KT-action during MC?

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KT-action during MC?

Postby SevenOfNine » Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:52 am

I've never faced KT on 25-man. Silly question I presume, but...:

1. During the 20 sec MindControl, does KT continue to do the rest of his abilities or is he in some kind of "channeling"-mode?

I will be MT'ing him. I have the positioning for every1 pretty clear I think. 1 source of disruption seems to be a possible Shadow Fissure on me.

2. To minimize the need for raid to have to move I was planning to simply step forward "inside" him for a few seconds(preventing KT to move at all, maybe turn a bit). Then walk backward back to first position. Any apparent flaws with that?

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Postby amh » Thu Feb 05, 2009 3:07 am

He keeps doing his thing, meleeing and frostbolting all over. The MC is trivial as long as you use some cc on the adds (and people aren´t stupid enough to kill them).

Fissure on you, just side-step. If you run into him you risk chaining ice-blocks on everyone in melee range. We split the melee into two group, like this:


That way you minize the chaining, and more importantly, tank never gets a block. If you were to run into him the chances of chaining everyone in melee range gets really high. If you run backwards you can guarantee that at least two of your melee are going to run into the fissure ;) Just side-step.
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