter. Get him down, then finally burn the rogue. Grab the flag and return it again.

Then I get a tell for a Gundrak group. I'm feeling a bit better, so run off and spec ret quick like, strap on my ret gear, and head on over.

Couldn't get over 1150dps.

A few weeks prior, I attempted to go holy to heal regular HoL, and we had to bust out a repair bot just before we got to Loken.

The moral of this story?

I think I may just hang on to my 1,000g. Spend it on ale and whores or something.
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