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Postby Lore » Thu May 17, 2007 1:24 pm

Tybalt wrote:From Moroes, we went to Maiden. We got 3 solid attempts on Maiden before we had to call it a night. Every time we got killed by holy fires. The strategy with the healers spread out along the pillars made it all but impossible to dispel/cleans the holy fire from several people because of range issues. I'll have to re-evaluate the plan and maybe change things up when we go back on Monday.

It's important to make sure everyone's standing as close as they can without getting in her consecrate. Also make sure your dispellers are somewhat spread out. We have everyone stand with their toes touching her little platform thing.
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Postby Arcand » Thu May 17, 2007 1:28 pm

Remind the healers to keep each other topped off, too. A priest sitting at 5000 health will have their ticket insta-punched if they take a Holy Fire.
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Postby Ohren » Thu May 17, 2007 3:29 pm

My guild (Serenity) is currently on Curator (best effort was 26%). We've done all three OH events (Romulo/Julianne being my favorite) and pretty much have the bosses prior to Curator on farm status.

Only thing in terms of group composition is two tanks (prot warrior and pally), three healers (pally, druid, priest work best since it means all the big buffs plus an extra pally blessing), and a combination of dps (typically two rogues, hunter, lock, mage). The two tanks are pretty much there every night and we often have to use different combinations of healers (but always holy/resto specced). The DPS changes the most as we've had fury warriors and feral druids in the mix. Ideally, I like:

1- Prot pally
1- Prot warrior
1- Holy/disc priest
1- Holy pally
1- Resto druid
1- Mage
1- Lock
1- Boomkin
1- Rogue
1- Hunter
1- Hunter
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Postby Daeren » Fri May 18, 2007 12:29 am

M standard group was something in the line of:

1 prot pally (of course)
1 warriors/feral druids (warrior preferred because of commanding shout)
3 healers
1 lock
4 other dpsers

I usually had 1 hunter for scorpid stings, 1 mage for water + buffs + AOE, 1 lock for healthstones + imp, and the 2 remaining doesn't really matter.
1 priest in the group in total for buffs, be it shadow priest or holy
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Postby Mavrix » Fri May 18, 2007 4:58 am

The trick to the curator (at least for my crew) is to have the melee dps along with the pally tank (in max spellpower dps gear) in the middle near the curator picking up the spawns and holding them there until they are dead. The reason I (pally tank) am on adds instead of the curator is I can absolutely grab and hold the adds with no trouble where we want them and out of the group. The second the curator goes into Evocation, ALL dps swaps over to the curator hardcore while the pally gets quick, but solid aggro on that last add and swaps over to dps the curator as well while the add stays stuck to him/her. Once the evocate is done, the OT picks up the next add and the two adds get burned down as usual. Rinse, repeat, curator dies.
That's how it seems to work best for the group I run with at any rate.
Having a strong set of spell damage based dps gear (with a fair amount of mana regen/5secs in that mix) is very useful in general, I've found, but especially here. Have to get hard aggro with a high damaging Judgement as soon as the adds spawn and hit hard with your tanking seal of choice throughout. Consecrate can help sometimes, but only if you have enough mana coming in to make it viable and not draining.
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Postby Jensaarai » Fri May 18, 2007 6:41 am

For Holy Fires, alternate a person who can cleanse with a person who can't at each pillar...also have your healers stand on the steps of her platform, close but not in the consecrate...this also helps with getting in the consecrate to break repentance :) but it's really easy to cleanse everyone if everyone is standing close around the circle. You may get holy wrathed more (the chain) but it's not as bad as holy fire imo.
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