Diffrent Strat for heigan

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Postby Mishakal » Sun Mar 01, 2009 11:11 pm

The first time our guild did the dance, 6-7 of us finished the boss off after the rest died on the 1st dance.

Second time we did the dance, 5 people died.

Lastnight we did the dance and the grand total of 1 person died ... and got brezzed and didnt die again.

We were using the retard corner until it was fixed.

Also we have gone from having a hard time with Thad to 1 shotting him each time.

People should improve each week, if they arent boot them! lol

I didnt tank him last night, however the raid leader asked in TS if I was dropping conc for DPS or to mark where the tank needs to be in the slow dance.

I said DPS, this was mostly the truth...
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Postby Barbiegrrl » Tue Mar 03, 2009 8:53 am

Balanor wrote:On the dance, if players have their spell detail turned up enough, they can also see the safe spots from the residual lava sparkles in the air. I dont think the spell detail has to be turned up too much for this either.

Things that worked for us:
- Melee zoom all the way out on their character
- Watch for lava eruption in the next safe area
- Run to next safe area making sure they are inside the green lava sparklies

We did this with the first time with 9 of 10 people never having been tried Heigan before and it took 3 wipes before people exclaimed, "OK! I see the sparklies now".

Thanks so much for this Balanor. You have no idea how much this helped me. After watching all the youtube vids I could find and reading about as many strats, turning up my spell detail is what finally worked for me. Its definetly not cool to be the MT and not be able to do the "dance". We had one of our smoothest clears this past weekend.
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