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TK: the Eye...

Postby Serameth » Thu Oct 11, 2007 6:05 pm

So, our guild is going to take a trip into the Eye for the first time. Personally, I'm excited about this since I'm super sick of karazhan and my endless bad luck with drops. So, my questions to you gurus of tankadinhood is this:

1. What should I expect from trash if I'm offtanking?
3. Is my health pool/avoidance/armor high enough to experience this zone?
2. If number 3 is no, what should I aim to get?
4. From your experiences, what roles will I be filling in the named encounters?

Thanks for your time guys, I've learned a lot from this message board!
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Postby Mithos » Thu Oct 11, 2007 6:31 pm

Al'ar - Add tank, can also double up as "Oh shit he's doing flame quill and theres noone ready on the left ramp" tank, if needed to (rarely, I've run up to pick him up twice in 3 weeks).

Void Reaver - Put on your threat gear, keep your HP reasonable and nuke him to hell and back. If you play it right you will hold him most the fight, even eating lots of knockbacks.

Solarian - This encounter is pathetic now. I use my full solo (almost all Arena/PvP) gear, no tank gear at all except my shield. Around 800 spell dmg buffed maybe more. I gather up the crappy adds that spawn (can't remeber name - maybe Agents?) by throwing a consecration down on one light spot, Frizbee another, then keep spamming aoe stuff when they're together. I wouldn't advise trying to tank the priests purely because the damage received is so minimal to tanks you will run out of mana in seconds, the melee dps can tank them fine. I even almost run out of mana in solo gear (9.2k mana buffed). Even in zero tank gear I don't even notice my HP bar drop with all 12 adds glued to me.

Kael - You can tank Telonicus out of the 4 advisors. You can tank all the weapons without a real problem but it's probably best to get the dagger and one or 2 other things like the sword/staff/shield. I'm no expert at optimising the kael fight theres not a HUGE difference between tanks on most of them except the spell damage things. You could aoe tank almost all of them if your guid opts for that strategy (mine doesn't). In phase 4, you could kite phoenixies, my guild has a walrock do it because that's their tried and tested method prior to my arrival, I'm not gonna change it. Just be useful with judgements/help CC MC'd people whilst they are being dispelled.

I can't say much for preparing for your first raids there. I was thrown into SSC and TK and just had to learn how to fulfill my role whilst fighting, as about 66% of the guilds members have been farming Kael and Vashj for months. I didn't get a chance to learn I just had to make myself useful quickly. Play well on trash and you should be fine :) just make sure your warlocks, hunters and mages (especially mages) are on the ball with CC. I couldn't see your stats on armoury because you were wearing spell dmg gear. I tank all trash with 4/5 T4 and then the rest is my regular tank gear. I get around 16/17k HP buffed without Blood Pact and sometimes with shout. Get more than 17k and you will be fine.

Please add to this though I am not 100% sure on the first raid stuff/tanking stat advising :P.
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Postby Invisusira » Thu Oct 11, 2007 6:40 pm

Trash is honestly fun, and quite easy as a pally ^^ Don't be afraid to be of picking up more than one on multi-mob pulls!
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