Tips for surviving Maexxna, Faerlina? [10]

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Tips for surviving Maexxna, Faerlina? [10]

Postby Tiranknight » Thu Jan 08, 2009 8:17 am

Seems like these are 2 of the baddest girls around, I seem to have more trouble with these bosses than Patch, or Saph even.

I just can't survive these fights... on Faerlina if the DPS doesn't bring the Widow's Embrace add down within 5-7 seconds, I ussually take a string of hits and go splat. Maexxna is worse, I can't remember surviving that fight since I start tanking. It's ussually during the set Enrage, but even during regular Web wraps my health ussually drops pretty low.

Last night I was sitting at 30k fully buffed Health and still got dropped during an enrage. Thankfully the Death Knight off tank picked her up and she was downed he died right at the last percentage of health as well.

The thing is I'm trying everything I can to survive these fights but die anyway... Holy Shield is ALWAYS up, I pop the Valor Medal of the First War during the sketchy times (Faerlina's frenzy, Maexxna's enrage), I use a Divine Shield-wall cooldown during the enrages. This is my Armory, am I just very unfortunate with RNG taking a bad string of hits? Do I just not have the Raw amount of Stamina to deal with the worst case scenarios in these encounters? Or would this fall under the category of maybe Healers not being reactive enough in this situations.

Sidenote - are Paladin Healers the worst for the Maexxna fight? yesterday we ran with 2 Holy Pally's and 1 Resto Shaman, seeing as I could get next to No HOT heals during the Web Wraps, it seemed very disadvantaged in that situation.
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Postby Brute » Thu Jan 08, 2009 8:30 am

The adds on Faerlina should take no longer than an instant to kill. Tell your OT or OT+1 DPS to get them down to maybe 15% while waiting for an enrage then stop DPS on them. Then have all the DPS target them just before the enrage, then everyone can use an instant attack as soon as she enrages and it'll go splat. Make sure everyone's using DBM as well, as then they'll get a little bar that tells them just how long they have. If people are doing these things, you won't have to take more than maybe one hit during an enrage.

For Maexxna, use Sacred Shield also, but without either a priest or a druid healing you for the hots, its going to be rough. Just make sure your OT is maintaining #2 on threat and have DPS pop cooldowns on the enrage to make that stage as short as possible. Stop DPS at ~33% until after a webwrap so you can have as long as possible to DPS her unwrapped during the enrage, minimizing the chances that she'll have to web you during the enrage.

We ran 25-man and our MT died on the last Faerlina enrage AND on an enraged wrap on Maexxna, but because of quick pickups and DPS turning it up, we were still able to down them.
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Postby Serelynn » Thu Jan 08, 2009 8:56 am

Move the shaman into your group and make sure Poison Cleansing Totem is down for Maexxna. Restoration Shamans have Riptide for a HoT and if that is up on you, along with Sacred Shield, and you aren't poisoned, you should be able to survive an enraged spray if you were topped off. Once everyone is free of being wrapped, the Holy Paladins can pop Holy Shock on you for some instant health.

With the gear you have, if you die to Faerlina while she's enraged, the healers are doing something wrong imo. It was damn easy to get the achievement 10 and 25 man without making use of Widow's Embrace to stop the enrage. :|
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Postby Tiluvar » Thu Jan 08, 2009 9:29 am

Make sure you're not standing in Rain of Fire as well. If you have someone available to run Fire Resistance totems/aura that can help too.

Really though, there's not much you yourself can do other than Divine Protection (which is only going to save you on one of the enrages) or any trinkets you may have.

It's mostly up to the healers to Gaurdian you (Holy Priests) Sacrifice you (Holy Paladins).

DK's can also use their army on this fight, and it'll soak up some hits, but that's not really ideal.
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Re: Tips for surviving Maexxna, Faerlina? [10]

Postby Epimer » Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:04 am

Tiranknight wrote:...I pop the Valor Medal of the First War during the sketchy times (Faerlina's frenzy, Maexxna's enrage), I use a Divine Shield-wall cooldown during the enrages.

This is me being slightly pedantic and you might not mean what I've taken from this, in which case I apologise, but popping an avoidance trinket is going to do you no benefit during a Web Wrap - it's pure EH.

I use Indestructible Potions on both of these fights, just as a safeguard. On Maexxna, I save it for just before an (hopefully 'the') enraged Web Wrap, along with Sacred Shield and bubblewall - between that lot and any available HoTs I stay alive just fine. If group dps is a little low and another Web Wrap is going to occur, I have the OT blow any and all cooldowns and taunt off me just before - although the healers have to be pretty quick to react to that to save inadvertent OT squishing.

For Faerlina frenzies, I use bubblewall on the first one (because it's more likely to be the longer one...try PuGing Naxx25 with a Holy Priest who swears blind that Mind Control isn't in his spellbook...urgh), and Indestructible Potions or trinkets for the next few. Spam healing will keep you up for a long time during frenzies, if something goes horribly wrong, so it's not too much of a worry.
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Postby Fedaykin98 » Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:15 am

Faerlina - Brute had it right; whittle down the first Worshipper's health to where you can kill it within seconds of the enrage popping. Last night I was on the worshippers and the warrior tank was on Faerlina. I had the DPS on Faerlina the entire time, because I can kill Worshippers by myself. In fact, I have to take care not to kill them with reflective damage, etc. So I whittled down the first one's health and when Faerlina enraged, I finished it off. Rinse and repeat on the second one. Since we were running with 6 DPS who were all on Faerlina the entire time, we almost didn't need a second Worshipped.

This was on 10-man, btw; obviously the strat is different on 25s, as a priest MCs the Worshipper so they don't need their health whittled down at all. Even so, I've had to be extremely careful on 25s not to let Worshippers kill themselves via reflective damage after I've Consecrated/HotR'ed enough times to hold aggro.

Maexxna - yeah, must be tough with 2 healers and not HoTs. It was tough enough for us last night with 2 healers who were a priest and a druid.
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Postby Wolvar » Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:35 am

If ya don't need multiple worshippers, just killem before the enrage. You get half the non-frenzy time but if your dps is up there it won't matter.
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Postby Belloc » Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:42 am

If you're dying to Faerlina's enrage, your healers are probably healing the raid. Make sure that people are staying out of the fire.

For Maexxna, consider a feral tank.

For both of them, you need the raid to be using survival cooldowns. We always have a hand of sacrifice on the tank during the enraged stun on Maexxna, and often on Faerlina. Divine Guardian is awesome, as well.
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Postby Karnadas » Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:07 am

What we do on Maexxna is we stop dps at 35% and wait for the webwrap. Once it's over she's usually at 32% or so. Then we pop Bloodlust and burn her asap. I use my bubble wall almost right when it starts, then we keep an eye on the next web wrap. When it's coming up, our deathknight makes sure boneshield is up, then about 2 seconds before the webwrap, taunts her and uses icebound fortitude (is it 90% or 70% [added or multiplied damage reduction from Boneshield+Icebound Fort??]) and then once the webwrap is over he tells me when icebound fort is about to fade, and I taunt her back. Last week we had two pally tanks and this same strat worked just fine, OT taunts and uses their damage reduction ability RIGHT before the web wrap. We roll with a Druid and Priest, by the way.
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Postby Kelaan » Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:37 am

I confess that I cheat, and tend to OT these fights. That lets me Hand of Sacrifice the MT during enrages or web wraps -- while they themselves can still use shield wall or the equivalent. Then, when/if they die, I still have mine available. ;)
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Postby Spectrum » Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:50 am


Honestly, we just kill the worshipers just before the enrage. Our DK OT and his elemental-sham wife just finish them off just before the enrage. They have to be close-ish to her for her to get the buff, but we usually finish her right around the time we use the last worshiper. It's a yawn this way. In frenzy she can still hit me for 15k or so post-block. Two or three of those hits are rough if the healers aren't totally ready. Killing the adds early feels best to us.


Here we do try to do the waiting-for-web-spray thing to reduce the number of websprays in frenzy. Sadly, usually she ends up frenzying just before a web spray. :( I've found that I can fairly easily live through it if I just bubble-wall right before the spray. I keep SS up and try to remove poisons as much as possible. We call out the sprays so the healers can put up their shields and HoTs just before the spray as well. The first few times I died and the OT picked her up, but these days I seem to be able to survive through the whole thing.
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Postby camlost » Tue Jan 13, 2009 5:02 am

We just downed Maexxna for the first time and I found it quite challenging.
I kept dying during Web Spray during the Frenzy.

The time we succeeded we did everything that's already been mentioned... stopped at 33% and waited for a spray then went all out.

When first Web Spray came I bubble-walled and took barely any damage. When the second one came I had sacred shield, an Indestructible Potion, and I popped my Offering of Sacrifice

I really think the trinket put me over the edge and allowed us to survive it. After the second Web Spray she was at about 3% and we burned her down.

I'll always use that trinket on that fight from now on instead of my Lavanthor's Talisman. Can't block while Web Sprayed anyway!

We did have a Tree, a Priest, and a Holy Pally. The HoTs and abolish poison really helped too.
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Postby Epimer » Tue Jan 13, 2009 6:23 am

We don't normally run with a resto druid (none at 80 in the guild atm), but were a healer short the other night so ended up PuGing one into the raid...those HoT stacks really, really helped on Maexxna. I barely saw my health bar move during non-enraged wraps, and I was never in any danger of dying during the enraged one with Bubblewall + HoT stacks.

Might have to start pestering our sometime-resto druids into levelling those characters!
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Postby ShieldLove » Tue Jan 13, 2009 1:59 pm

The trick in 10 man faerlina is first to tell all your DPS that there is no AOE allowed for the entire fight. Have one DPS whittle down the first to 15%, then whittle it down to one-shot range. (generally, 3-5k health). Once it is in this range, stop hitting the mob entirely.

Have one DPS stop and walk to the target a few seconds before the enrage. Your off tank and that dps will pop an instant damage ability the second you get the enrage announce. This can be Shield of Righteousness, Shadow Word Death, Fire Blast, Kill Shot, Execute whatever's available.

If you take more than one enranged swing from the boss, your DPS have poor reaction times.

For 10 man Maexxna, the trick is to time the encounter so that you have maximum time before the first enrage, and that you never allow him to get to the second enrage.

If timed correctly, you have 80 seconds to the second enrage. If your DPS can't kill her in that time frame, your DPS need to step up thier game.

-edited for gramatical clarity
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Postby Sederia » Tue Jan 13, 2009 8:32 pm

grand widow is more than tankable enraged

some of the guild got the no dispell enrage achievement last week
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