Damnable Sapphiron

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Postby Sederia » Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:09 pm

we use this shape
(pardon my stick figuresq drawing)

Ta = Tail
M = melee
R = ranged/healers(tank healers are a little off there)
MT = Main Tank
E = Entrance

melee huggles the wall as they run in then approach from the side
basicly we try to keep the big snowcone maker in the middle of his room

we managed to 1 shot him last night with 3 pug healers(o.O we lost so many heals to the server split), and the MT dieing(the 2nd war tank picked him up before I did so I just maintained 2nd threat)

using the other advice, ie use the HUGE hit box(it's bigger than Jersey I swear), moving in and out of cloud, not being icecubed on the snow(we have had it bug the LOS before), decurse(either via IQ over 12 or an addon to tell them who), avoiding cleave
tbh unless our DPS are being absolutely retarded or our healers are on union coffee break, it's a 1 or 2 shot fight
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Postby TheHonage » Mon Jan 26, 2009 7:34 pm

Solution: Smack your healers and dump on him.
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Postby Threatco » Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:48 am

I led my first 10 man all PuG through naxx 10 and we had to stop here.

On this save I have tried first tanking then healing.

Tanking this boss is very easy.

Healing it can be a pain.

1. Having to run out of blizzards that are everywhere and slow you
2. Avoiding the cleave or the tail.
3. Keeping everyone in range.
4. Trying to find out how much of it is your fault and how much of it is the others.

Even after kicking the problem people and getting all pretty good people, it still was failing by a wide margin. With my guild this fight is toilet paper I wipe my bum with. But with the pug their's too much imperfection going around it's wiping the raid.

For all I know it was the decurse people. I don't know of a good way to be able to confirm this other then asking people who died their combat logs.
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Postby oldsmurgle » Tue Jan 27, 2009 5:19 am

Typically, my group in naxx has problems with this guy and thats it. We got him after about 6 attempts or so the first time through and havnt been able to beat him since (2 or 3 weeks). Essentially, our warrior MT's him, facing the door you come in on. Raid goes to either side, trys to avoid blizzards and I use FR aura.

I put on healy gear and heal the melee. Druid healer who has bad lag heals MT. Preist heals rest. Our dps lacks in some areas, with a couple doing 2k and the rest around 1.2k or more. Most of the time its a healer death that pwns us during phase 2. Not from teh frost nova, but from the bolts that ice block people (one of them always seems to get pwnt at this time).

its getting rather frustrating, especially since we beat him the first time through! Even with 3 healers peeps are dying. I know its not the case, but it just seems like since 3.0.8 that people are taking more and more dmg, especially the melee who insist taht they are not getting cleaved or tailwhipped. And please note that i am not saying in any way that the fight was changed since 3.0.8 we just havnt downed him since.

Any suggestions?
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Postby Non » Tue Jan 27, 2009 5:24 am

a couple doing 2k and the rest around 1.2k or more

High dps is the best mana regen for a healer.
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Postby Kynes » Tue Jan 27, 2009 7:16 am

Nalyn wrote:It doesn't matter if you're capable of doing 10k dps, if you die 30 seconds into the fight, from the first time you take damage, you'll do zero for the next 5 minutes, cause you're tanking the floor.

Thank you Nalyn. You made me laugh out loud irl. Srsly. I'm going to use this line next time someone fucks my immortal achievment.
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Postby Martie » Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:12 am

We tank him where he spawns, facing the entrance.

The entire guild runs to the right as they enter, everyone stays on that side of him.

We use no special frostres on 10man, and a frostres aura on 25.


Make sure people know to get to an ice block, but not before they are both cast. If a group gets behind a block before the second is down, they can all be hit by the second block.

When he is tanked in the middle, the yellow ring surrounding him is the outer edge of melee range. You have more then enough room to dodge the blizzards without getting out of melee range or going out of his safe zone.
(Safe as in, no tail swipes or breaths.)

He stops lifting off at a certain point of his HP. If you can get him to this point using a bloodlust, do so, as one less air phase is a good thing, but try not to let the bloodlust overlap with an air phase.

Let the tank re-establish aggro and positioning before engaging after an air phase. With a good tank and team, this shouldn't be an issue, but keep an eye on this.

Once you have this fight down, you can turn it to a 'kill the shadow priest' subgame. It's a lot of fun, so get to it.
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Postby dmok » Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:32 pm

Nalyn wrote:And as far as why we tank him facing KT's room...I think that relates back to when we were learning him in the 10 man, we wiped a few times, and he agro's just about the moment that you step off the little ramp from the port in, so the quickest way to get the cleave away from everyone else that's following the tank in...is to just run through him, which has the side effect of facing him towards KT's room, and we just kept that positioning on future clears. It also gives the raid a good point of reference of "this is where the bad end is going to be" when coming out of the air phases, so you can avoid needless deaths/insta-gibs.

This would normally make sense, except his tail also tail swipes people. So you may have saved the raid from cleaves, but opened them to tail swipes. Personally, I just run in and turn him sideways. The healers can run in 15 yards and setup shop (along with the dps). 5 extra seconds of tank movement >> 24 other people having to run to positions, because we all know there will be at least 1 person who doesn't get it 95% of the time.

On another note, this is much more forgiving in 25man than 10man.
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Postby Maihes » Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:34 pm


Stay out of blizzard, cleave, tail swipe.

Heal the aoe damage we don't use any FR at all other then sometimes an aura if we are carrying a healer or two.
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Postby Kynes » Tue Jan 27, 2009 5:21 pm

Epic paint job.
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Postby pedal2000 » Wed Jan 28, 2009 1:33 pm

Basic tips that helped us. (10 man)

Frost gear on everyone except the MT, including the healers.
3 healers. 1 Shaman 1 Druid 1 Priest
Everyone on one side, but spread out.
Melee goes very close to him and then backs out when they get a blizzard on them.
Try and have people stay spread out until the ice block, then start getting close but not too close for the second one and then of course dodge behind them.

Be flexible, good luck and an extra healer is definitely worth it while you're learning it. I know it's harsh but if you can find a way to drop your lowest DPS for an extra healer, it would make the fight that much easier. Shamans are very useful.
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Postby avatar8481 » Fri Jan 30, 2009 2:08 pm

My guild followed basically this strategy and hasn't any trouble since our first attempt (10man). I've actually been tanking Saph in the middle of the room facing the door, not moving him at all, everybody on one side melee move in and out to avoid the blizzard. The only things we've had to watch out for are sometimes the tombs land very nearly on top of each other and cause some aoe damage. Also we just with 2 pallys, so frost aura's been up each time (but no other FR gear).

Funny thing to see is that there's always some DK's ghoul up in the center of the room dpsing it's little undead heart out right up until it gets frost bombed.
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Postby Spectrum » Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:13 pm

On 10s this is the hardest fight in Naxx for us. We probably would have one-shotted it last night, but our one decurser was stupid and died early because he forgot about the blizzards.

This the only fight in Naxx we bring three healers for, and it's the only one we feel we need three healers for.

Once your group knows the blizzards, where to stand, and has good decursers it's all about simply surviving and keeping the heals going.
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Re: Damnable Sapphiron

Postby Belarkan » Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:33 am

I'm pretty surprised you guy may have hard time on Saph.
I mean, it's pretty straight forward.

Avoid to face him (instant kill with the cleave) or play with his tail, all the raid positionned on the same side, dispell the life drain as fast as possible, dps him, loot.

We just wiped once or twice on him.
Thaddius or Malygos on the other hand...

Please, don't forget to judge light, it give a lot of heal on this fight.
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Postby Ferrix » Sat Jan 31, 2009 10:51 am

I put on healy gear and heal the melee. Druid healer who has bad lag heals MT. Preist heals rest. Our dps lacks in some areas, with a couple doing 2k and the rest around 1.2k or more. Most of the time its a healer death that pwns us during phase 2. Not from teh frost nova, but from the bolts that ice block people (one of them always seems to get pwnt at this time).

To put it simply, if this is your guild you're talking about, they fail, in so many ways. If I'm in a pug and see someone doing 1200 dps, I boot them or leave the group, hell I wouldn't even raid with a guildie that bad.

Just think about it, in BC, at level 70, in badge gear, alot of classes could hit 1200 dps. By time you hit 80, not only do you have better spells/abilities, but you should also have begun upgrading gear. There is alot of instance loot that is better then the only 70 badge gear. So all together, if 10 levels and gear upgrades aren't enough to boost your dps over 1200, then you're doing something wrong.

As for dying to the ice blocks, thats a failure on two parts. Those ice blocks don't hit enough to one shot anyone who is nearly topped off, and after the first time someone dies to one, you should all realize, don't stack up until the second ice bolt hits. If its your healers who continually die to the ice bolt, they need to learn to keep themselves up too, and to not stack and die to a simple aoe
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