[25] OS+2, Shardon dead. Tips?

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Postby Belloc » Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:24 am

So, the hardest thing about this fight is getting players to avoid flame waves and void zones. I never realized how bad some players can be.
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Postby MrDuck » Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:46 pm

Belloc wrote:So, the hardest thing about this fight is getting players to avoid flame waves and void zones. I never realized how bad some players can be.
What did ya say? :O

(+) Tokkeh 01:01.139 -25422 [Twilight Fissure #2] Void Blast hit [Tokkeh] 25422 {9835}
(+) Dessu 01:14.802 -20871 [Twilight Fissure #3] Void Blast hit [Dessu] 20871 {6575}
(+) Silmu 01:14.812 -23549 [Twilight Fissure #3] Void Blast hit [Silmu] 23549 {9303}
(+) Purpur 01:37.494 -24651 [Twilight Fissure #5] Void Blast hit [Purpur] 24651 {5023}
(+) Freakysafah 01:37.500 -24456 [Twilight Fissure #5] Void Blast hit [Freakysafah] 23249 {8314}

-.- Actually, next in the log is hunter death from 3 adds i somehow didnt manage to keep, then some flame wave failures, and...me failing on wave too -.- With all the adds and crit from the vesperon disciple debuff (its a lot later than this log paste:P) i sorta kinda died :< I didnt really realise how ba I can be :O Anyways in next raid we're getting it down i believe.

EDIT: anyways, it was our 2nd attempt ever, and people are used that these shadow thingies and waves just don't hurt :P
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Postby Diocaska » Tue Jan 20, 2009 5:23 am

MrDuck wrote:
Diocaska wrote:I'm not sure about how many healers for the disciple. Might be one or two.

We use a dps warrior on the disciples. You could have a ret pally do it if you wanted. Don't believe we have them switch into a shield, the damage isn't too nuts on them.
Alright thanks, i think i'll send the ret there, as the selfheals might help a little. Actually, i'll give that to raidleader, he usually lets me lead on sarth tho. Also the ret can pop RF to make sure the disciple sticks on him, or is that needed at all? From what i see, he's usually pretty high on threatlist, with some mages above usually.

And when the party down in portal kills the disciple,the reflective dmg debuff and +smg debuff go away right?

And last question, should i wait with sending 'em there after vesperon dies, or right when portal spawns?

Thanks for yer info guys :P

Not sure if the ret should go RF. I would imagine he could, but I don't think its necessary. He could taunt if needed?

I believe that as soon as the disciple dies, the extra fire buff thing goes too.

Personally on 3 drakes, we killed the 2nd drake before sending people through, but on two drakes, with a warrior tank, it might be safer to send people right away and not risk it.

Once you're down to one drake, its just keeping in control of the fight and not getting worried and make little mistakes. People need to stay alive and just keep aware.
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