[25] Malygos repositioning after vortex question

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Postby Tiandelin » Tue Feb 10, 2009 3:12 am

Markoh wrote:He doesn't do the immediate arcane breath anymore so its not as big of a deal (it was changed last patch so that pets are given time to move to his back instead of getting breathed and blowing up the melee).

What we do is for the first spark tank goes opposite side and raid goes toward it, after that we always go that direction. After the initial landing the tank ends up moving him (some times a very large distance) so that the sparks head toward our pile without have to be overly babysat.

My guild tried something like this tonight and it worked wonderfully. Everyone just clumped up in the center of the platform while I hauled Malygos around them to keep the raid between him and the next spark. Very different from my usual phase 1 routine, which consists mostly of watching my health bar until a vortex hits or he takes off.

It's not nearly as hard as it might sound, and it's certainly more entertaining for me than just tanking him in place. You do have to keep him close enough for melee to hit him while standing in puddles, however, so don't drag him onto the darker blue area around the center. And don't worry, arcane breath won't hurt anyone unless they are way out of place.

The only major downside to doing it this way is that your raid will be doing so much sustained damage to him (almost a continuous two-spark stack) that it might be difficult to hold aggro. That's not entirely a bad thing, and if you have people in the raid who have trouble telling north from south (like us, sigh), then not having to move after vortex is quite a blessing for them. You also don't have to depend on DKs to force spark stacks by gripping them into place (ours sometimes like to grip them right into him, double sigh).

Anyhow, I advise trying it, as it makes all positioning issues moot for everyone except for the tank.
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Postby Rasmfrackn » Tue Feb 10, 2009 10:23 am

We just got our first kill doing that same thing last night. I just ran for "any" edge and everyone else just stayed in the center, now that they're safe long enough after we all land for me to get him facing outward. I'm not sure if that's a viable approach for a 6 minute kill, but it doesn't seem too bad for just getting him dead. It also lets me watch where sparks are coming from during a vortex and know which way to face him out afterwards. Only once did I have a spark coming in from directly behind me. I stunned it but nobody saw it I guess and it still got to him. :(
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Postby Chunes » Tue Feb 10, 2009 10:50 am

I act as spotter for the spark when Vortex starts. I face the spark and furiously ping the spark's spawn point. Our raid runs towards the ping, I run away from it. Then we profit.
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Postby Markoh » Tue Feb 10, 2009 12:35 pm

We had to do this to get spark stacks in our 10 man 5 min maly since we only had one dk, it involves lots of being able to push/pull a mob with skill and your dps not being dumb and being in breath range.

I really enjoy doing it this way, I've always been a perfectionist about position since my warrior way back when strath was considered end game.
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Postby Kezia » Fri Feb 13, 2009 2:56 am

We have a warlock summon a demonic circle and have every stack there every time after every vortex, and I reposition Malygos based on where the sparks are incoming.

After Vortex is over and I move Malygos from the center, the raid stacks in center where we death grip sparks to, and I kite Malygos around based on spark spawns. We haven't had a single death to Arcane Breath since using this strat.
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Postby Holyfuri » Tue Feb 17, 2009 9:04 am

This might not work for everyone, and requires the raid to really pay attention, but here's what we do for a normal kill.

Start the fight. Tank Malygos wherever he's at.

Watch where the first spark spawns. It will always be in a corner, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, or Northwest.

Resident DK or OT marks the spark with a skull.

Ping the map in the direction of the spark, and make sure everyone moves that direction immediately after landing. I call it out in vent too.

As the MT you run the opposite direction. If the spark spawned in the northeast corner, I run to the southwest. Don't run too far, or heals won't hit you.

Kill the first spark.

Watch where the second spark is coming from. Move malygos accordingly. You really don't have to be way on the outside ring, but miss the raid by a safe margin. You don't want to move him so the melee can't hit him with the spark buff.

Kill the second spark, and use heroism/bloodlust. If you only have 1 death knight use his death grip on this one (as the first one was automatically lined up even.)

Watch where the third spark spawns but don't move malygos. It won't reach you before the vortex. Movement is just another variable you don't need (dropped melee dps, breath weapons, etc...)

At the vortex, repeat. Ping map, call out cardinal direction, etc. Make sure everyone knows when they land to ignore the spark buffs at first. I have seen melee move immediately to the spark buff and get breathed on because malygos was a different direction.

Example: First spark from the Northeast, second from the southeast.. both spark buffs are on the northeast side... Now the third spark is from the southwest. I will be moving him norheast, and raid southwest. If a melee decides to go into the spark buff, they go right beside me and get nuked...

Hope this helps...
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