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Venture Bay help

Postby CKaz » Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:25 am

I have some questions on Venture Bay, particularly since it has a Libram and Cloak of interest [and less so, a trinket].

- I'm 76, Prot spec-ed, on a PvP server
- It seems confusing and a bit nutty

* I managed to 'change the flag' to Horde alone, so then Horde forces came in. There was still some wierdness, such as a crazy Alliance NPC literally punting people (including myself) into orbit. It appeared the main Horde general could too, but it wasn't really helping me out that much.

* I was unable to take the 4 dailies, only 1 - is it just one at a time?
* Questhelper didn't have the places to hit for me, wowhead helped some
* I had to [continue] to fight a lot of mobs, including elite, to try it
- yielding no xp and no money/loot, this was disappointing
- lumped on top I was unable to do the first as a 80 mage got me
* Apparently too even though the flag remained closer to Horde, it looked like the Alliance vendor was back [or still there anyways, I thought it had switched but I had no turn ins yet anyways] and more Alliance were back.

All in all, this seemed to be a big waste of time and I thought I should get back to wrapping up the Ursoc chain for the legs and shield.

I'll probably be back, at least for the Libram. I couldn't find much on wowwiki, wowhead, blizzards own site so I'm just looking for thoughts. Obviously it doesn't help I'm Prot tank spec'd, and not really PvP at all currently, I suppose I'll have to head to an altered Prot spec if not go back to Ret. Which is a bit of a slap in the face as I'm doing all this because I enjoy and want to play Prot... :P

I might try to drum up some guild support for a VB run [no Zone PUG =b] wanted to hear from other protadins tho - ty :D
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Postby Conaan! » Fri Jan 16, 2009 11:30 am

you have to make the alliance general aggro to the horde general and some guards then make sure you get punted into the water, then make a run for it

he will after so long

also, horde quests are on west side up on a hill where theres a lumber mill

kill any npc's you find on the island if you wish to control it, just use the guards to tank them
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