OS add tanking [25]

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OS add tanking [25]

Postby aybarra » Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:00 am

So I went in heroic OS for my first time.
2 tanks, warr MT me add tank (PUG)
I had a real problem getting a hold on all adds, went great in the begining but after a couple of minute due to having 30 sec on my shield toss and keeping 6-7 adds I had to start taunting the new spawns.
The problem came when one add targeted the tank and my mistake was RD. Boss went for me, facing raid, wipe, I got called every word that is in the game (bad ones) kicked from group and not sure i want to go in there again. Atleast not as an add tank. MT FTW
Is there anyway better to grab the adds, its hard when already dealing with 6-7+.
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Postby Epimer » Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:33 am

Never, ever use RD on that fight. Or on Grobbulus, for that matter. I see tanks falling back on multi-target taunts on Sarth all the time, and - as happened with you - it can cause a wipe if you're unlucky. Only do it if the MT knows what's going on and is ready to taunt Sarth straight back, and even then, only in emergencies.

As for add pick-up...I tend to hang out with the ranged dps/healers, because that's where most of them are going to congregate. Keeping a consecrate down there (I often need to seal wisdom to keep the mana coming), frisbee on cooldown, Hand of Reckoning for ranged pick-up, Judgement if HoR is on cooldown, and used correctly HotR is a ranged pick-up of sorts, just not very long range. Failing those, running over and smacking 'em with your shield gets their attention, too. The trick is to use all those tools as and when they're available, because they're all fine for picking up adds, and not relying on Avenger's Shield to do all the work.
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Postby amh » Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:39 am

- Place tanks and tree-druid (if applicable) in group 1. Then you can safely taunt off anyone in group 4-5. Don´t use RD on a mob, use it on a specific player.

- Get a mark above your head. If people have aggro, they should know where to run (to you).

- Consecrate on one half of the area you´ll be moving in, run around on the other half and pick up mobs.

- Drop a consecration before you run from a flame wall.

Optional: Use a holy paladin with righteous fury, taunt off him regularly.

If it´s been more than fifteen seconds since the last flame wall, try to pick up adds without AS. The daze-effect is a real piece of shite on this fight, since it often ends up with blazes getting enraged.
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Postby Equitas » Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:51 am

Add tanking is the hardest job there is on this encounter, there is a short phase where survival and death of the raid basically depend on your skills of observation ,reaction and timing, this is mainly when the whelps coming.

You run around with a mark over your head, pickung up adds with shieldslam, judge, hammer. When you have more mobs rounded up drop consecration all the time.
If heals has aggro tuant of him, watch your healers closely in Grid/ora2 and taunt of them,

when the draketank or the Mt has aggro single target klick the mobs, and singletarget taunt, then just proceed to consecrate and never turn your back to the mobs, always strafe.

When the portal comes and you get the feeling for when the whelp come, usually exactly during the firewall phase run up there, drop a consecrate and run to safety /healers again, make sure your timing is solid here otherwise you will have enraged elementals and hunters will loose valid dps tranq shotting them.

With 3 Drakes up this is where you prove your worth as a tank, paladins are by far not the most optimal tanks for this job, your technically speaking far better of doing the drakes due to TPS superiority. But your aoe mitigation is far to good to let the DK tank the adds, Besides our DK tank doesnt have a lot of experience and were training him right now so i get to do the hard jobs =/ But its fun, its the most challenging thing so far, except for sarth 10d ^^
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Postby gregorian » Tue Feb 10, 2009 10:54 am

sounds like youre doing 0 drake. its not hard.

holy shield, consecrate and hammer. always save the shield toss for emergencies. keep using hand of reckoning to pull freshly spawned adds. use RD to taunt of friendly targets.

if there's an add on the MT, its because he taunted it. let him tank it then. like i said its 0 drakes. terribly easy encounter. otherwise, just HoR.

best use for AS is to get burst threat when your hammer or cons is on cooldown. dont use it to pull a freshly spawned add. firstly you waste the bounce mechanic that could have given you a solid 7k threat on 3 adds that you just RD'd off a healer. secondly HoR is stupidly cheap on a short cd. learn to use it often.

on the enrage, pop AW and go crazy.

if you got kicked for one bad RD, i doubt it was your only mistake that night. but dont lose heart, practice on heroics..
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Postby Nalyn » Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:39 pm

If you're doing him with no drakes up, worry less about the adds, they aren't going to hit you for squat, like...less than 1k, depending on positioning, you should be able to have most of the raid, or at least the healers, grouped up, just stand on/near them, and consecrate, and you'll pick up 90% of the adds. The rest, a couple of taunts, or just running over towards them and judging or shield slapping them should pick them up.

Also, be aware, if you're doing regular old sarth, no drakes, an add, or two, on the MT won't change anything, if you want to get it off, great, if not, tell him to kill it, if he wants to get rid of it.
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Postby Belloc » Tue Feb 10, 2009 2:06 pm

If you're doing it with no drakes up, then ranged and healers should be clumped up in one spot. Melee should be stacked in their own separate spot.

Leave consecrate down on ranged whenever you feel like it (doesn't have to be 100% uptime, but keep it there enough to pick up the adds) and taunt/shield the ones on melee. You'll be standing with the ranged for the duration of the fight. HotR and ShoR will be all that you need, besides consecrate, to pick those adds up.

Ranged should focus on killing adds when they spawn.
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Postby Seloei » Tue Feb 10, 2009 2:29 pm

If you get kicked from a raid for wiping the once on a new boss you've not been there before... i have to ask, is it worth it going back? :s

Add pickup is the hardest part in sartharion. Basicly drop a consecrate around where you think the adds will run through, it picks up most of the ones who are heading for the healer, only target your healers who are taking damage or you know who is tanking 1-2 adds and use RD on that one, otherwise use your judgement/shield/longrangetaunt/frisbee to pick them up. Unless the whole raid is spread out in the middle of the plat it should be ok.
Oh the small whelps spawn about exactly ~15s after he yells out his opening his portal, if you leave a consecrate just in front of it you will pick up all the whelps almost always.

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Postby Holyfuri » Tue Feb 17, 2009 8:56 am

Everything said here is good advice. I'll just throw in what I usually do.

First, mark myself with an obvious mark, I like the star myself. (I feel special)

Second, ask the healers to try to stay as close to you as possible, as the adds will aggro to healers first unless they are caught in an aoe.

Keep consecrate up constantly in areas with heavy people, and run around picking everything up.

***Cooldown management really is key to this fight. If a single add spawns, use a shield of righteousness or a simple judgement to get him, if two or more are near, use hammer of the righteous, etc. Always be aware of what's on CD and what's available. You do have alot at your disposal...

Shield of righteousness - great for single target pickup, loads of threat. Can even pull off of one that has latched onto a ret pally or dps warrior's whirlwind.

Hammer of the righteousness - multi-target pickup, a waste to use on a single mob pickup unless it's the only thing you have off CD.

Avenger's shield - don't glyph it, use it to hit multiple targets from range.

Righteous Defense - I use this alot acutally, typically on healers. Usually when you get multiple spawns at once they all go after the same healer, just use this and they all head your way.

Judgement - Nice range for picking up passing adds. Single target pickup.

Single target taunt - Use this for ranged pickup of single targets.

Pursuit of Justice/Tuskar's Vitality - A run speed increase helps immensely on this fight. It really does save lives.

Hope this helps.
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