10 paladin naxx talents- 100% gimmick

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10 paladin naxx talents- 100% gimmick

Postby Karaghiosis » Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:01 pm

disclaimer: This is completely gimmick content so things are purposefully abnormal.

2 shock
2 holy
4 ret
2 prot

http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/cla ... 0000000000

The premise of the build is to be used for 10 paladin naxx. So ret will bring ret aura. picking up might and concentration to free up points for the ret and holy.

I was hoping to pick up 2H weapon specs but blizzard stopped making 2H spell power paladin weapons :(

I went for vengeance and crusade over getting judgements of the pure because I think 25% to judgements works out to be less but I don't have any direct evidence to support.

retribution #1:
http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/cla ... 2135201351

only need 2(split fights) paladins speced into retribution aura- so the other two ret can use a build allowing them to get to divine guardian. I wish there was room for more in improved hammer to help out on KT interrupts but with enough exorcism glyphs and people rotating the long hammer CDs it should still be ok (besides 10 man isnt as big an issue).

retribution #2:
standard, kings or not there are going to be based points.

standard no kings, opt = wisdom + loh

shock is bringing conc so holy can ignore- one can get imp aura if desired but shouldnt really be necessary.

prot #1: 5/60/6
no kings --> cookie cutter, opt = hammer 3, reck 4/5

no DG since this paladin will always have a something to tank- exception is sapph air phase but not important enough to spec into

prot #2: 5/60/6
no kings/devotion --> cookie cutter, opt = DG, hammer, 5/5 reck

Only need one devotion aura (minor loss on raid split), hammer is nice for interrupts and there's not really anything better to get as ret is bringing kings. same goes for reckoning.

it's 10 man so honestly there isnt going to really be a challenge
minor: random notes that make easy content easier
KT- only 2 "ranged" dps so everyone will be using exorcism and blow wrath on large skel groups, hammer singles if dps CDs are down or just heal through explosions. prot paladin #2 can help ice block heal till adds spawn.
sapph- heal/dps thru curse/bubble out
4H- shocks in back
noth- heal thru curse/bubble out
gothik- live- top ret w/ ret aura + prot 2xshock holy
loatheb- shock has extra GCD so they can sacred shield with holy for full raid coverage all dps
gluth- both shocks kite (in prot gear) alternate wraths, holy can help wrath/spot heal if necessary since no slow.

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Postby Alanyor » Tue Feb 24, 2009 2:54 pm

We cleared Naxx with 8 Paladins yesterday and today.
2 Prot, 1 Healer, 5 Retri except for 4hm, Saph, Kel.
Just another world first movie coming soon. :)
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